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  • Who’s The Man?

    Who asked you to do this thing on our behalves? To add into the leaf and plant the animal flesh and bone Who set your sure permissions to such lordly privilege? And whoso runs the motor of your arduous heat-engine?   Answer: Your master calls (the tune); Financier Backer, Patron, call him what you will, […]

  • The Shire and Mordor

    Tolkien’s home of the Hobbits is The Shire – and even the name, The Shire, brings to any Briton’s recollection those ‘shires’ in England in particular, where Tolkien lived out a lot of his long life. Edward Thomas, a contemporary  of Tolkien’s and a poet wrote a famous short poem named ‘Adlestrop’ which celebrates so […]

  • Saved from Self

    Each of us talks as though from the centre of things As though, in our centres of things, is the place to be, I know, is the locus falsetto which everyone sings, How to get through, undo, such a wicked death pledge of a sting!   Mine adores disobedience, it’s luscious, as sweet as is […]

  • Triumphs of the Will

    There’s a saying: ‘Knowledge is Power’; and so I ask, does this saying, if true, mean then that the pursuit and accumulation of knowledge is just another ‘trip’ our egos take; one by which we become able to push others around and have them do our bidding?  Is this power, if there is any, arising […]

  • Honest Love

    Here – have a supplement! beef-up your prepossession, Additive whey; adjusts tres bon the palate, shapes the limb, Similarly, puts on bulk in scrawny unregarded places Most fulsomely   Here, in this bowl of tears, wept tokens of Passion Friday, Crush signifying roses, red and bruised, blood-clotted blots Dropped from the cross, Our Lord’s self-offering, […]

  • Going Nowhere; Saying Nothings

    Being their livings, Homer, Shakespeare, Joyce, Distrusted words, distressed them oftentimes, And played them down, their fecklessness villainies Congenial mineral, vegetable, animal, all Grand luxury of bluster   Deprecation taints their lustres, soaring spirits, As to outdo themselves, they preached hypocrisy Feted their works create word-waves atomic, They irradiate ages, store frissons yet to factor […]

  • Enjoyment (at reading through ‘Scots Minor Poets’)

    I am half tickled – pat me on the back a tittle, Joy makes raids on me, waits, bids me happy office Ruffs my feathers, Half puffed-out self-importance, a conceited clever me   These roisterers do square and temper here my fool’s abundance Neat feisty blithesome rhymers of the clachan Know how they rob this […]

  • Under the Hill

    They have all gone under the hill Little Anthony and Bobby Vee Who sang all the day long marvellous harmonies Their cymbal, and their brush, and ambling four-four beat Played out an art, extolled the part, of old romance Sad Lesley Gore, and Dion di Muci, of The Wanderer, All passions lively once; now sudden […]

  • Voice in a Wilderness

    Without likening myself to ‘a voice of one crying in the wilderness’ I feel I might ask with some relevance: “Why have not our authorities cottoned on, got a steer on, why so many of their failings in politics, government, public administration, are not ‘unfortunate’ or ‘accidental’ in a sense that they might not have […]

  • Time Lock

      Time: the First Mover’s fatal instrument Fleet to avoid all stasis, room in which to think Wanders a world commanding, commandeering Marshall of squadron minutes, troops accounted indolently   Then full-brother, glad-hand too, devourer-yahoo Fate Runs like a river turning on a plain; fit misanthrope Fate has the natural way and is not hardly […]

  • Parliament

    Self-satisfied, wealth-gratified lot Happy to bray and cheer on without fervour, thought, Milky words spilling piddling pools all over the place Public with honours, at home in comfort with disgrace   Sure you can riddle and pepper with bland and blasted shot Throw out rejoinders’ unguent insinuations Set up in statutes who might stand, secluding […]

  • The World: In a Grain of Sand

    In the 1940s Arthur Miller wrote his play of, ‘All My Sons’, and it was performed on Broadway and a movie was made of it; and his drama pointed up so very poignantly the cost to the ordinary guy and girl of being caught up in a war in which armaments manufacturers were doing huge […]

  • In What have I Offended?

    It is a time for sifting recollecting Remembering the account, the cost, of loss of friends On my fingers’ bare bones   Friends whose commands I have obeyed: obeyed sheepishly, Which is my nature Some things I do not question, some things; they are not for sale,   I follow, I do not lead; I […]

  • Mussorgsky: Futurist

        With the ironical forename Modest, Mussorgsky comes across in his times as being the most sudden and violent user of music in his compositions.   He seems to be the first to me, of the composers who bore names like Stravinsky, Prokofiev, Shostakovich; musicians whose music violently parades the turmoil of the 20th […]

  • Second Childhood

    Learning’s a regress of letting-goes Windows on which you painted so Your heart’s-loves scried by accidents you’d hung your coat on To harbour fast against the bays of time   Cloakrooms which in their normal way have vaguely tended To do to you some good, you threw down leisurely Your hat in, ordered beer, a […]

  • Sides

      With all the world intent on holding up its side Encouraging pendant citizenries hop-on, implement the ride Nor wonder can free remain to hear a natal child who cries:   “I am the future; foretold to me, my due estate Along with decisions, preconditions, custom shall create All for goodwill or ill; too soon […]

  • Lent: as Spiritual R&R

        Lent as a fixture in the Christian calendar appears to parallel and so suit with similar purposes to our Lord’s own period of forty days spent by him in the wilderness, at a time immediately following the event of his baptism in Jordan by John Baptist.   It is pretty well certain to […]

  • Just Here

        And everything flops in – sits just here   A vibration, or collation, or a dislocated resonance A surge disturbed distributed. Plus one and minus one, The plus always accentuated Nor the negative eliminated   Go tell us telltale basal force, give out your barroom banter, To the lissom scarlet pimpernel illuminati Say […]