Just Here



And everything flops in – sits just here


A vibration, or collation, or a dislocated resonance

A surge disturbed distributed. Plus one and minus one,

The plus always accentuated

Nor the negative eliminated


Go tell us telltale basal force, give out your barroom banter,

To the lissom scarlet pimpernel illuminati

Say how you’re keeping all your antinomies poles apart

Love bitten in attraction one to other offering yoke

Like life in an S&M nest


And sex, who might tell what the what of sex, of

Smitten males’ and females’ common karmas,

How we do wear a difference to distraction kismet fails

To mention how to sanction

Such rage of charm and conflict




Where the atom fitful wrestles its internal strifes

What happens in the atom stays within the atom’s vires

Least, fractious as the most, a turmoil foment broils

Such succour seethes

Everything packed-in vying wearing laurel wreaths


Common contentions lock; expose, amen, wrought harmonies

Sunder a mate from mate, electron from its valency

The sparks fly upwards, dissolution doing agonies

Ceased complement hand thrashes, fissions, loosed without

The intrinsic modal lore


What kind of cooking pot of crackling valours simmers nightly

Pressed pressures on every side, refer affects distempering

Sustaining on Mars and Venus likewise dusts and clarity

Wanhope keeps alongside charity –

Attendant an ancient verity


Made so to be God’s pleasure with all brief of measure


God on his own alone forever shares his treasure making

Angels and men (and women) like a rich man builds his follies

Out of place in a landscape elsewise blended tracelessly,



Partakers in his brave image, God himself resident alien

Bluff sole proprietor of space and time; a heart alone

Sufferer on our counts, is sufferer on his severed self’s

Camus’ E’tranger sits on Wenceslaus’s bounteous throne

Makes epicycles


Of all things come of nothing, tears contented vacuum apart

Its bounds no longer free, at ease, go hey, a-whoreing,

Scouting Atlantean other halves set pearls for homing

Each atom teaches grief, enlivens wise a ventured heart

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