Dark Side

And I do deplore my dark-side conscienced consciousness

Brings metals to the fore; as it seems, all the more


Seeps deep into my soul, a hole, an abyss, murk, with dolour,

Drenched in the blood helpers have shed, and wearing bidden colours


Too too aware; a sonar picks out bounds unsound

Here in my middle gut where centred bedded-in, endeavours


Started off, and that by me, to attempt arrest, half-casually

Never the counter of them though, though much-professed

All of us win into such heinous dungeons; straits possessed

Let certain contradict me; make fair honest blank protest


I see the dark side too far, too, too often to bear

Work-outs in bloodsheds taken breezy in an easy chair

Stirring our own bloods letting others’ pour in

Power-led, powder-proofed, reclines our finest hour


What is it made so large a hole inside this mulish man

For him to sink in as like a slaughtered slain Belgrano

Slaughter taught by himself and catechised upon him

Lusciously, next best thing to excess slops of wealth


Geoffrey of Monmouth chops off heads, his game of ludo,

Or carves fighters into two parts, as well Disney fights,

Homeric gores hung around of yore retain their pleasures

Golloping down slop-pails of glorious no half measures


Swilling the oozings, perusing scenes we’ve bleat to see

Done in our minds-eyes, perhaps although intemperately

Distant from local conseqence, from a fierce artillery

Wishing inflict, make pay, without corporeal recompense


No sense. But I, myself, I do deplore, abhor, resist, rebut

Here in my heart I know it’s me yet I would that I cut

But that that heart works there an ointment; griefs dissevered

Sometimes, some blessed days; which counter; and’s discovered


A string-thin hopeful tonic sol fa reedy diapason

An old tune crazy, somewhat flocked with antiquated dusts

Liked all the better for it, it’s freshness of age

Dispenses and applies; as wise, the wisest of the best


Take it: source, destination, transit of all goodly rest

Only the only salve and the only palimpsest

Written beneath upon our hearts though we would protest…..

…………Oh come, O holy Master!

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