20 articles in Poems

  • Life-aims in Purgatory

    I am sure of God Of Him I am certain . Piddling, meddling, concupiscence of dreamers curtain Interfere Obscure, adhere   Their super-glued tight sticking plaster scraps Over wet wounds which otherwise would heal Paste aspirational goals As like some invalided well-advanced diabetes Burdens the whole   In such things I am sure slick schemers […]

  • Vestiges

    Having no star to reach for; nor no landscape of a sake; No avatar to preach over, hence no scope to cultivate; Failure cuts up desire; forever Christ hangs-on His trace A portent daily   A social whirl redounds applause; its danse macabre pastiche Of scarecrow partner existential fairy step and creep Propels each man […]

  • Foreigner Policy

    I used to fry up, thunder forth, hot turmoils in my brain Sat sedentary galloping, hell-bent on sharing pain Unheedful that a comity might help me to obtain A better company   Unheedful too of a mainline destination: Where terminates express thoughts and begins dear consolation A holy Bosphorus As Darius did cross A bell, […]

  • After the Feast

    Twelfth Night, the fir tree end-up in a bin Awaiting there garbage men, needles provoking A green rebellion at this signal disposition; The feast all done.   All things receded normal; ‘normal’ being polite Procrastination, for a Christmas never come Only the presents and the fireworks showed The mighty dinners the frantic party rolls; They […]

  • Oh, How I Love the World

    Oh, how I love the world, and how I’ll miss The kiss of slaty shower clouds moistening a grass Each drop of excesses of moisture gift to greet The coming day   Beginnings are a shrouded sun come up, More than half-hidden sparse in weathered clothes Hardly defeating mists of fogs by winter rays; The […]

  • Sighted Unsighted 

               A botanist would know, might tell me what this is A rough dry calx, a ball surounding leafy shoots, This close I had not seen the like of such before, Or understood   How ignorant of observation I by nature was; Have acquiesced in, careless to inquire By sense or […]

  • Big Issue

    Here is a woman tells me of her child And loitering in a street beside a grocer’s store Indigent sells cheap magazines to make ends meet One step from beggary, two steps from dearth   She weaves her tale around a bare contingency Ailing in care her six weeks child resides Her feigning years incongruous […]

  • I Saw a Rose on Christmas Day

    I saw a rose on Christmas Day Bending to bloom over a garden hedge Lending the winter glooms a softer edge And a tender spray   Remembering me upon the earth beneath Of vital strength and power-for-life divine Defence of germs of springtime from harsh strifes Presage of leaf and shine   A single rose […]

  • Between: No Meeting

    He speaks not a word of God English his only fluent language halts Being lame, a dialect of no numbers; A people, and no people, only populations Whose God is a foolish word to spin, a bummer Word, that packs no concrete force No hard content like motorway, or pay-packet Or classy saloon car Just […]

  • ’Snow Christmas

    ’Snow Christmas ’Snow nothin’s Hit the spot of Christmastime this year ’Snow wonder Under the lightly laid-on fest veneer Curled at the edges where the gum is peeling freely Its contact off, the substitute beneath revealing A man-made new material had at lower cost; Its substance; and the surface cover only So’s it looks nice […]

  • A House Divided

      Forfeits to fortune the wind-of-change guys clown around Flounders of flunked awareness Suited-up conjurers on affairs, fair-weather janglers-on about Intent, which way to go, as if it meant, They had a handle on a grateful door: Nowise at all, but widdershins Expansive seers serve full-surround discursive thinks, God’s laws attenuating, dispossessing missing links Their […]

  • Candied or Candid

      Candidates for the ride come to conviction thus: Everyone’s taking hidings travelling Babylon’s big bus, Facing the tensions and extensions strained beyond to bust Mistaking and forsaking scoring errors on account   Of easy-yokings, burdens light, in delinquent gaudy clouts Wearing out penitentiary stripes that dazzle, discompose; Consorting with Cupid conscience’s playground somersaults And […]

  • Magniloquence

    It comes so easy to the great ones The Chrysostoms Those whom the ages reluctant to forget Create our specula A mighty Marlowe, Spenser so mellifluous With matter too – something to say – that grit That Dylan had that made himself a platform No washed up grubby laundries’ parley politics, But touch the nerve […]

  • Litter and Birdsong

    All nature’s cycles vitally by purgings go around But men’s; Even a dog’s pooh wishes well the ocean beds Pressed out of the earth we came, our litter likewise parades In our own image To straiten, strew, the streets uncouth-like, slatternly Where fare bright spindliest flower-shows brightly-weeding walls Also, here what we call Vermin careering […]

  • Pathetique

    Racked, stretched out prone on a cross of hectic passion Large music plays you; welcomes through cruel iron Gates wit-hung, levered open Come Hector-like: Tchaikovsky battle-cries ring agonistes Horns rail out; brass supplies terse anabasis march Its deluge overwhelms, and posturing Hands caught-up, flail and flourish, beating eggs The unreasonable neuroses fester clues; derive imports […]

  • Performance

    Being someone else? it’s quite enough Being one, oneself, without a carried onus Of others’ loss and bothers, others’ troughs And eyes to cry in, and espy in what The world obeys On those old ways Whereby we’d like to kid ourselves and trade Pet dreams of cardboard pyramidic schemes To prop our fervours; one […]

  • Hints and Wrinkles

    Out of the lift arises up a splendid sun And the morning it is splendid filled with pranked array Small things on flowerlets woken up depending hang and play And no constraint The front house wall is warming keeping in its heat Cars revving madly clattering run along the peopled street All to the naked […]