I don’t want to fight

I’m tired of fighting

Fighting is going on all round me

Some delighting

In their fighting


Some see the fight against a natural world

Some say the fight is with each other,



Nature, her nurture, competition

Doctor, appraise me with your erudition;

Is it so? Do you know?


Do we do it; so ensue it?


Germs do they have a right to breathe

To breed



Under a banner of an ancient Fall

Or by a rallying call:

“Survival of the Fittest”

What’s your witness?


Brother, lover,

Speak, discover,

Your mind conformed to one  thing or another


All things maintain themselves by clash

Of interaction

Like a fraction

Like a faction


Only together able to subsist

Love and betrayal

Dependency and self-advised advancement

One’s own against Holy Scripture’s given Word


So when the times succumb to brute attrition

Throw up a coin and make your life decision

Liberty to be free inside a prison


The Lord has sent to us the sign of Jonah

In our perverse hearts

A sign which he rehearsed as reason

To our better parts


Down in the belly for three days hell

And wallowing

The belly of the fish our own and ours

For swallowing

Strain at a gnat, contented with a camel

O rise, lovely Lord, and me my mind untrammell


On the last and greatest day of Easter Feast

Communicate with me, your saint, your least.

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