Sold on Feelgood

Draw-up the branded standards let them quiver ceremoniously

Jousting, get-down amongst yourselves, compete, unseat, position,

Use all your composition; honeysuckle hermeneutics,

Softly to make desire to burn bright, to alight commercial movies


Good-guying-up befits you clearly, no whit, noway, seamy

Transparency is your buy word, and you’re perhaps not here at all?

Frankly a keener sight, mate, might just rumble trompe l’oeiles

Set-ups that fool; pull over eyes intention’s tawdry cowls


Look you into the world espy where having buried dreams

Wind circles spinning, wistfully compounding velour spiels

Faking a lot like flirting, with your use of left-hand tools

Such mellow introductions make-believe no catch at all 


Pleasers-prospective manufacture leisure trips for bones

Care-spivs with gentle narratives, assure, inure, good comfort –

Insinuate – “Go grab a swatch of postural easy shows!”

Rapt in essential garbage knowledge all things will be well


A lustrous sheen, a shine sublime, discovers you good trines

Under such titles – epicure, sensational;

The store in the bottom drawer at the world’s bedside lees running out,

Easy and nonetheless lie down here lapped in handsome stuffs


Your surface bumper amorosa rumba brimming over

Happy with cloistered jamboree, song, candy-clustered teeth

Dissociates disconnect, move tattled-tales come far from home,

Your wondrous disbelief prefers a bare-faced con


A slippery thing makes glassy shiver, can’t be handled, caught,

Not seen, not looked for, movement streaming gold and speckled flakes

Glides through your hazy lawns, informs what entertains your life;

An unseeing eye with phone’s a steal, another picking plum 


Wringing the neck of truth, aloof from proofs, go bang your drum

Though the roof come down, and town dumbfound, minds boggle,

Spoil for palavers, make false hamartia your next high drama moment    

Absurd in your chair at Vanity Fair, with your chilled pina coladas

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