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  • Bubble Rap

    A bubble for the weight of the world describes Connects a light-chain intricate fit delicately Embossed elaborate goings in and out most complicated: An emblem, object, pattern, impress, and temerity * Of magic mystery, in the turning of the sphere Unanswerable conundrum at its pinning-perfect point Invisible, indivisible, at axis stasis-hung Thought wonderingly buffers, can’t […]

  • Things Come About

    Alas! hurrah! we know we know, at last Our peepshow weaving through a mazy lampblack glass No more shows darkly Hurrah! alas! these times are ours, the best Reason’s in season – Forever play’s a flight away, on hand Ah! are we not the people; are so erudite, so grand! Aren’t we * Beforetimes, long […]

  • Momentous Historic Occasions

    The argument is usually put forward as being: “what if…?” What if those men who fought at Troy, or Thermopylae, or Actium, or Hastings or Agincourt, had lost to the Trojans, The Persians, to Mark Antony, to Harold, to the French – how might things be now today had just one of these formative battles […]

  • God Will Sort It

    I do believe that God will sort it all I know I need have faith in what is written Of clouds and comings-in But maybe all that all this really means to say; merely: He’s coming: Christ will be global (as we like to say) Phenomenal we’d call it A promise spoken large in high […]

  • Dream and Waking

    The thesis is that our waking lives are not so different to our dream-lives; as these dream-lives occur during our sleeps. The difference being one of degree rather than of kind; and the degree being various for various persons, and also for different topics and beliefs in the same person’s estimation The thesis also says […]

  • Dud Debate

    The issue was concerning antibiotics and their degradation in useful value because of bacterial resistances and immunities.  BBC Radio 4 Saturday 1st June 2019. Such simple things like the presenter at first assuming that ‘everyone knows’ antibiotics treat only bacterial infections; and that there is an ‘issue’ with bacterial resistances growing toward them.  These views […]

  • Walking in Space

    Redemption by George Herbert Having been tenant long to a rich Lord, Not thriving, I resolved to be bold, And make a suit unto him, to afford A new small-rented lease, and cancell th’ old. In heaven at his manour I him sought: They told me there, that he was lately gone About some land, […]

  • Sold on Feelgood

    Draw-up the branded standards let them quiver ceremoniously Jousting, get-down amongst yourselves, compete, unseat, position, Use all your composition; honeysuckle hermeneutics, Softly to make desire to burn bright, to alight commercial movies * Good-guying-up befits you clearly, no whit, noway, seamy Transparency is your buy word, and you’re perhaps not here at all? Frankly a keener sight, mate, […]