Abject Endeavours

Abject endeavours labour long days bringing bags and barrows

Sending-up humankind whose claim is wisdom’s august laurels

All’s flypaper these days, symbolic trowels and jingo badges;

Rude withers starve to ask empathetic kindness

As ads sequester disenfranchise; give a get-goods blindness


Mid ginkgos, geckoes, TV shows inform elicit nations

Brows feed at home, undead and twitching, seed in blinkered lobes

Attenuated soul, defeated will, with sups of sorrow

Programmed as feisty feasts by top flight lector heroes


As consummate cadavers as whoever’s clever flogged

New lamps for old; murrains inure unsmutched

By names of sticking plasters, ointments, centre page devices

And actuators marvelling in different voices


As if commiserations consecrate the complications,

As if a sore might cure by pure psychology alone

As if a solace sedative produced exoneration

As if no pain mainstays ablaze the human spirit


The flame which travels traverses over all terrain,

Shipwrecked Odysseus, entrammelled Prometheus sore,

Great Nelson Mandela has his late Tale of Ilium glory

Like-magnified supplied; she also pightly swore


Malala of Afghanistan to raise, emprise, maintain,

A tortured freedom, countermand a dominating spite,

Relinquishing so nearly juvenile life for her light,

Another brave Andromeda and Perseus her sprite


Pour more quatrains demands my inclination

Fill up this spacious page with inundated information

As even so in latter days there begs no invitation

To people realms and reams with great ones of such estimation


Although are low impurer names arraign any right heart

Scheme unredeemed, matriculate, make easy reach of say-so

Ah, Providence, you moderate, bestow no power of veto,

But let-in indiscretion freely, operate incognito,


As your sad Bible tells us, who do choose all things for good,

A maxim your John Flavel honoured brightly in his book

Non-sequitur wood-cleavers even might delight deliver

And visions in conflicted minds still bring us all together  


For sure however beware where easy chairs rear easy tales

(Demure their aspect nonetheless err following wraith-lights)

Enough, of broadcast autocue, broad opulent speculation,

TVs and radios eschew, and so get sleep at nights

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