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  • Melee-go-round

    Makes a blank evolution, turning like a slow elephant On a box, in a circus, blindfold Takes up proffered buns, a willing trunk, and grasping There is no other fare   Where is the tamer, the cicus master, cowering small? An Oz at a desk in Whitehall eating foie de gras With an ornate bookcase, […]

  • Porcelain Dolls

    Porcelain dolls dance down the streets; are here, Joggling high-shoes flap, flap; and to an urgent rap Overlord of the musak ruling in the Shopping Malls A persistent present’s peak-post-modern Music Hall Plaintiff, acknowledges suffering in the race for cool   Here the precocious ladies lordly revel; extroverted Comperes at modelling, advertising, solo dainty fashion […]

  • Reasons and Seasons

    Turning the world moves on equinoctial play Idly squandering time-on-its-hands away The sea-changes ring when the birdies will sing Pleasant part-song: lulla-lay   Clouds come and go, and sometimes the snow Impulsive weathers dump frolics Play the Boreal pipes of fine-edged Northern winds According to fortunes of comets   Even the sea carries great fishery […]

  • The Balloon of Science and the Ignorance of the World

    Our achievements in science are a paperchase after diminishing returns – the more startling the achievement, the more of an actual achievement it really is, the greater, the more appalling, are its consequences for humankind; and the paperchase is thus started which perpetually is gathering up its flying debris and which aims to allay its […]

  • What is the Point of the News?

    What is the point of the news? To fill one’s conception with views. Whose?   To tender perceptions directions Overwriting receptive election So to render, without self-detection, One’s cognisance   Lissome guidance Laying charms over thought’s apparatus And disarming a mind’s conversation Out of the zone   Indiscernibly prone Tuning in, we’re wired up to […]

  • Inauthentic

    Here are some girls – young ladies, at a foyer desk Dancing a double, from swim tickets to house cafe Two jobs in one, a posse modulating as a pool   This one, she bobs Now here now there, a leisure swim… or cake? Another ventures quietly to break… Alleviation is a guilesome shift   […]

  • Ego contra Death

    Building sandcastles on the beach, the reach Of tide approaching; time wafts, westers, lightly runs away Grains in the hourglass finely wetted set, cement together Adhere in the face of watery bombings spoken of, foretold   Fair fastholds (falsehoods) raised defensive against wide open sea Claim prospect of forward ground outfacing all even oblivion Spikes […]

  • King Canute

    In a time when teaching history was simply telling children stories about the exploits of famous British people of the past; and many years ago when I was at junior school, one of the time-worn stories which was told to us, along with those of King Alfred burning the cakes; and King Robert the Bruce […]