Unreality TV and Fake News Radio

Here we are taking in another people’s dirty washing

Another jamboree of luscious odorous comparisons

Of Hecuba to him or he to Hecuba


The denizen curators of ailing, failing, BBC

Who put planting potatoes would us better serve

Have deemed, most likely schemed, wit titillations


Sauce for the great stag nation, countryside-and-wide diversion

We’re playing Peeping Tom, nose-poking other folks’ backyards

Large portions facile inquisitive enjoyment


Much redundancy of specious employment,

Our neighbours selfied at their labours – not our business:

But,lo, we have: Scrummage for Catalonia


Our news-teams drivel rap words, taking-turns at second-guessing,

Stalking fuss all the time, they’re better headed convalescing

Our contrite UK masters/mistresses, gone ape and misassessing


What next to do at home, or even yet to bruit abroad

So to keep their house in order against the ribald commons brawl

Time was those outlawed cruised on Clapham Common, Hampstead Heath,


Where they were roundly outed, savaged by the public teeth

Which tore them whole: but here and now, behold, beyond belief

Indecent nuke submariners and parliament the seat


Where antics feed us fodder, filling mouths of we like sheep

The public likes a bit of Carry On

In lieu for when their interest in The Spanish Show is done


Be it known there’s plenty parlous and horrendous news

There’s much to be adoing that might help a sorry world

Rather we peek through curtains on vicarious sofas curled


Unreality TV accompanying fake Radio news

Fulifils us comfortably, provides our mess of potage

Whilst able Jacobs make their steals by wiser hands

Earth’s peoples steal apace, continue thus to understand


God’s ordinances everyway knit incident in life

And thousands yet connect and to his bidding speed

Alas, we wags, we lag behind, intending lifelong play


And all’s lost time to which no traveller returns

Were it our money, what! we’d sit and louchely watch it burn?

But this is more than money; it’s A New Jerusalem

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