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  • Thomas Merton

    I am not happy about criticising adversely any other person who is (like myself, I hope?) in the vineyard doing the work s/he sees God to have given her to do. There are plenty of books which do this, and that is enough said about them. I have read Thomas Merton various times in various […]

  • Flee from the Wrath to Come

    Go low into the earth, defend you from the wrath, Here sentience knows no comfortable berth besides Where works The Thunderer tender-set against self-harms: We riddle, chat, rat-catching one another for the stars we climb Haphazard scimitars sideslice barbarically collateral computations Smooth-curl commiserate circulated cotton candy folds Done risibly, wise thieves sale-surfeit conurbations stringing soaps […]

  • Technique and Torpor

    “Courts for cowards were erected Churches built to please the priest A fig for those by law protected Liberty’s a glorious feast” From “The Jolly Beggars- a Cantata” by Robert Burns Don’t mistake Robert Burns here: he’s not anti-justice nor is he anti-Christianity in him saying these things in his verses. He does however point […]

  • Don’t Follow Leaders

    How hard it is to advocate a remedial true cure Without attaching wrong bad faith conceitedly demure In a brute association with one’s rich urbane aplomb Of self-congratulation.   This difficulty pitched another way, in other terms, Rejoices in one’s weakly vices, feeds the sexton’s worms Abased before huge forces, quelled by insignificance, Self-flagellating   […]

  • Lost in Space

    Do you not see how this load lays right hard upon us This lax remiss inertia like an immanent payload Bears down, and underneath it down we go, all tangled up Inevitably?   Remiss, contented, tacit, we consent to let things go, Easily moon, And delectate around about the fatal shores Where dreams are sold […]

  • Ryanair made £1.1 billion in half-year Profits in 2017:

    This money was made, was it really made, or was it merely aggregated as fees had from other holders of money? Let’s be generous and say some of it has truly been ‘wealth-creation’, which to define might be to say that a greater sum total of money value is now in existence than was the […]

  • Random Genetic Mutilation

    Hohoho in the news this week I say Embryos, human embryos, In a laboratory secure of course By competent paternal slightly condescending heads Whose work (of course) is for the human good Preventative or else remedial   Have put into their remit certain work with errant genes Human genes, genes of human embryos, (Are your […]

  • Unreality TV and Fake News Radio

    Here we are taking in another people’s dirty washing Another jamboree of luscious odorous comparisons Of Hecuba to him or he to Hecuba   The denizen curators of ailing, failing, BBC Who put planting potatoes would us better serve Have deemed, most likely schemed, wit titillations   Sauce for the great stag nation, countryside-and-wide diversion […]

  • Come Mystery To Me

    Come mystery, and be to me a good and honest friend, Impart here an allottment, string your solemn alembic strands Wind rolled up mists of circumstance which twitched, bewitch with glamours Carry your feet apace here, I would your untaught enamours   Along the moonlit paths half covered over lights play splash On leafy clothings […]

  • Catalonia

    Should we not hear the whole vice of the people Pursue democracy as politics’ most sovereign idol Abiding thereby by a common general wail So every individual gets his rightful Dignitas?   I look after me, myself, says this rumbunktious here, And I’ve a vanity project, I am set to commandeer, Says here another: my […]

  • Can’t Get the Staff

    Is there a time, since 1869, when first the poor, A proletariat, began, attained to sign To write more than their name or modest mark indite Becoming set among the rolls productive A lettered class, by rote named educated:   No time since which have high-ups shown such open candour Of ignorance – bragged ignorance […]

  • On a Pastiche Pieta by Sam Taylor-Johnson now on display at South Place Hotel London

    Here we have for you today A little consternation given in a roundelay   There is a bloke A self-proclaimed, self-gratulating artist/joke   Up to the minute cutting edge superbly self-assured Come out the golden teaching halls full-formed, imprimatured   Adeptly able, feted every side Told by his tutors and himself a wide   As […]

  • Thoughts After Sickness

    I have been fairly ill recently, and consequently things for the past month have slowed right down for me; and I have had time to rest up and think without pressures. I am now on the mend, and I have a few things to say – some of them about my previous written work and […]

  • Mendelssohn and The Paganism of Youth

    I mean by ‘Paganism’ that unoppresed and delighted sense of being trouble-free, of accepting appearances at face-value and feeling generously full of general goodwill and joy, in a thoughtless and sunny kind of way. It seems to me to be a state people can only attain to when they are adolescent; before the responsibilities of […]

  • I’d Like to Say

    I’d like to say I’m just a sinner, same as any other jerk The guy who beats his wife and goes berserk The gal who steals softly a pace away With client’ s purse after an evening making bedroom hay   I’m some part of the prob’ A breaker of the law and even doin’ […]

  • I’d Like to Say

    I’d like to say I’m just a sinner, same as any other jerk The guy who beats his wife and goes berserk The gal who steals softly a pace away With client’ s purse after an evening making bedroom hay   I’m some part of the prob’ A breaker of the law and even doin’ […]

  • Capital and Self-Interest

    It is true that private property ownership does have a ‘spin-off’ being that such properties are generally ‘looked after’ maintained and so what they do and achieve works and continues working. That this continuance transforms into goods and services for others who need them and who are without them. In short, the private property bastion […]

  • Everyone’s and No-one’s

    Mankind cannot without his neighbour’s heed Survive, but cannot, will not, trust his neighbour’s lights His guide his pride in oscillations frights Him in himself and in his neighbour’s eyes   Sees keenly his own faithlessness and frailties As another man’s, he owns his own noway Thus consequence is ever someone else’s problem That public […]