New Year 2021

December 29, 2020

Regard the shallow seas the landwards breezes, air

So calm, and slow the tide comes floating on

Our further constancy rests all on arguments ensuing

Thus must this place supine, sublime, repine, recover


One ray of sunlight never sets; persevers

The Co-eternal One in Three; The Trinity; replete

By Thy pronouncements might I mean to live my life

Light of the brightest sphere; renowned remedial Christ

From mortal contraries You close unsearchables

The fruits, the condescensions of Your will abide


...let us set aside the pertinacious object pleasures

treasures which make distracting rival call

inhabiting the creature,

indwelling in the place when You would dwell,

we are the courtesans of our consorted wrongs…

Your Word teaches anew each moment births to bring

Winding the winter to its end, and welcoming-in spring

Unmediated waiting on a precious precocious crew

And stooping care to celebrate with coming dill and rue

Nor any special adorations own we, make no gratitude

Disadainings, countervailings, turned to make you mountebank

Denied and satirised; existent to be soiled

A ruse, a fabled fib, that a sainted cobwebbed Bible shews

Something a pride of intellectuals fashioned as their wit

An admixture to veneration’s adumbrations; styled

To set off rare great grandeurs; shout, impute, authority

That lawgiver politicians stuff like flocking down our necks

Announcing fair their bailiwicks as they swaying, rise to speak.

That’s culture’s aura, in good order, done materially

Worshipping formal powers perceived; a biscuit, so naive

Actors pretend to factors; Lord’s to gracious gravities


Cancel the coming landward tide; be merciful, lay on us

Counsel like cumin tithes received, to deliver ubi, omnibus

This year is a souvenir memento mori recitation

Pray, may the nation find out better common care tomorrow

Enough be it, may it lead us, preve us, Jesus to be just

Envisaging explanation by a better universe

In Thine alternate terms