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  • Feedback on Entropy and Order 2019-04-02

    I agree entirely with your sentiments expressed in this piece. Firstly, instrumental music. The first time I heard Chopin’s Nocturnes for piano, it reached into the core of my emotional self. I assume because some of the sadness and hesitancy in the phrases was a reflection of my life, even at the tender age of 15 […]

  • Music and Instinct

    When you have become a parent you will know that very soon and without noticing it you become very precisely attuned to the voice of your child, such that you would hear the child crying amongst a thousand distractions and other noises and be absolutely certain the child crying is your child. This has happened […]

  • Abject Endeavours

    Abject endeavours labour long days bringing bags and barrows Sending-up humankind whose claim is wisdom’s august laurels All’s flypaper these days, symbolic trowels and jingo badges; Rude withers starve to ask empathetic kindness As ads sequester disenfranchise; give a get-goods blindness * Mid ginkgos, geckoes, TV shows inform elicit nations Brows feed at home, undead […]

  • Travellers’ Tales

    Far-away fancied travellers-tales Told to us floating islands on an alien orient sea, Where little choppy waves delight in sunlight wallowing; The natives face-in-chest, one-eyed, or Heads of dogs And other lubber clutter to the factual brains Of tidy minds swept clean for seven devils to abide in * We are today well taught that […]

  • Abandoned takeaway

    Abandoned Takeaway Tossed from a roundabout onto a carriageway On Saturday’s ding-dong on nightlife’s roundelay Casting up fish and chips bespreading motorways * When learning counting numbers perhaps his mother taught him Sung in a solo to him – as to me – to you? We warriors muddle through Not much improved by wretchedness in […]

  • Love, Truth, Beauty

    Beauty’s bondservant to Truth And Truth performs observances to Love And Lord above all these bides Love unparalleled Together three; present themselves a root conspiracy Shoring all up * There is no other firmament Nor is there other ground For stars and planets circling To be going round and round But yet ride this hub […]

  • Time’s Ringmasters

    * Times go the way ringmasters say, who crack the whip, voila! According to the dosh of brains and social precepts Dished out by circumstance: in climbing gangly crops, Whose ruse rescinds headlocks, then reinvents submission, Seeded derision wildfire raging through new pages, rendering Old-School rules dead with much ado, upholstering adaptation * Masters of […]

  • Centres

    Gathering in, ingathering flocks of gorgeous meadow flowers Dewy pouring armfuls, cascades overflowed to excess Remember of this day which gave you, gave you, did not ration Oh for each day such an imprint – so distinct, so wholly! * There where you were was centre of this doubtful world – Caught up in all […]

  • Skin for Skin

    “Living is loving – giving it all away”   There’s an old philosophical position which argues that our world, for all its faults, is the best of all possible worlds. The author Aldous Huxley, of “Brave New World” fame wrote a poem, in which he refers to this philosophical position, and somewhat satirically;   “’Tis […]

  • Valour and Glory

      “Giving again to Him His own ideas – with joy and thankfulness”     Words by John Bunyan 1678   Who would true valour see Let him come hither One here will constant be Come wind, come weather There’s no discouragement Shall make him once relent His first avowed intent to be a pilgrim […]

  • Sending Men Up

    We can send-up to an International Space Station And boast to ourselves about it on the news Men, and women too of course; But eighteen hardly more than children stabbed In London Town to death since New Year Hah! What failures we are!   We’re all thinking ourselves somebodies, canny players Romancing insignificance with a […]

  • In a Monthly Devotional Magazine

    “Suffering is the great law of the spiritual world. God’s chosen ones escape it less than others; they pay the ransom for others, sometimes at a very high price. We will know only later the work accomplished by our suffering and our sacrifices. It all goes to the heart of God, and there, joined to […]

  • From An Old Man Behind the Times

    I have not moved enough, nor moved quickly enough, although The whacky world has moved and quickly slid away from me, Everyday normal casuist brassy blasphemies Go on unweeded, disregarded; – accustomed – rather twee   To be au fee insider now a person needs be snug Confirmed in non-conformist slavish same-ish ways Potatoes all; […]

  • Heart

    Tossed on the deluge Noah swung in heavy seas His muster of living things a crew to populate the world Sou’-westers blown in eyes hamper a misted visibility Weathering through by righteousness wroth God’s decree   A handsome figure Samson brought as blind and captive Exhibit before the people come to see him low The […]

  • Parthenos

    There’s a bone of contention between Jews and Christians and the same bone exists between Christians and Christians, when it comes to The Book of The Prophet Isaiah.  This book has been described by an eminent Jew of great authorityas being ‘all comfort’; which I interpret to mean that from start to finish The Book […]

  • Rock and Head

    I do a lot of desultory reading. I have a library of books, probably several thousand items, and I love dipping in, as and when, time allows and by reading finding out why I bought so many. Few do not repay their investment – in my own eyes. I saw today a comment by an […]

  • Three Poems

    To Whom are we to Go? Loftiness of high authority Loveliness of meek humility   An iron fortitude A gentle servitude   Objective, set, insistent Discursive, easy instrument   Acknowledged Lord of all Submissive lowly leal   Tough unto rigor Soft unto melting   Abused humiliated Approved authenticated   Love in each breath True even […]

  • Alexander’s Tears

    The violent have taken the streets They built their Babels up and have done worship there In praise of naked works of men; (whose usuries condemn)   By dreams have mapped out, taught canards, involved to death, Have taken away as hostage men’s elective reasoned breath,   And falsified the tide of polity Waylaid at […]