Junk and Circumspect

Computer chair in a skip today
Charity shop twenty yards away

Town filled; and milled like mid-Victorian waifs
The undeserving interspersed to swell the waits
Penny for the guy

The sly, the needy, the ganga hungry greedy
All in a haul like a traffic overspill
Of cardboard men; a few unseen women

Hardly half-hardy some; so weakly half-begone
Begged; the authentic part of genuine distress;
A mess
The less for these that an able-bodied crew
Draw craftily away and by profession sue
For copper coin the heart? No!, silver; they
And cute well know the value of the beggar’s way!

Impute this fare their custom to the charitable cusp
Whom kindness, dread of loss of heaven, or pity works
To move to gift, some passing on a smile
Some others all-adoing in Grand Style
Their alms before their God, and daring Him; their palms
Star-crossed with flashy works He countermands

Wager a half the beggars, half the treats
That given that heaven sees them; wear deceits
Perhaps nor care, or unaware not caring
Assume themselves for real though counterfactually sharing
Inline conceits

Their test
Not vested, rested, in validities
On vanities dispose to love their shapes
Their styles of occupation, and their postures rate
To go conspiratory as innocents
Like scented muckspreaders

Full cornsacks of a meally-mouth persuasion
Are met with; the abundant wellwishers for food
Whose fingers lift no spoonful out upon a lip
But tipple smooth

Their Costas, Kencos, gratulating finely
On deeds they do for England right-condignly
As stores pour out recidivists whose delights besmudged
By dregs of coffee grounds in halos ringed around their mugs

Colombian cartel brew ups fancy-free
Bringing out their back-slaps complimentary,
Revelling richly, revealing that it’s ‘clever me’.

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