Feedback on Entropy and Order 2019-04-02

I agree entirely with your sentiments expressed in this piece. 
Firstly, instrumental music. The first time I heard Chopin’s Nocturnes for piano, it reached into the core of my emotional self. I assume because some of the sadness and hesitancy in the phrases was a reflection of my life, even at the tender age of 15 years when I first heard them. 
Vocally, Leonard Cohen’s  “Hallelujah” strikes a chord with my soul; to excuse the pun! It is strangely not the same song by anyone else, again suggesting that there is a connection between my inner self and that of Cohen.

The very first words of the song offer a spiritual link to God’s gift of music to the world which is possibly missed by the main proportion of the population. Those words about the notes that God gave David to use for the music of his Psalms: ” the minor third, the major lift” being such words. I apologise to those not familiar with these musical terms. However, I’m sure as the song progresses, there will be sentences familiar to each person who listens well. 

As the song builds, Cohen uses one, just one, word to build upon; who cannot be affected by the resounding Hallelujah, even without understanding the meaning of the actual word. To be fair, I believe that even the most well educated cleric is unable to evaluate the precise spiritual fullness of this word. 

I agree with Peter that different musical voices strike chords ( again unintended pun ) with every individual. I defy anyone to claim that music has no effect upon them. This, perhaps, has to be the crux of the matter, that music relates back to God, who provided musical notes in the first place. This may sound extreme when some music sounds far from godly, even maybe demonic, but what do they say regarding ” why should the devil have all the good music” ? He doesn’t; he doesn’t  have ANY music because it was God who provided musical notes. 

The explanation is simply that different people “feel” music touching the depths of their soul through different genres. In the same way that different genres of writing speak better to some individuals than others. Personally my emotions are generally stirred more by poetry. 
( Peter, please feel free to share my feeble reply to your piece if you wish. It would be great if more people might Express their views. Friends, go for it. Everyone’s ideas are worth hearing; sharing individual interpretations is what writers may hope to achieve in addition to expressing the views poured forth from their own minds, heart and soul?) 

Angela T

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