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  • Who Would a Brother?

    Who would withstand a brother taking heavy punishment Underneath twenty-pounder blows knees bowing, head hung stunned, Bleeding lip, raw red eye, a putty body pasted towards cold floor, The people loving it are shouting frenzies of delights   Sinking into a night a battered consciousness turns black End of the day for him; the times […]

  • “Zero is not Defined”

    I have been chugging along with pretty elementary maths with my son for some months now. Every now and then I get a reminder from the guy who writes the text book I am using that, as he puts it ‘Zero is not defined’. He means by this in part I believe that zero is […]

  • Never Mind; No Matter

    The Nobel Laureate and physicist Stephen Hawking for some years now, according to his own estimation, has been approaching to A Theory of Everything. This would be very satisfying one would think. Let me tell you a story. I went down to Currys PC World our local chain branch for expensive bits and pieces for […]

  • Conditions and Variations

    It’s as clear to me as it can be The parents pass their manner to the children   It’s a bright as day, as much to say, The children pass the manner to their children   Bewildering!   School cannot break into this prison yard School does not touch this rule of passing-on School’s no […]

  • News as Spoon-fed Scrapings

    By their fruits; so shall ye know them You reap what you sow Your sins will find you out Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh     Class-based News  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-kent-42924351    A Tale of Two Stories   There are two threads to this story. The first thread was the ‘news story’ […]

  • God and Mammon III

    Respecting the Christian virtues – ha ha-ha! Respecting? Huff! rejecting, that is we Who have aspired, desired, sublimely-highly mired Lusted, trusted, the new taboos and fancy lights Lamps a la mode no bushell might obscure, pursuits of taste No intemperate might abjure; our fables, spoons, devour our appetites – Shoring up fast-release no-pain and on- […]

  • Streams of Living Water

    What happens when the drinking water plasticises? Due to a wantonness of many years of practice And what might be this dumping mounting in the sea? Isn’t it sin?   I don’t mean in a figurative way I don’t mean an end product of Nor effectual manifestation of our sin – but, God, I mean […]

  • Logical-Positive

    A simple childish trust believes before its eyes Cares not to keep concern or leap beyond a trice Regards befuddled elegant arcane philosophers Close over-curious off-the-wall conceivers   Consonant treading leadenly in trafficking’s brown boots Director sales-wardens fetch-in, carry-out goods Presuming every other, another resident in their shoes Bestead, consort indifference, stepaside imponderables   Preferring […]

  • The Disservice Economy and its Bad Goods: Powering the Global Money Engine 7

    Taking Control – Infringing Personal Space/Responsibility/Scope of Action A broad topic; and a slight diversion from furthering our main themes about scams and their disservices Nonetheless, a very worthy topic; one which deserves a volume on its own; one which everyone has had some experiences with; let’s give an everyday example.   Contracts and Agreements […]

  • Why The News?

      What has it got to do with us? The ‘shutting down’ of America; …go bust! As far as any Enlishman might mourn The Turkish and the Kurds arming for conflict Might they withhold did we serve them an edict? And what are we to do with such rare knowledge? If it be knowledge worthy […]

  • Grounded in Love

    Direct me towards a grounded earth, where courteously laid Long time bestrewed, things beautiful, broadcasted round, Unanxious of men’s martial casts, slight curious jobbing things, Conceived in leisure   And glance askance; uncurtain fields where poppies shake out streams Of gold-red fire-flames, lives undocumented Along brute battle-throe fields’ whereat metal blows get empire; Erect and […]

  • God and Money

    Money; there’s no-one in the world would disregard it Funny; it’s all mirage A tangent in our heads turned to a beeline when a sum Of money is imparted In elevation, joy, or stone cold horror struck According as we gain or (ghastly, nasty!) lose Chemicals in the brain in train by stimulation Is money. […]

  • “Where do I go?….To whom should we go?”

    “It’s been too hard living, but I’m afraid to die ‘Cause I don’t know what’s up there, beyond the sky It’s been a long, a long time coming But I know a change gonna come” – Sam Cooke Euthanasia (from Greek: εὐθανασία; “good death”: εὖ, eu; “well” or “good” – θάνατος, thanatos; “death”) is the […]

  • Devotions

    Devotions are exercises of the mind and heart and spirit which are proper to, and at the same time attempt small repayment to, God for his bounty towards us, his gifts, and his general care of us. In the course of doing devotions a man or a woman consider themselves small and humble, modest and […]

  • “The Best Deal Possible”

    “The Best Deal Possible”   I want the best deal possible My government is working for the best deal possible We shall not be contented till we get the best deal possible We maintain negotiations for the best deal possible   The hand I have been dealt I hide behind my back And lay it […]

  • The Disservice Economy and its Bad Goods: Powering the Global Money Engine 6

    Family Insurances When one contracts for say Internet Services, or say, to a mobile phone network for services, one contracts to pay one’s bill month on month – and by direct debit usually.  This is to say that these services are provided before the fact of their payment by oneself; and conversely one pays for […]

  • Old Oaks in Winter

    Old oaks in winter, emblems Of a stiffening guise – we search, we find Expression of a stature wrung from-out-inside Prefiguring a figured grain exposed to moaning pains And mourning gyves   Arms twisted, elbows crook’d, extension all but blind Into an offering space remits its circumstance described Lost leaves below, time-trodden trash, spread carpets […]

  • Sound and Silence

    Regroup, pass, heart-outpourings come, Come, kingdom-come blue blethers, Blusters, endeavours, promenade around my blood; Fix ambuscades, take, overthrow, a something drab, A digit stale, And junk, so ease, these mawkish roars of mine; Jives on our lives’ imperious prized justifications:   I unload to you no gillyflowered saccharin I start up a carp about me, […]