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  • Dud Debate

    The issue was concerning antibiotics and their degradation in useful value because of bacterial resistances and immunities.  BBC Radio 4 Saturday 1st June 2019. Such simple things like the presenter at first assuming that ‘everyone knows’ antibiotics treat only bacterial infections; and that there is an ‘issue’ with bacterial resistances growing toward them.  These views […]

  • Walking in Space

    Redemption by George Herbert Having been tenant long to a rich Lord, Not thriving, I resolved to be bold, And make a suit unto him, to afford A new small-rented lease, and cancell th’ old. In heaven at his manour I him sought: They told me there, that he was lately gone About some land, […]

  • Sold on Feelgood

    Draw-up the branded standards let them quiver ceremoniously Jousting, get-down amongst yourselves, compete, unseat, position, Use all your composition; honeysuckle hermeneutics, Softly to make desire to burn bright, to alight commercial movies * Good-guying-up befits you clearly, no whit, noway, seamy Transparency is your buy word, and you’re perhaps not here at all? Frankly a keener sight, mate, […]

  • Get Me Wisdom

    Given to me this day Friday 5th April 2019, by God, after having read: The Prodigal Son Returning Home to his Father”: A Sermon (1684) by John Dunton * I might be nothing just rough pompous paper stuffing Bumbaste they call it in the olden days of plays “All wind and water” goes the format known as nowadays * I might hike pride […]

  • Current Car Designs

    Our present cars in UK are animist in their design and anamorphic in so far as their designers attempt to appeal to buyers by trying for a sense of momentum living within in the very shapes of their cars. Almost all newly designed car models are designed pretty much after this fashion.  The standard approach […]

  • Good Friday: Caerphilly

    Walking tall prevailing like a sailing-ship full-sail  She treads the public road This blustery day of cloudless April sunshine leisure Like as a ship whose sails are white; so white they hurt the eyes With glamour proud she strides, and oh, how proudly rounds The public roads Hard-featured, goods-displaying, like a spendthrift shop-front Her body-wares […]

  • Hypocrisy

    Kind of quaint the way our painted storyboards Compel a kind of inquisition going all the day Over the airwaves, and in print, the papers, magazines, Remaking new society on select and favoured themes Oracular for two legs goods and four legs bads Raised in the fiery furnace of clear-sighted academe Offers pay as you […]

  • A Just Society

    Justice for Plato in his Republic consists more or less of everyone accepting their place in society; and for the individual, each part of her soul or psyche acting in harmony with the other parts. Platonic Justice then involves a balance of parts in action, although it is much more than just this. The plain […]