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  • On Spenser

    Hear of that lovely hoary tale of old Folding its speculations round us, and never yet over-sold Encapturing in its raptures cheering turbulent dull clay; Wanderings into wolds of words in a wonderful melee   Recover on that good rush; for blood slips their veins, and wails The blasted halting labour making turns on bacon […]

  • Where The Three Ways Meet

    The number three is for many persons special. We say – ‘three cheers!’; three scores we call ‘ a hat trick’; God Himself is three ‘the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit’; we ask in fairytales for ‘three wishes’; we get ‘three goes’ with darts; in many sports – hammer – javelin – long […]

  • On the Far Side of The World

    Boy-biker joy raises terrible noise on the block And reminds me of a man I knew once, Geoff; Dead now of motor neurone; he was pretty gauche; Performed a business operation for his late employ In North America.   Went up by air balloon; the Arizona desert strewn below; For why? There is that tiny […]

  • “Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and stedfast, and which entereth into that within the veil;…”

    What is this hope; this anchor; on which the soul is secured; and which enters as the scripture says “within the veil”? And what can this mean; this “within the veil”? The words are a mighty bit obscure here; there’s nothing, no word amongst them all which has not got a clear and direct meaning […]

  • Simple or Sophisticated?

    Originally I wanted to write about how plain and simple language is able sometimes, when well thought out, to move a person as deeply as any strong experience in life is able to. Then I heard a news bulletin – much to my disturbance, as usual, – and it was about the current French National […]

  • Edmund Spenser: Poet Supreme.…..who???…

    A dead name. One of those uninviting white Anglo-Saxons of yore. To us, in a time when people are so busily living, past times are so very much not of account. There are ever-current for us fervid movements for the progression of this agenda, and hectic lobbyists for the furtherance of that campaign; and altogether […]

  • The Feral Weatherman

    As on the morning of the bash his position not assumed But compromised by spew bursted across the news G spot: BBC’s Weather Office took a sedentary view Saved him, his job strung out on isobars, from houshold scrap   Another iteration of his competence forthwith (Like other cover stories covered heretofore were played Oafs […]

  • Organic Food: The Body as Temple

    One of my favourite authors, as anyone who reads my stuff might know, is John Milton. Following the precedent of The Bible; in particular at 1 Corinthians 6.19 which states: “What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye […]

  • Wherefore There Care?

    Where care in love gets in, Into daily to-dos and gesturing At the junctions at cramped crossroads; bulked by rolling rows, Of lumbering trafficks;   Or else in the working life, beyond relief, where battle thrives, Impairing, and forestalling good report; and criminals Courting displeasures of The Crown, receive her frown, On starting sentence   Wherefore […]

  • Dead Dead Things, Dead Live Things, and Live Things

    This article aims to take a look at some conundrums of biology, natural selection, and adaptation. I know very very little about the workings of cellular biological organisms; or for that matter about any biology or organisms of any kind at all. The enquiries I shall be attempting to make will be moreso then philosophical […]

  • True

    I began a series on Words a few months back, and this article I write now aims at being a continuation of that theme. The word under consideration is the word: True; and a lot of what I am about to write will speak about Christ and about Christians and their faith. Firstly, – you […]

  • My Friend The Vegan

    I have a son who is a vegetarian. He eats dairy products and vegetables, grains, and fruit only. I have a friend who is vegan; and she eats only foods of the plant families of living things. I understand the motivations – especially those which rest in an appalled sensitivity to the plight and fate […]

  • Consumption by Consumption to Consume

    The crazy rabble catching capital trouble, Rouble or dollar, blue n white collar Lean virulent servitudes; renascent slaves Make trade beatitude   Postmodern blacks installed in racks, perfunctorily paraded To a once-a-day-dance pistol shoot – The Wild Wild West! High harvest home of honour high, accompt philosophy, Heritor of garbled-massages of garbaged Christian kindness True […]

  • Songs and Tunes I Recall (3)

    Now there was plenty of mysticism in the later 1960s and early 70s; associated with popular music and musicians; and there were few performers of the first rank who did not dabble at the least in a little quasi-religious, slightly vague sentiments, on vinyl and in person or performance. Commonly the media at least, and […]

  • No Respecter of Persons

    The Lord Jesus Christ we are told in several places in the four gospels (the AV 1610 version) was such; was ‘no respecter of persons’. The expression is now antiquated; but I am reliably informed that in our times it might be rendered as ‘not a person who pays attention to rank, position, titles, influence, […]

  • Pitch and Performance

    “At the ripe old age of 34 – statistically the happiest of your life – comedian C*** D****** is now seemingly finding peace in a vegetable-planting, self-hating liberal existence… but has he made a terrible mistake?” Hereabove is the ‘pitch’ come from a venue in my home city which is hosting a UK standup comic. The […]

  • Why me?

    Kids ask themselves questions pretty soon after they begin school. Questions like: ‘How/Why am I me?’ And ‘What’s it like to be someone else?’. It’s an acknowledgement by kids of the curious and ineffable mystery of consciousness; self-consciousness. As a parent one is able to ramble on somewhat discursively about an embryo having been formed […]

  • God allowed Trump to be Elected so as to give the Tabloid Press some Real News to Print

    Everything’s satire, parody, an entire blancmange Of genres, letting-go of moorings slipping free, adrift, Charts off the radar, dances in the hold, recruited crews Guffawing on All troth and fealty neatly being drowned like kittens   We dig out our exposures. empty earths from underneath Our feet; might upright have been stood against a day […]