What is Metanomalies?

Before any of us gets too carried away in talking about piracy, people might think that what metanomalies.com is about is simply piracy – but its actually far more than that.

Metanomalies.com is a promotional effort for Anomalist Design LLC. – emphasizing what can be described as “building communities.” It is more also. It is an aid to helping people build equitable communities in which they can make an income from a livelihood and find like minds which add support to their endeavours.

The early piracy related articles written and planned so far, are really only connections, offshoots, from the whole IP rights’ wealth generating paradigm which has been at work for many centuries in many guises. These piracy articles then represent just a single and subsidiary aspect of what metanomalies.com is primarily about.

Presently under construction is a series of introductory articles looking at IP rights from the point of view of web piracy.  Their number is envisaged to become extensive although there are other and perhaps more germane topics of interest that will intersperse with the piracy series. Piracy then is a background series that fills out an important aspect in the broader picture of the environment we see ourselves operating within.

Other topics we intend to discuss and which might help round out the background information we want to build up include: historical, anthropological, and sociological perspectives on community and community-building and sustenance; financial acumen and administration; law and regulatory aspects of holding successful communities together; their interaction with the state legal apparatus; and themes like conflict-resolution and mediation and arbitration services, as well as equitable reward distribution and devolved, dispersed control and government in growing communities.

As for the rationale of beginning at piracy, we feel that piracy represents a distorted approach to alternative dealings with IP rights and the state apparatus. Instead metanomalies.com wants a more positive, wholesome approach one less dependent on or subsidiary to the mainstream orthodoxies. Piracy, as a distorted alternative seemed to us a tenable starting point to connect the present situation with what we envisage for the future.

Metanomalies.com then aims to show interested persons how IP rights are not items one is able to bank on necessarily so as to give oneself a dependable livelihood income. Metanomalies.com will argue that real livelihood income is generated among the people who partake in one’s work and ideas rather than it being vested somehow ‘in’ the work and ideas themselves.

So, while there are articles about piracy here they are placed really in a context of how IP rights’ infringing is able to impact any community which might form under the auspices of metanomalist.com.  The articles and their emphases are not going to dwell on examining piracy although piracy is likely to form a mighty long series. Piracy as a topic will probably get interrupted by other concerns and discussions (such as this article right now) along the way and this we all hope will keep things varied and interesting.

It is likely considering the business interests of folks like us at Anomalist Design (software designers, developers, and so on) and who work as freelancers, that we shall lean towards building a community of communities that will want to use our services. Articles however will be investigative about how different kinds of community get built and sustained — not only for artists, or for musicians, and creatives in general; but also for those from less obvious disciplines who are looking for ways out of the present armlock dilemma of Intellectual Property Rights and their roles in wealth-creation.

Disciplines such as those nurtured in academic and researcher communities, or groups of financial consultants, or advisory services people. Metanomalies.com is planning interviews with people who have themselves helped form successful alternative communities or offer knowledge or skills that could be applied successfully to such communities. We shall try to encourage them also to participate, so that they are helping others build new ways, of their own germination, for doing business.

Metanomalies.com then is not only being set up as a business proposition to attract web design and development clients to Anomalist Design LLC (or towards other of our skillsets), but it is much more; an experiment under construction that is exploring means which aim to help people who are looking for alternatives.  Alternatives that can build into their own radical and sustainable livelihood support networks.

[The web-aware visitor has probably noted that we’re using a rather plain looking design for the site at present.  This ought to be changing soon with the introduction of our own bespoke website design.  Hopefully we’ll have this visible before mid-March.]

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