The Sphere of Music


Music’s art draws upon the scope and figure

Divined by thought behind high cosmic fires

Whose dancing lights glittering at nights, arrayed

Subordinate us to a more-than Solomon

His rule and compass


Darkness between the lights sets off a counterpoint

Inbuilt: colludes in harmonies revolving love’s display,

And fashioned off His hand who throws off Milky wheels

Of vastest shapes


So thus rough chaos subdues to curbed potentialities

By secret rules purloining of adroit designs

And stations wherefrom stately musicks follow low

From Divine Mind


Anthems let down, as Jacob’s ladder, lavish on the land

A golden currency, sacks full, poured out, lovely coined

By violence by those guys who by their passion bring

Their special gifts


Replete resources waylaid taken to inceptors hearts

Approved, arrived at, from Heaven’s melting riches

Introits, bourees, recitatives, forays

On stolen booties


Marked first of all as moving angel lips

By privvy interview first sought, discerned

Then learned, acclimatised, become one’s own

In earth’s less rare perfections, upon this lower abode,

Sweet presents sent abroad resove a routed heart


A Purcell, Otis Redding, capture, captivate

By music making moving tender strong felicity

Pose apects, star-projections, that might only alone

Our kindest, less-blessed ears, open and unfold


Their diatonic tears, matchess plasticities,

Chromatic imprecated aptitudes

Sing imputation’s pined come-ons to righteousness

Under the moon




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