Racked, stretched out prone on a cross of hectic passion
Large music plays you; welcomes through cruel iron
Gates wit-hung, levered open
Come Hector-like: Tchaikovsky battle-cries ring agonistes
Horns rail out; brass supplies terse anabasis march
Its deluge overwhelms, and posturing
Hands caught-up, flail and flourish, beating eggs
The unreasonable neuroses fester clues; derive imports
Wrung dry from cornets furling sound around their fluted coils
Pipeworks which ratify hard fiery petulance
Disbursing from reared necks, disgorged and labyrinthine tears
Hung to a broken earth-shook basso thunder
On iconoclastic strings, occluding, forcing dread
Coercive and unsettling: a collision: booms and freaks
Pass tremors bundled shoving profligate
Mad melancholia; drear property of despair

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