Poppycock Usurpers

May 06, 2021

A mawkish song bedraggled struggles ways along

Extolling solicitations on a fancied love affair

In which the actors watering their dear conceits

Revolve all feeling like a merchant might a pearl

Bigging-up selves with plaintive, zealous, sensitivity

Making a Roman circus of a clamorous Radio 3

Somewhere upon its wavy line it lost its taste, and bearings

Today is the day the Torquemadas in the Facebook reign

Gave judgement, as a lynching and a public hanging

Media, Zuckerberg, full gratified that they’re the spree

Pouring lugubrious mummery and honking trumping Trump

Monodies celebrating, advocating, monstrous gush

Obsequious in all ways approaching, abrogating tenure

And how involved it seems.

Weaving a mythos, winding backstairs listeners’ water clocks,

Writhing in all directions, eloquence excepts the salient

The nation of he who made the glorious Areopagitica

The home of Parliaments; all kin to Bluff King Hal

The whole Trooping the Colour but without The mobled Queen

Howso precarious challenging an audience

Of idiot British into bold debate

A simple issue even having grave import?

Or should the law take care, recover, misdemeanours

As days arrive, cautioning culprits, perhaps arresting;

Charging; and trying whether guilty; sentencing or not

Leaving the censorship thing ‘Korban’ - quite alone?

Silence imposed is suffering; suffering implicates us all

Maugre the voices silenced; its burden hung, a worry stone,

Weighing complicit raconteurs down to accomplice depths

And crowd confusions; the locker Davey Jones’.

And who, who are these Facebook, Twitter, Instagram?

There is no need, no purpose; neither one good gain

In granting by condolent countenance a power to call

On which it is to speak; and whom must take a hike;

Whose portmanteau by leave Dutch-auctions verity

Who might this gerrymandering and crony cardboard court

Of many colours, headlocked in the pay of croupiers

Be? And so regally sat, appointed, by leave of tainted hands

As if anointed? Let all the TVs simper, drool.

The Lord Christ gave good answer them by whose authority

Him had bestowed with power to bind and loose; His mystery

In parable and teaching, mission, ample sacrifice. By God

Their challenge ricocheted, backfired, and came upon

The inveiglers; likewise ought this mockery

Containing Trump recoil against those poppycock usurpers