Bubble Rap

A bubble for the weight of the world describes

Connects a light-chain intricate fit delicately

Embossed elaborate goings in and out most complicated:

An emblem, object, pattern, impress, and temerity


Of magic mystery, in the turning of the sphere

Unanswerable conundrum at its pinning-perfect point

Invisible, indivisible, at axis stasis-hung

Thought wonderingly buffers, can’t revolve

The mind’s wit-workings


That lives the physical gifted made existence

Made manifest on example

The ample, simple, incredulity of things

A grain, a shade, beneath a surface safe-place nonchalance


Unhidden there is no attempt to hide, besides unbidden

This quiz is apparent; and flicks the lamp on curdling sentience

Be aware there’s here to see

By whom the eye’s were planted’s generosity

Undoing loose moot eyes by gift of prophecy


Who seeing does not saraband inside, do honour?

Who seeing not, an inkling more to come tomorrow.

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