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  • The Messiah

    I have been unable to get out of my head “And who shall stand when he appeareth?” I have been unable to lay its song And symphony   Of chords and carols, it follows me around As Shostakovich was said to hear his native sounds And it has given a sympathy to me Has been […]

  • A World Unregenerate

    What’s trapped in us – that forces its way out Mangles a heart to shreds, affrays; and in its rage Licenses no remission, intimately steals Apace against a better furnished mind   Where ought fare seated rarer truer things, Hopes for the scopes that hope premeditates, Roads that affirm, confederate a peace…. Dishevel: Shaken indeed, […]

  • Schiller Beethoven and Joy

    BBC National Orchestra of Wales conducted by Xian Zhang with BBC National Chorus of Wales and the CBSO Chorus This evening 30th July 2017 performed at London’s Royal Albert Hall was Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. One of the most remarkable pieces of music from one of the most remarkable of composers. Since having first listened to […]

  • Post-postmodernism

    The pyre upplumes; ignited by hot hands’ exhilarations A ratio exactly furbished by fire-waving bonded bands Descendants of the village-swarm compound on evil doers Laughingly to burn   The hope’s to scare off shadow-casters, primates habit-shaped Nightshades whom pressed to say within, without, are housed, Defined as matter or as mind? Inhibiting, inhabiting, fear’s backwoods […]

  • The Other Side of The Bubble

    In the world like a bubble In the world you don’t see here’s the bubble You’re in, you’re curled No, not the social whirl, though the social whirl’s A bubble A container framing trouble among the merry muddle Hustling grandiose bustle There is with nature and the leaves of greening trees With the breeze and […]

  • In Captivity

    What is it we want? What lack we, to make our dreams? Dishonest desire is led astray by artificial need. Destructive vires grow day on day and speed with famished feed   That habit to consume, a mainline drug deal, liberal to Hang-up, hang-out to dry, us on the lie’s production line As we follow […]

  • On Balance

    All the days shimmering flurries stir belligerent people Seeking, and serving, not their brother’s better interest, neither Their sister’s, mother’s, father’s, cousin’s, favourite budgie’s, rather   Leathering, lathering, taking up, and to task, to town, acute brouhahas Circling a prey at night, eyes set, aglowing; rival tigers Follow a wrathful vengeance; equity behind closed doors […]

  • Hope

    I was searching for a hope at any price – except Integrity – not mine – but of that skein, reputed Of fine thread held up, held out; which latched onto That it should hold me firm   And take my wait, so break my fall, my fears Colliding head-on with uprushing floors, concrete, intact […]