God and Mammon III

February 10, 2018

Respecting the Christian virtues – ha ha-ha!

Respecting? Huff! rejecting, that is we

Who have aspired, desired, sublimely-highly mired

Lusted, trusted, the new taboos and fancy lights

Lamps a la mode no bushell might obscure, pursuits of taste

No intemperate might abjure; our fables, spoons, devour our appetites –

Shoring up fast-release no-pain and on-

Demand societies; farewell to our once proprieties

Lying at rest amongst a bitter ruin

A nest of cueing tantalises, fantasises, tittilates

The advertisers whims we see ourselves to be

Crested in plumuge, fluttering delicate and rare

Are fine birds in our mind’s eye; where something other others see

To which we are nothing privvy, because being somewhat giddy,

Our claws perforce pounce retail hunts gone on uproariously

Tabbing and bagging expending manners vicariously

All seeking sovereign goods and in a lost country

Ah, me!

Oh, how the works of commerce churn, bread-milling down good faith,

Crumbling up onetime decencies, recycling onetime grace,

Wise ardent errancies

Raise up their heads in corporation tips, their companies

Of Hobbinol hobgoblins gone about the night

So many making rush to snatch a market right

Not of an old kind earned and earned for everman

Rules that exclude; exude coraals, incarcerations,

Hold captive cells

O, let us hear the news;

Let us rejoice, our weapons factories keeping safe employed,

Alive in comforts, thousands, that that foreign dude

(No virgin birth, scum of the earth) allows, and buys,

Continued imports

This is a bag of sugar allsorts fallen in our laps

Sweets we shall blandly chew-on and set out anew

To export death.

Yes, so lies uppermost our buttered toast ubiquitously

These hobgoblins, their haggling staggering indecorous deals

Ferreting preciously, affixed upon nefarious steals

For morsel money

Turn ferris wheels

Keeps them earning: money’s burning, all’s smart-suits, high-heels

Only the lowy-supping maudlin blues bombed, car crashing,

Only the guy not riding high resorts to calabashes

For feed; he eats with termites, labours with the mole

Forever mute inglorious

A marketplace injurious, injudicious, packs our grapes

Sublimely, supinely, all’s in plastic wraps

Refinedly the peoples will not touch an opened batch

Not sanctioned by a sterile atmosphere

Yet not to knock back toxins; greedily vape and sling down beers

No deal, no way!

Then kidnap the world take it on holiday

Plane off to Rio, fat-cat style au fe

Even the meagre people do it in this nether nether land

Wind round their fingers most selectively,

Most seductively,

These too-much-takers

Pursued by global marching bands of too-much-makers

Surfing the goods upon us, info-surfeiting our brains,

Landslide collateral ocean-loads, delerious batteries

Of stuffs that stuff the rubbish dumps; this happy island breed

Its green and pleasant lees

Literally so much litter, draw a line here in the sand

And you will meet some, maybe eat some; any beach

Might boast

A cornucopia overstocked with overflowing casts

Plus gutters, hedgerows, verges, even in the public parks

Salute also a leisured eye decorous verdancies

With installation art

Ah, then, let us make friends and make friends buy from us

Or sell to us, to do us favour, cause we like them so

(Their favours).

Pretend they’re flavours of the month for fifteen minutes

As much as an attention span can stand

Splash about hospitality and make as things are grand,

And trash those dirty foreigners who pass the cash in hand

That’s bribery!

Being so nice to get a price by being kindly likeable

Packs no kickback better than more sweet deal calls all round

Even the foreign travel in five stars all found

Has no downsides

Are donkeys, we take ourselves and everybody for a ride

Wearing the fabric out on seats in lead negotiation suits

Then the frequency narrows on what discernment constitutes

Appropriated are appropriate means

A hawk from a handsaw cannot be told of anymore

We wallow

We swallow

The schemes and regimes ‘casacded’ down the standing pipes

Taking them up like brassy hand-me-downs left on a beach

Trinkets as springes to catch woodcocks

And so we’ve lost our teeth

So what the pretenders say we take as gospel

Those who would challenge Kingship of a ransomed World

With such a Great One, read only their scriptures

About themselves

Never more holy than times when satisfaction plays

Their tune above the hubbub of a world’s wheyhey

Than when their auto-erotic itch has risen lightly twitched

And lambs as to slaughter follow them, they go -abaaahing

Trains of retainers, emulators, eager sparring,

Oh, notice me, sir! - No, sir me! - like kids in class

Seen from above as specimens wrigling under glass

So curious, aren’t they.

Such are the lays, the ways, of present mighty men

Conquistador smartguy Game of Thrones sharp dealers

Mashing the modern world into a horrid likeness

In graven image of their idol selves

Paper impressed by sacred dollar bills

Their giveaways

Foundations raised after my name to live-on when I’m gone

Into Elysean Fields of Barbary

And I, a memory of me, hero, yet remains alive -

As tragi-comedy

A consciousness crushing astute air-brushing litany

Of names and fames and whoso would be premier

Is all the kerfuffle the nursery battle, tiffs over lemonade

Going apace, an inhuman race of fantasies -

Disuse of the path of truth has reaped these thorns and briers

Grown over its way since first it was laid by loveliness

Bringing business to bandits who lay in wait for passers-by

Smiling, yet ever something fiscal in their eye

Mild-mannered fawning men

Ready to cut your throat

Stragglers a few defy curfew and muster troubled ranks

There where a sign of presence breathes to shape itself unto

A cosy comfortable easy world, the blinds down, banquetting

Where change of loyalyies impromptu brings aclaim

And being brutal nasty, caring nothing , makes a name

And serves as entertainment, and its tenor all the same,

Inane plain misbehaviour

So what about a Saviour?

High on a hill whereon a pill of medicine was brought

To lips alone sufficient, necessary, to safehold us,

Just as the elders told us

A pill with power to kill forever clever clever man

A cure no other than a Saviour Brother might fulfill

For us our labour

And take, and so remake, a whirlpool world,

Which does not break again

By breaking of himself, as of some pelf, remainder,

As our retainder

Such, and so much, maintains the hurtling worlds in motion

His are the arching arms held holding always underneath

His is the reach which underscores all notions, probities

All nobodies, all bigshots, in his charge

His charge for service to us, gratis, open, free,

No hidden fee

Only believe

To do honour to right things, right to bitter death, was his

Endurance, pleasure, dignity and circumstance

So we must now like David praise, get on our feet, join him,

Lord of the Dance.