On Balance

All the days shimmering flurries stir belligerent people

Seeking, and serving, not their brother’s better interest, neither

Their sister’s, mother’s, father’s, cousin’s, favourite budgie’s, rather


Leathering, lathering, taking up, and to task, to town, acute brouhahas

Circling a prey at night, eyes set, aglowing; rival tigers

Follow a wrathful vengeance; equity behind closed doors


Fired up animation draws out deepest depths of grief,

Into a place sway makes its own, they troupe their colours,

Surmising a pride they rise, impress, in their own seemings


Caught by that sheen within fair bubbles, they’re entrapped,

All trials bleak without, stand staring in, are counted set-aside;

Nor burdensome matter; no not against concupiscent pique


Beyond the shimmer sheen of glossy bubble-pearls a tract

Of hinterland; a wilderness where range aplenty pains

Where numbers press their cursive livings humble, unpreferred


Eking, not eating, muniment withholden, and entreaty none:

The world: its everyday condition, ably stings so many

Where then is the roomy mandate bids such large inventory?


See, see, celebrity, a favoured puff of smokes, upvote palavas;

Blether together consumed disputing – wellaway!

To whom might the money go, how much, and ever


Fair life’s unfair; their life-zone’s high indulgence

Squabbles at earnings offering relative effulgence

Men wear the skirt and women wear the trousers


Looking like peeping Toms in one another’s houses

Bristling each one at neighbour’s classy sofas

Bemoaning the other’s gain; their own selves losers


All forbearance of greater latitude besunken like a plumb

Let them all dig rare earths in swamps under the gun

Be this the venue this year; jolly treat, exotic fun!


Angola Getaway!

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