’Snow Christmas

’Snow Christmas
’Snow nothin’s
Hit the spot of Christmastime this year

’Snow wonder
Under the lightly laid-on fest veneer
Curled at the edges where the gum is peeling freely
Its contact off, the substitute beneath revealing
A man-made new material had at lower cost;
Its substance; and the surface cover only
So’s it looks nice

A job so poor it glued fair for a season
Thereafter came the damp nights working, lifting up
The slivered wood, whose face revealed the reason,
Stuff’s not authentic

None yet, no Carol Singers ‘v’rung and sung our door
The nurseries are forgetting kids’ nativities
No bells, just bills and jolly celebrations
At merry stores

This midwinter live music’s died its quiet death
No Wenceslas or gathering winter fuel
Just big and brassy jazzed-up We Three Kings and all
When I bought kitchen roll

Time’s arrow’s hit the curve of bending space
The SatNav sent us right, then left, to chase
Way into sumptuous galaxies that science just discovered
Places where Father Christmas hasn’t bothered

Meanwhile and back on earth the lags who missed it,
The ship that took the smart-set cruise to Betelgeuse
Are roasting turkeys, gesticulating crackers
Harmlessly there invisible

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