Home Comfort

August 01, 2018

Comfort at home where charity begins, begins here where

Sleek sinners’ feet take ease, and comfortable, oblivious all the while

Of human mess and carnage: sure this party swings -

And then there’s roundabouts,

Those thorns when sorry sadness pricks another place

Undoes another face

Away somewhere in other plays than this five act recliner

Whose days pan-out on lazy chairs in leisured reaches

Here hopes of happy romps stamp snappy entertainments;

Nestlings in trifles

And time goes rifling through diverting casual themes

Blending with busy buzz some small vicarious whisperings

Sending out shafts of factual tanglings

Engendering wraths’ factitious wranglings

Of rancid inference

Offset in ballet dance

And the life of things Kentucky fries with crispbake wings

A beer and then an after dinner sleep

Few peeps show something other, bother’s harassments

Disturbing pea-sweet unguent smiles of curried indolence:

Life takes the nearest exit to a comfortable pitch

No show comes near of nephew Nemo, in the hinterlands

Of Congo, Alabama, rich Witwatersrand,

His housing, compound on estate, without resource, a rape

One so routinely perfunctory that the planet perforates;


Go small-time pipedreams, fireside toy balloons,


Haunt sea-cruises which sweet ennui consumes

He has no bright snows, no more sandy shores, nor grappling irons

To climb with – a good time! – steep lowering mountains - since they’re there

Only the crumbled dust of Alps dismembering by his hands

For monetary profit to the big guys with the guns

Held over him, a weary Sophoclean desolate:

No hopes to climb, your limbs your labour force;

Here love your neighbour seems not quite so suitable

Spoil-heavers in The Veldt, Uganda, break, distress,

Psyches asunder recognise survival serves them best

A few years,

And then more tears

This ease, this breeze go-as-you-please we squander

A virulent disease and spread among us thoughtlessly

Who wear the King’s New Clothes; so seldom knows

A Westerner his wardrobe. Fancies prink our nose

Thrown upwards well-assured in codes of ethic grandeur

Stout to configure no outlander dare, might hinder fixture

Of uplighting, and window-arches; then’s a sample cheer,

Dry wines and Dutch Gruyere: oh, so, so, frightening!

A fragile earth hangs tenterhooks upon economies. Our sport,

The weather, reigns our master yet, and pacé Easyjet,

Decides, precludes, what flies, gets off the ground, whose

Wheat will seed, what harm, alarm, or health inform

Us we’re paroled this year;

What for the calendar, if not mortifier;

Rain is correction fluid; winter contemplation

In rays of purple haze the sun rides up for us

And then it settles downwards; runs another day

Then next a brother rises, lifts its yielding gales

Passing of time emolliently; idyllic, anodyne,

And no-one answering on excursion without passion,

Loitering after a fashion, sailing, sinking, lounging;

Unreal and unreflective atrophy

Catastrophe is fought-off day on day, in some such way,

For many, and by many; by someones on our behalf:

Their doughty task

We have bought cheaply; real cost forgot, gets underwritten dearly

And reckoned elsewhere – by brute brusque of mind, by bitter cruelty,

The mordant crudity of struggle;

Nor juggling petty spurious dilemmas, -

Oh, should our Emma bother!? Huh, the weather! No.

Hold to that grudge,

Scold this poor drudge,

Make that mortal judgement, cause a storm on Facebook

Dream horses; corner paddock; on a wold in Brightlingsea:

Gabbatha, Ramoth-Gilead, Hector’s Skaian Gate;

All burdensome – a freight of so much lumber, an encumber,

Go to the number on this earth who would not know, take

Life and frolic,

That markets buoyant buoy us up with orient peripherals

Pince-nez to bandoliers invest interiors: bling the while

Vends junk upcycled

Caught in a bear trap safely, swanking big on binge

Hangs by a weight and readied, steadied, set to go -

Catastrophe! - but that accustomed conquest; commerce, occupation,

Backfilling wrong heads uninformed with expectations

Exploits and schemes resolve them outperform their fathers;

(Inter alia desolate faces speak their wilderness):

Fell victims make conformity taking heartbreak normative

Uncomforted, unwept; real pallid action-story