What is the Point of the News?

What is the point of the news?

To fill one’s conception with views.



To tender perceptions directions

Overwriting receptive election

So to render, without self-detection,

One’s cognisance


Lissome guidance

Laying charms over thought’s apparatus

And disarming a mind’s conversation

Out of the zone


Indiscernibly prone

Tuning in, we’re wired up to the world

Catching curved balls implicitly hurled

Like a bone


For a dog, captivated, stone sat

Imitating the cat on the mat

The position assumed had off-pat.



Handsomely, and put safely to bed

Certainty breathes, in runes that they said,

Grateful fasten ones hospital head

To a pillow


And a dream of imprinted belief

Playing scores in a groove – a debrief

Laying grounds bearing all underneath





As a scale of successive motifs,

Of expression;

End of lesson

In Pavlovian dog-like condition


One’s rough edges allayed cauterised

Like by plainchant of soft rolling sighs

Education, the light of our eyes,

By the wise supervised, modulating


From above on a great edifice;

Massif God has forbade us to grace –


We ask peace in the word and the truth

Gentle love and abundance of ruth

Though our work meet the end of the line

When The Landlord bestirs to call time

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