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  • Political Gaming Show

    Those bandy back shows of squatters studied picking in junk piles And the big bird overlord absurd presides inspects their finds As the dust flies upwards like the sparks of global trouble Coating all things with fine films, where else could these thrive?   Bluff watchers semiotics masters gauging word for word Evaluative, as well […]

  • The Disservice Economy and its Bad Goods; Fueling The Global Money Making Engine: 7

    (I know this is a bit of a rant on my part. I still think it’s valuable for its statements albeit baldly of the dreadful states of affairs we are in so deeply so widespread, and made by us, across our world/Peter)     “Added Value”   ‘Added Value’ is a phrase bandied around in […]

  • Proverbs Chapter 7 verse 2 in D’Oyly Mant edition of KJV

    “Keep my commandments and live; And my law as the apple of thine eye”   Footnote: ”rather as the pupil of thine eye” Dr Durell   I want to discuss this ‘apple’ and this ‘pupil’.  It offers a comparison which holds I believe some interesting ideas; one not the least being a consideration of what […]

  • Contradictions

    Contradictions let them stay Don’t think to reason them away They are our Meatloaf, heavy metal They are our carving irons and kettle   Salute their nightlight bright obscurities Adore their sagacious efficacious absurdities Amours, allures, propellers of sweet life Of a sharper blade than any Bowie knife   There on a ledge a pledge […]

  • The Russian Gas

    Let’s trace the ‘function’ of the National News Media. In my estimation the National News Media can be treated of, in regard to its function, in one generalised sweep. The question of function can be asked as the question: ‘What does it do?’ I want to make a case, and I think it a very […]

  • Today’s Tragedy

    Just heard a programme on TV speaking about Ancient Greece and interpreting the events, mostly of Athenian history of the 5th century BC through the lens of the, mostly Athenian, drama. The airing of such a programme presented for its narrator academics an absolutely Golden Opportunity to train that same lens on political and social […]

  • Sunday Religion

      I heard a woman speak and offer searching questions on The radio today: Why is it we exist; why are we here? My spirit leapt; at last! A voice is primal-seeking For substance-meaning, life-intentionality. Ah, me, This veritable she Was perorating gravely on her business goals. Thus it was Sunday listening; post-truth, and being […]

  • Something to Lose

    If you would use their services, have something of proof to lose, A star, a heap of money or a roarer reputation That’s the proper stuff, the collateral guff the sky-high flier guys Will prize, and let you open Astute transactions, on account – and just regaling say ‘Welcome, come in, and how are you?; […]

  • Somewhere between Completion

    Somewhere between completion of our rescue Performed by God Most High in humble frame And Josue warrior prophet smiting jealous genocide There rests The Psalms   Come a long way although not come to Comforter From Yahweh and his terrible swift sword Yet halfway up the staircase towards the greater loft Where Sanctity   In […]

  • We Shall be Known Hereafter

    We shall be known hereafter, dreadful breakers, mayhem makers, Overreaches, overtakers In the groove of stalking planet earth, like skulking leather predators Hoving around, moved to compound, its goodly sphere; abandon’s devastators Nothing revered, no, nothing, nothing holy   Everything lowly, commonplace, trips trifling en passant Whisks in that famous fifteen minutes glibly mildly away […]

  • “By their fruits; so shall ye know them”: OR: Our Designs are Whom we Are

    I wrote recently a few verses on automobiles and their shapes and about how these shapes reflect an outlook assumed to be conducive to selling cars by their manufacturers; and which shapes do seem to have become successful economically for these makers. The shape in particular which so many manufacturers have gone for is a […]

  • Post-Modern Theorists

    Twisted metal train crash wreckage; a measured intervention: Pretender Napoleons, conquerors in rococo tongues, Desirous of derivations rummage Karno’s army surplus Something confusedly   Here’s a specialist consultant, adjutant at steampunk fair Thrash-metal freak tomato thrower; with a mildly vaudeville stance A break-dancing migraine vendor playing ego-games for points   Flies in the eyes, tripe, […]

  • “Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.”

    What can a single spot in time, and so far down the line Assay, purvey, to add to multitude of witnesses What witlessness to try, to amplify, expend extensive Broad badge honour centuries have inundated   Hardly a ripple in the Cosmos sparks my arm, my thoughts Even in worldly terms a nondescript plain server […]

  • Can it be Consciousness?

    Can it be consciousness which irks, which works Within us by a two-edged blade? Hedge-hopping One will shout big glees in joy, forever venture; “For who would lose, though full of pain, this Intellectual being?”   What instantaneous gain above a brute creation Is a reasoning human being, all whole, sensible! One’s thinking within oneself, […]

  • Seeing The Land of God

    Seeing the land of God a graze away from touching sense Volunteers high a will, insistent, commandeering awe Taken in at one sweep by volte-face Romantic lays Bled on an otherness parboiled puling counterfactual sighs   Darks of a thick black gloom bedim the world, with inky stains Indelible thumbprints, palimpsests set snugly smudged: So […]

  • Flowers That Are Looked At

    The punctilious say that justice must not only be done; but must be seen to be done. This stands a little in opposition to Jesus’ recommendation to us that we ‘do our alms in private’; so that ‘the left hand knoweth not what the right hand doeth.’ Doing alms of course is not the same […]

  • Who Would a Brother?

    Who would withstand a brother taking heavy punishment Underneath twenty-pounder blows knees bowing, head hung stunned, Bleeding lip, raw red eye, a putty body pasted towards cold floor, The people loving it are shouting frenzies of delights   Sinking into a night a battered consciousness turns black End of the day for him; the times […]

  • “Zero is not Defined”

    I have been chugging along with pretty elementary maths with my son for some months now. Every now and then I get a reminder from the guy who writes the text book I am using that, as he puts it ‘Zero is not defined’. He means by this in part I believe that zero is […]