In Memoriam: Tony Bianchi

Inquisitive athirst, rehearsed in eager earnest
A guy no barrier to engagement might propound
Reserve or distance to preserve a height
Of fancied amplitudes

Like he was local the sort of bloke who’ll
Seem ordinary anywhere there special was
Embedded here he shone whole and regardless
Himself he spread as easy quicksilver

Across a medley of acquaintance, the redoubt eclectic
Inclusive by inquiry, warm by heart; a stout
Made Northern one; gave from self out
With courtesy directly

Memory holds him static young with energies
Sees with the past and misses time’s vast harsh
Abrasive lifelong glacial striation-cuts
Thrust-loose moraines

Better remembered thus; as was a Grecian, dead,
Painted in heyday on a coffin lid – hid all
As though ill faults and blemishes rinsed, palliated,
By one kind hand

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