Flower Power

Is it a paranoia or psychoses
That creditor, rings in rhymes with predator
That drama chimes out nicely against trauma
And evil turns live backwards?

That history opens out to show His Story
And evolution renders out in love?

So prosecution measures up as persecution
Omission photo-calls upon emission
And desiccation synergises meet with desecration.

The world goes round, is whirled about the sun
This is a matter of some certain substance;
Sparks, energies, electric bolts, subsumed
In the absorbent sink of earth

Her rage burns heartily-haywire unrestrainedly
Volcanoes, and lightnings, atmospheric squalls
Which men’s machines ignite under, emphatically impelled
Divisions, excitations, flow towards opposing poles

In driving seats masters of things work purposively,
Performing leverage, delivering manufacture,
Compete, combine, do excavation; haul out wealths from mines
Rich hoards of ores, rare extracts – ever gaining purchase

So long has their old digging fever pinked a spade against
Time’s revenants in their generations, brought to their ragged ends
Life-labouring wraith-lights, blinded in sour tears
Accusing; but expostulate with stones:
Hard unconcern assures against, aborts remiss; malaise
And miserable conundrum make a mighty fog

This all their smart design; see here – rococo glancing feet
Dance in a prancing quickstep, leave the judgement seat behind
Under the world’s diurnal footlights jettisoned unnoted:

He that would sees
Vistas shut down so mercenary by hermetic postulations
Using fair tropes, dress codes, and then the chain store pharmacies;

See! What the wondrous signs unthinkable sequester here on earth!
And though we are also bought-for-much, nor we yet regard the hour
Stacked up, arse-ended, installed besteaded, stout girths in larder mode
Spreading out plumped, like hay bales; all’s gone belly-up
We heaped high products of intensive farming

Go let the soil propound to you; shoots newly-dappled fuse
A gorgeous fertile ground, declaring earth is good
So glorious sunshine condescends to run the daily race
Rejoicing like a strong man in his ardour:
Reference this; seek the lowly Lord, whose salvage is your shore

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