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  • They Also are Who we Are

    In a previous article (They are Who we Are) one of the universal benefits and goods which I postulated had not (yet) been universally rolled out to humankind; an omission I characterised as betokening remiss on the part of those to whom it has already been rolled out; was education. The simple argument stands: if […]

  • Who is Responsible?

    ‘It might be the devil; or it might be the Lord But you’re going to have to serve somebody’ (From the album: ‘Slow Train Coming’- by Bob Dylan) Just who is responsible? Who is to be held to account? (‘By whom?’ – is a subsequent question for another article.) For now, we ask only whereabouts […]

  • Teach us to Care and not to Care / Teach us to Sit Still

    Have you heard of The Worried Warrior?  The guy or girl who is at war with the world because within a war is going on in her/his mind? This isn’t, in my opinion, necessarily a sickness, and I might have to lay claim to having all the symptoms myself? The general brush tars The Worried […]

  • Sustaining the Ballast

    The bottom of a ship is the place where it is open to vulnerability; the place where running onto rocks will tear open a gash and sink its proud beauty.  It is also the place wherein any ballast is loaded and held so as to keep it upright, afloat and level in the water. It […]

  • John Taylor Gatto Ultimate History Lesson Hour 1

    I’m happy to share this hour long video which was one of my inspirations in starting Metanomalies. This was produced by the folks over at Tragedy & Hope Productions.  They’ve given me permission to share this here and I’m reciprocating to them that they can share our material in their portal.