Love, Truth, Beauty

Beauty’s bondservant to Truth

And Truth performs observances to Love

And Lord above all these bides Love unparalleled

Together three; present themselves a root conspiracy

Shoring all up


There is no other firmament

Nor is there other ground

For stars and planets circling

To be going round and round

But yet ride this hub of Love


And what’s forgot of Love

Provides of none good use

Lacks, does not intermeddle with,

Establishing of Truth

And holds no Beauty


Ascendancy of Love enough exhibits Duty

The Truth of Doing beloved,

And Proof of Beauty


Uplifts dead weight, lends lease to weary burdens;

Appoints life’s wait a Temple in a planted garden

With frieze; of painted entertainments, showering constancies,

Roses of colloquy dewy aglowing

With crowds of musing voices: sung out pearled polyphony

Ensample bending rigours

And softly to the senses meets here herbal garner

Entailing on a heart


When featly Lord of Love declaims wherever

Spirit billows

And nature swells, to festival it grows 

Transforming drabness to unutterable Beauty

In lyrical graces plenty


Though that death’s shade reign on us,

Scour our late latitudes

Past rascals, Calibans;

All teems amain, and seen still gleams full green


Our life incumbent met inept,

A dream half-slept,

And ponderous as a handcart on a boggy journey;

Cares itemise swarmed wasps, underperforming daffs,

As we were arbiter, or a competent attorney;

Contrarily woes betake,

Classrooms for to pursue new every morning  

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