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  • Capital and Self-Interest

    It is true that private property ownership does have a ‘spin-off’ being that such properties are generally ‘looked after’ maintained and so what they do and achieve works and continues working. That this continuance transforms into goods and services for others who need them and who are without them. In short, the private property bastion […]

  • Everyone’s and No-one’s

    Mankind cannot without his neighbour’s heed Survive, but cannot, will not, trust his neighbour’s lights His guide his pride in oscillations frights Him in himself and in his neighbour’s eyes   Sees keenly his own faithlessness and frailties As another man’s, he owns his own noway Thus consequence is ever someone else’s problem That public […]

  • Capitalism and The Kingdom

    Let’s look at the pillars on which Capitalism rests, and set our findings on their nature against those basic teachings by which Jesus taught that The Kingdom of Heaven might be ushered into the world. I will tell you now that Capitalism will be found to be AntiChrist; it will be found to be not […]

  • The Miracles 3: Filling out Background

    There is a second battery of offence which confronts a Christian of today in regard to her/him accepting the supernaturalness of The Miracles as being necessary to firm Christian belief; and it stems from a prejudice widely-held, by almost everyone, Christian or not, that: a) Ancient peoples, like Jesus’s social fellows, were greatly more ignorant, […]

  • Stravinski and The Soviets

    Just as T S Eliot entered in as a poet like an earthquake at the turn of the 20th century around the time of the First World War; so to about the same time Stravinski shook the foundations of what was then considered art and music fashion, and entered in with a similar violence to […]

  • The Global Fairy Tale

    Dressed all invincible without a hint of flaw Tan, tattoos, shorts, the largesse mighty men Sling-on, as sword, for attitude – and candy dolls Lolling, profiterolling, outfitted in cakes   Conceptual worlds away   Here, an image of myself, reached, as you also, soon Enough, upon a floor Hand laid expanded, half extended, at a […]

  • Formulary

    There’s crystals Then there’s muck to build a wall And then there’s rock as stones and gravels, cumbrous boulders Whole faces, worlds, and in the stars their fluid counterparts Gaseous essence of new mucks, new crystal stones, And portents of the coming time’s new worlds   And then the other way – down where components […]

  • The Miracles 2: Why not just quit?

    In the first part on The Miracles I hope I showed to you how I worked out for my own self’s benefit that a Christian must, has to, accept the supernaturalness of The Miracles so as to be able to believe in Jesus without him using what might be called ‘doublethink’; a holding of obviously […]