• Who Would a Brother?

    Who would withstand a brother taking heavy punishment Underneath twenty-pounder blows knees bowing, head hung stunned, Bleeding lip, raw red eye, a putty body pasted towards cold floor, The people loving it are shouting frenzies of delights   Sinking into a night a battered consciousness turns black End of the day for him; the times […]

  • “Zero is not Defined”

    I have been chugging along with pretty elementary maths with my son for some months now. Every now and then I get a reminder from the guy who writes the text book I am using that, as he puts it ‘Zero is not defined’. He means by this in part I believe that zero is […]

  • Never Mind; No Matter

    The Nobel Laureate and physicist Stephen Hawking for some years now, according to his own estimation, has been approaching to A Theory of Everything. This would be very satisfying one would think. Let me tell you a story. I went down to Currys PC World our local chain branch for expensive bits and pieces for […]

  • Conditions and Variations

    It’s as clear to me as it can be The parents pass their manner to the children   It’s a bright as day, as much to say, The children pass the manner to their children   Bewildering!   School cannot break into this prison yard School does not touch this rule of passing-on School’s no […]

  • News as Spoon-fed Scrapings

    By their fruits; so shall ye know them You reap what you sow Your sins will find you out Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh     Class-based News  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-kent-42924351    A Tale of Two Stories   There are two threads to this story. The first thread was the ‘news story’ […]

  • God and Mammon III

    Respecting the Christian virtues – ha ha-ha! Respecting? Huff! rejecting, that is we Who have aspired, desired, sublimely-highly mired Lusted, trusted, the new taboos and fancy lights Lamps a la mode no bushell might obscure, pursuits of taste No intemperate might abjure; our fables, spoons, devour our appetites – Shoring up fast-release no-pain and on- […]

  • Streams of Living Water

    What happens when the drinking water plasticises? Due to a wantonness of many years of practice And what might be this dumping mounting in the sea? Isn’t it sin?   I don’t mean in a figurative way I don’t mean an end product of Nor effectual manifestation of our sin – but, God, I mean […]

  • Logical-Positive

    A simple childish trust believes before its eyes Cares not to keep concern or leap beyond a trice Regards befuddled elegant arcane philosophers Close over-curious off-the-wall conceivers   Consonant treading leadenly in trafficking’s brown boots Director sales-wardens fetch-in, carry-out goods Presuming every other, another resident in their shoes Bestead, consort indifference, stepaside imponderables   Preferring […]

  • The Disservice Economy and its Bad Goods: Powering the Global Money Engine 7

    Taking Control – Infringing Personal Space/Responsibility/Scope of Action A broad topic; and a slight diversion from furthering our main themes about scams and their disservices Nonetheless, a very worthy topic; one which deserves a volume on its own; one which everyone has had some experiences with; let’s give an everyday example.   Contracts and Agreements […]

  • Why The News?

      What has it got to do with us? The ‘shutting down’ of America; …go bust! As far as any Enlishman might mourn The Turkish and the Kurds arming for conflict Might they withhold did we serve them an edict? And what are we to do with such rare knowledge? If it be knowledge worthy […]

  • Grounded in Love

    Direct me towards a grounded earth, where courteously laid Long time bestrewed, things beautiful, broadcasted round, Unanxious of men’s martial casts, slight curious jobbing things, Conceived in leisure   And glance askance; uncurtain fields where poppies shake out streams Of gold-red fire-flames, lives undocumented Along brute battle-throe fields’ whereat metal blows get empire; Erect and […]

  • God and Money

    Money; there’s no-one in the world would disregard it Funny; it’s all mirage A tangent in our heads turned to a beeline when a sum Of money is imparted In elevation, joy, or stone cold horror struck According as we gain or (ghastly, nasty!) lose Chemicals in the brain in train by stimulation Is money. […]

  • “Where do I go?….To whom should we go?”

    “It’s been too hard living, but I’m afraid to die ‘Cause I don’t know what’s up there, beyond the sky It’s been a long, a long time coming But I know a change gonna come” – Sam Cooke Euthanasia (from Greek: εὐθανασία; “good death”: εὖ, eu; “well” or “good” – θάνατος, thanatos; “death”) is the […]

  • Devotions

    Devotions are exercises of the mind and heart and spirit which are proper to, and at the same time attempt small repayment to, God for his bounty towards us, his gifts, and his general care of us. In the course of doing devotions a man or a woman consider themselves small and humble, modest and […]

  • “The Best Deal Possible”

    “The Best Deal Possible”   I want the best deal possible My government is working for the best deal possible We shall not be contented till we get the best deal possible We maintain negotiations for the best deal possible   The hand I have been dealt I hide behind my back And lay it […]

  • The Disservice Economy and its Bad Goods: Powering the Global Money Engine 6

    Family Insurances When one contracts for say Internet Services, or say, to a mobile phone network for services, one contracts to pay one’s bill month on month – and by direct debit usually.  This is to say that these services are provided before the fact of their payment by oneself; and conversely one pays for […]

  • Old Oaks in Winter

    Old oaks in winter, emblems Of a stiffening guise – we search, we find Expression of a stature wrung from-out-inside Prefiguring a figured grain exposed to moaning pains And mourning gyves   Arms twisted, elbows crook’d, extension all but blind Into an offering space remits its circumstance described Lost leaves below, time-trodden trash, spread carpets […]

  • Sound and Silence

    Regroup, pass, heart-outpourings come, Come, kingdom-come blue blethers, Blusters, endeavours, promenade around my blood; Fix ambuscades, take, overthrow, a something drab, A digit stale, And junk, so ease, these mawkish roars of mine; Jives on our lives’ imperious prized justifications:   I unload to you no gillyflowered saccharin I start up a carp about me, […]

  • Dark Side

    And I do deplore my dark-side conscienced consciousness Brings metals to me, to the fore; as it seems, all the more   Seeps deep into my soul, a hole, abyss, and shrunken without colour, Drenched in the bloods helpers have shed, wearing out sullen dolours   Too too aware; a sonar picks out bounds unsounded […]

  • The Disservice Economy and its Bad Goods: Powering the Global Money Engine 5

    Spare Parts and Consumer Choice How many of you people reading this are holding in their lofts or in their under stair cupboards, garden sheds, outdoor lockers; several crates-worth of accessories, fitments, plugs, sockets, adaptors, connectors, cards, chips, cables, and so on; all of which fit for the most part a single piece of hardware […]

  • The Lost Lands of Avalon and Lyonesse

    The people have lost the plot; that set of open ground Once home, estate in Paradise, from whence old Adam fell, And Eve beside him, sentient of idea, an inkling guide Working one’s hide in earnest, wraith light leading minds, A hum, and a constant head incline to driving aches, Preoccupied a palace rich of […]

  • Sleepers Awake!

    Truly random needs abandon’s liberty Outer space grace to spree whereso it list Like The Holy Ghost – Agree? Perhaps? Maybe? A pattern may reveal itself, admissive, free Of right delight to man’s dyed hands; fit symmetry Of beauty, movement, as a magic lantern moves May address us everywhere both youth and old So keep […]

  • The Disservice Economy and its Bad Goods: Powering the Global Money Engine 4

    Long-laugh Light bulbs Everyone in the world who uses such light bulbs will have had some experience of how wasteful and how contradictory to their sold purpose to us as gullible publics they in fact are. One is with great difficultly able to get any of the older type non-long-life bulbs. In the developed and […]

  • Random Abandon

    This way in which we are; it did not have to Be; as spell our present prophets on astute Philosophy; I contradict them here And say that, yes, the will is free, since where Might leg-room theoretic come to be Which routes life’s adaptations randomly By way of blind mutation vis-à-vis, In somewhat gamesome gait, […]

  • The Disservice Economy and its Bad Goods; Fuelling The Global Money Making Engine: 3

    Utilities SmartMeters This past Summer our phone has been ringing again and again with calls from our utilities provider ‘whose team is in the area right now’ and ‘is ready to fit a spanking new SmartMeter in your home free of charge’. The nuisance levels of the utilities provider’s calls have been a cause of […]

  • Dark Side

    And I do deplore my dark-side conscienced consciousness Brings metals to the fore; as it seems, all the more   Seeps deep into my soul, a hole, an abyss, murk, with dolour, Drenched in the blood helpers have shed, and wearing bidden colours   Too too aware; a sonar picks out bounds unsound Here in […]

  • An Anthropology of Cars

    Have you seen those bullish automobiles Bearing down as their predatory figures chasing speed For driver-junked adrenalins; they slope forwardly low Crouched, just as are their animals, concentratedly. Have you really looked to notice how so crabbedly Their drivers hunch, so as to shift a gear Then pull ahead like tautened tiger-springing?   A thing […]

  • Fifteen Minutes in the Frame

    It’s quiet. Just me; some music, and a Christmas Eve now dark. The night descended As a song invades my fingertips, not sage Perhaps, emplaces, aiming where might wisdom seem to rise Inveigling; hoping and foreseeing, An optimistic sanction for a joust with letters   Betters have gone before, and have been tried By trickster […]

  • The Disservice Economy and its Bad Goods: Powering the Global Money Engine

      I have listed in a Word document file in the course of the past half an hour over 100 discrete absurdities of economic life whose crazy adverse consequences I have experienced personally recently here in UK; a 100 plus number of items which I am pretty sure will ring on your bell also wherever […]

  • Morning and Evening

    The day begins dark, heard only are angels singing Supposedly heard; a good word, and a good beginning   On the tops of the mountains above drowsy Abergavenny Silent snow covers, spreaded-coverings, leaning lengthened wisps Saluting the fallow-realms, dissevered in spite of much-felt presence Lands which the mind-forge sets to adventure, strangenesses expose   Like […]

  • Snow Poem

    Snow better now than it’s ever been for Santa Claus S’now celebrated as if – was that the birth of God?????? Snow wise-men nowadays; and presents shift so quickly roughly-shodd- Y goods the most part; ….and the people revel just because…..   Snow teaching nowadays in sundry ways of God S’now time of day and […]

  • Oxbridgymoron

    I would have everybody rustication mad I would that safe advantages were cause for rags Houseless itinerants addressed as Oxford grads With lavish fancy restaurant tables tabbed Oh, how a comrade might declare: Ah, you, you’re such a wag!   I wish him all philanthropy, whose income overpools, High piled and stacked to sides, in […]

  • Four or Five

    I was maybe four or five When first I found myself alive Next after I discovered dread When I saw I should soon be dead   By my good mother I drew love Into my heart to live and move By love I came to where dismayal By breach of love gave on betrayal   […]

  • Fighting

    I don’t want to fight I’m tired of fighting Fighting is going on all round me Some delighting In their fighting   Some see the fight against a natural world Some say the fight is with each other, Brother   Nature, her nurture, competition Doctor, appraise me with your erudition; Is it so? Do you […]

  • Random Genetic Mutation: I don’t think so.

    This essay is going to look at the idea of Random Genetic Mutation; a concept which might be called the principal supporting precept of contemporary evolutionary theory. I am also later on going to look at an idea, quite prevalent, because an easy lapse to settle into; that somehow evolution is an active principle, a […]

  • Beethoven: beyond music

    Music is about what? It’s hard to say, exactly. What there is about good music seems to me to be a fluency of expression, a continuity, within massive variety, of theme and feeling, and carried within all this lives a crie de coeur; resonating, as it were, in the form of something pretty elemental in […]

  • City Shield

    Caught under, in a crawling shell, with armoured carapace Urban defenders, errant bear brash contactless society Blank faces rebate vibes, brand rigid hard estrangements They counter-factually drive their sorry heartbreaks disengagement,   Streets throng a corpus covering, paving, Christmas precincts Mowing and moping gloomily for reasons non-empathic Staring out iron glamours upon this frosty brittle […]

  • Melee-go-round

    Makes a blank evolution, turning like a slow elephant On a box, in a circus, blindfold Takes up proffered buns, a willing trunk, and grasping There is no other fare   Where is the tamer, the cicus master, cowering small? An Oz at a desk in Whitehall eating foie de gras With an ornate bookcase, […]

  • Porcelain Dolls

    Porcelain dolls dance down the streets; are here, Joggling high-shoes flap, flap; and to an urgent rap Overlord of the musak ruling in the Shopping Malls A persistent present’s peak-post-modern Music Hall Plaintiff, acknowledges suffering in the race for cool   Here the precocious ladies lordly revel; extroverted Comperes at modelling, advertising, solo dainty fashion […]

  • Reasons and Seasons

    Turning the world moves on equinoctial play Idly squandering time-on-its-hands away The sea-changes ring when the birdies will sing Pleasant part-song: lulla-lay   Clouds come and go, and sometimes the snow Impulsive weathers dump frolics Play the Boreal pipes of fine-edged Northern winds According to fortunes of comets   Even the sea carries great fishery […]

  • The Balloon of Science and the Ignorance of the World

    Our achievements in science are a paperchase after diminishing returns – the more startling the achievement, the more of an actual achievement it really is, the greater, the more appalling, are its consequences for humankind; and the paperchase is thus started which perpetually is gathering up its flying debris and which aims to allay its […]

  • What is the Point of the News?

    What is the point of the news? To fill one’s conception with views. Whose?   To tender perceptions directions Overwriting receptive election So to render, without self-detection, One’s cognisance   Lissome guidance Laying charms over thought’s apparatus And disarming a mind’s conversation Out of the zone   Indiscernibly prone Tuning in, we’re wired up to […]

  • Inauthentic

    Here are some girls – young ladies, at a foyer desk Dancing a double, from swim tickets to house cafe Two jobs in one, a posse modulating as a pool   This one, she bobs Now here now there, a leisure swim… or cake? Another ventures quietly to break… Alleviation is a guilesome shift   […]

  • Ego contra Death

    Building sandcastles on the beach, the reach Of tide approaching; time wafts, westers, lightly runs away Grains in the hourglass finely wetted set, cement together Adhere in the face of watery bombings spoken of, foretold   Fair fastholds (falsehoods) raised defensive against wide open sea Claim prospect of forward ground outfacing all even oblivion Spikes […]

  • King Canute

    In a time when teaching history was simply telling children stories about the exploits of famous British people of the past; and many years ago when I was at junior school, one of the time-worn stories which was told to us, along with those of King Alfred burning the cakes; and King Robert the Bruce […]

  • Thomas Merton

    I am not happy about criticising adversely any other person who is (like myself, I hope?) in the vineyard doing the work s/he sees God to have given her to do. There are plenty of books which do this, and that is enough said about them. I have read Thomas Merton various times in various […]

  • Flee from the Wrath to Come

    Go low into the earth, defend you from the wrath, Here sentience knows no comfortable berth besides Where works The Thunderer tender-set against self-harms: We riddle, chat, rat-catching one another for the stars we climb Haphazard scimitars sideslice barbarically collateral computations Smooth-curl commiserate circulated cotton candy folds Done risibly, wise thieves sale-surfeit conurbations stringing soaps […]

  • Technique and Torpor

    “Courts for cowards were erected Churches built to please the priest A fig for those by law protected Liberty’s a glorious feast” From “The Jolly Beggars- a Cantata” by Robert Burns Don’t mistake Robert Burns here: he’s not anti-justice nor is he anti-Christianity in him saying these things in his verses. He does however point […]

  • Don’t Follow Leaders

    How hard it is to advocate a remedial true cure Without attaching wrong bad faith conceitedly demure In a brute association with one’s rich urbane aplomb Of self-congratulation.   This difficulty pitched another way, in other terms, Rejoices in one’s weakly vices, feeds the sexton’s worms Abased before huge forces, quelled by insignificance, Self-flagellating   […]

  • Lost in Space

    Do you not see how this load lays right hard upon us This lax remiss inertia like an immanent payload Bears down, and underneath it down we go, all tangled up Inevitably?   Remiss, contented, tacit, we consent to let things go, Easily moon, And delectate around about the fatal shores Where dreams are sold […]

  • Ryanair made £1.1 billion in half-year Profits in 2017:

    This money was made, was it really made, or was it merely aggregated as fees had from other holders of money? Let’s be generous and say some of it has truly been ‘wealth-creation’, which to define might be to say that a greater sum total of money value is now in existence than was the […]

  • Random Genetic Mutilation

    Hohoho in the news this week I say Embryos, human embryos, In a laboratory secure of course By competent paternal slightly condescending heads Whose work (of course) is for the human good Preventative or else remedial   Have put into their remit certain work with errant genes Human genes, genes of human embryos, (Are your […]

  • Unreality TV and Fake News Radio

    Here we are taking in another people’s dirty washing Another jamboree of luscious odorous comparisons Of Hecuba to him or he to Hecuba   The denizen curators of ailing, failing, BBC Who put planting potatoes would us better serve Have deemed, most likely schemed, wit titillations   Sauce for the great stag nation, countryside-and-wide diversion […]

  • Come Mystery To Me

    Come mystery, and be to me a good and honest friend, Impart here an allottment, string your solemn alembic strands Wind rolled up mists of circumstance which twitched, bewitch with glamours Carry your feet apace here, I would your untaught enamours   Along the moonlit paths half covered over lights play splash On leafy clothings […]

  • Catalonia

    Should we not hear the whole vice of the people Pursue democracy as politics’ most sovereign idol Abiding thereby by a common general wail So every individual gets his rightful Dignitas?   I look after me, myself, says this rumbunktious here, And I’ve a vanity project, I am set to commandeer, Says here another: my […]

  • Can’t Get the Staff

    Is there a time, since 1869, when first the poor, A proletariat, began, attained to sign To write more than their name or modest mark indite Becoming set among the rolls productive A lettered class, by rote named educated:   No time since which have high-ups shown such open candour Of ignorance – bragged ignorance […]

  • On a Pastiche Pieta by Sam Taylor-Johnson now on display at South Place Hotel London

    Here we have for you today A little consternation given in a roundelay   There is a bloke A self-proclaimed, self-gratulating artist/joke   Up to the minute cutting edge superbly self-assured Come out the golden teaching halls full-formed, imprimatured   Adeptly able, feted every side Told by his tutors and himself a wide   As […]

  • Thoughts After Sickness

    I have been fairly ill recently, and consequently things for the past month have slowed right down for me; and I have had time to rest up and think without pressures. I am now on the mend, and I have a few things to say – some of them about my previous written work and […]

  • Mendelssohn and The Paganism of Youth

    I mean by ‘Paganism’ that unoppresed and delighted sense of being trouble-free, of accepting appearances at face-value and feeling generously full of general goodwill and joy, in a thoughtless and sunny kind of way. It seems to me to be a state people can only attain to when they are adolescent; before the responsibilities of […]

  • I’d Like to Say

    I’d like to say I’m just a sinner, same as any other jerk The guy who beats his wife and goes berserk The gal who steals softly a pace away With client’ s purse after an evening making bedroom hay   I’m some part of the prob’ A breaker of the law and even doin’ […]

  • I’d Like to Say

    I’d like to say I’m just a sinner, same as any other jerk The guy who beats his wife and goes berserk The gal who steals softly a pace away With client’ s purse after an evening making bedroom hay   I’m some part of the prob’ A breaker of the law and even doin’ […]

  • Capital and Self-Interest

    It is true that private property ownership does have a ‘spin-off’ being that such properties are generally ‘looked after’ maintained and so what they do and achieve works and continues working. That this continuance transforms into goods and services for others who need them and who are without them. In short, the private property bastion […]

  • Everyone’s and No-one’s

    Mankind cannot without his neighbour’s heed Survive, but cannot, will not, trust his neighbour’s lights His guide his pride in oscillations frights Him in himself and in his neighbour’s eyes   Sees keenly his own faithlessness and frailties As another man’s, he owns his own noway Thus consequence is ever someone else’s problem That public […]

  • Capitalism and The Kingdom

    Let’s look at the pillars on which Capitalism rests, and set our findings on their nature against those basic teachings by which Jesus taught that The Kingdom of Heaven might be ushered into the world. I will tell you now that Capitalism will be found to be AntiChrist; it will be found to be not […]

  • The Miracles 3: Filling out Background

    There is a second battery of offence which confronts a Christian of today in regard to her/him accepting the supernaturalness of The Miracles as being necessary to firm Christian belief; and it stems from a prejudice widely-held, by almost everyone, Christian or not, that: a) Ancient peoples, like Jesus’s social fellows, were greatly more ignorant, […]

  • Stravinski and The Soviets

    Just as T S Eliot entered in as a poet like an earthquake at the turn of the 20th century around the time of the First World War; so to about the same time Stravinski shook the foundations of what was then considered art and music fashion, and entered in with a similar violence to […]

  • The Global Fairy Tale

    Dressed all invincible without a hint of flaw Tan, tattoos, shorts, the largesse mighty men Sling-on, as sword, for attitude – and candy dolls Lolling, profiterolling, outfitted in cakes   Conceptual worlds away   Here, an image of myself, reached, as you also, soon Enough, upon a floor Hand laid expanded, half extended, at a […]

  • Formulary

    There’s crystals Then there’s muck to build a wall And then there’s rock as stones and gravels, cumbrous boulders Whole faces, worlds, and in the stars their fluid counterparts Gaseous essence of new mucks, new crystal stones, And portents of the coming time’s new worlds   And then the other way – down where components […]

  • The Miracles 2: Why not just quit?

    In the first part on The Miracles I hope I showed to you how I worked out for my own self’s benefit that a Christian must, has to, accept the supernaturalness of The Miracles so as to be able to believe in Jesus without him using what might be called ‘doublethink’; a holding of obviously […]

  • The Miracles

    I have been allowed some rigorous self-reflection lately; firstly about my own character and secondly about the miracles. I have always been a person who was willing to pass over a multitude of flaws, obvious dubieties, even glaring halting questions; about a person whom I have adjudged to be of a good character. Likewise about […]

  • Hurt and Understanding

    Hurt understands consideration: These words whose scopes reflex  so intercedently This way and that, as how one might consider How taught consideration voluntarily concedes Its graciousness to others   Whether a brother? Or else a mother?   The laws of nature jingling on God’s angling golden chain Working a way within dry hearts may make […]

  • Christmas Spirit

    For many years there was that hiatus; that gap between a hankering-after and remembrance of a time when there was a ‘Christmas Spirit’ in the air at Christmastime; and now in these recent years that hankering-after and remembrance is hardly ever referred to anywhere anymore. Nowadays we celebrate Midwinter Break, and all the Advent Calendars […]

  • Justice versus Mercy

    “Everyone has won, and all must have prizes” – Lewis Carroll- The Alice Books In regard to the age-old conflict and debate arising from conflict concerning Justice versus Mercy; I would like to add another coupling of terms in a grapple of antagonism: Logic versus Grace. Logic most often sides with Justice; and Grace with Mercy. […]

  • Root 2

    I’ve been reading Maths so as to be able to help educate my son in the subject. The guy who wrote the textbook I am using says that there are ‘rational’ numbers and ‘irrational’ numbers. He says an ‘irrational’ number is one which when expressed as a decimal figure carries on (it is thought) to […]

  • Crazy Shoppers

    Saw a bald guy cruising casual in a tattooed vest Thought it was Bruce Willis He maybe thought he maybe was Bruce Willis too? And saw Beyonce’s perfume feted in the local news An avalanche of scent orders just hit the town I tried a shellsuit on and strutting out went playing the dude I […]

  • Lies, Damned Lies and Politics

    The art of politics in liberal democracies seems to be one of the lowest points in the dignity of human relations to which a so-called public servant is able to stoop. Liberal democracies being societies wherein at the least nominally an electorate has influence, for good or ill, to bring to bear on those who […]

  • The Servant of All

    Jesus said unto them: The kings of the Gentiles exercise lordship over them; and they that exercise authority upon them are called benefactors.  But ye shall not be so: but he that is greatest among you, let him be as the younger; and he that is chief, as he that doth serve. I am among you as he that […]

  • The Grand Global Dream Disaster

    Dreams slide into screens Slide into schemes Slide into means Celebrity rock, and movie stars Top sports heroes, and all those packing life’s a blast All revel, handsomely enthrall, In the glossy fancy photos on consoles And in glammy mandatory magazines And on tempting charismatic TV shows And on rabid radios The cool set lives […]

  • Empty Society

    Free to be empty, To have been deemed, esteemed, pre-empted And had schooling in the ruling to be inarticulate Free to accept of what has been decided What’s been provided By the engine drivers of the choice machine: Buy their tablets, clothing, bet and booze regimes Be free to slouch in what has been presented […]

  • The Day Today

    Recently thought on friends who have of late left light behind, Resigned the day, and gone into The Delphic Mystery T’has plunged a needle puncture in my crimpled heart Where bites it there, as it were a singularity A moot eventuality Jacking up pain struck of an absent magnitude   But borne in still is […]

  • The Leash

    Life’s livings played, mislaid, by bought desires, acquired constraints By-pass the marching heady saints’ close tonic harmonies Tub-thumping in pursuit of coin collections Their raucous pier-end silver-bandstand unencumbered keys Breathe over sands a music poured out oil on treacherous seas   In roving bands our lives are led – by wacky Frodo quests Following a […]

  • God and Mammon – Two Masters

    Assuredly captive shakes our head on haphazard Under the Christmas tree are occular daylights clean blown out On the block of the rational executioner presumed disembling quarrels Ready his circling axe   With an aim to the tree root cut down, offers sunny dreams, dayglo, With an eye to a new development on a new […]

  • Tchaikovsky – Symphony No. 5 and other of his works

    There are said to be two modes of music – dance and song – and that universally music tends either towards the dance or else towards the song. (I believe I first discovered this distinction written in Ezra Pound’s writings who has made the observation?) In Tchaikovsky’s orchestral works we very often see the dance […]

  • Wayback When

    Each a Creation of The Big Bang are we perhaps, maybe? Must marvel at what we are, and hither have come to be, A gala of implications in a Christmas tree snow globe Surpassing in wizardry its incidence arose   Back, back in time before, the stars galore were not nightly lit Nor circuits cut […]

  • All-Consuming Marketplaces

      Assorted games of apprehension they play and captivate us The grammars of gladsome glamour are so well-known; are lightly thrown Over one’s eyes   Suborning us by liquid tempting lyres of lily lies Our fluttering hype pretensions cause us chase cheap butterflies Among the designer quarries   And join in the singing chorus with […]

  • The Song of a Creature of a Day – (inspired by a drawing by Durer and by my city walks)

    A single upstart soldier stood Waving like a silly body A tunic green; a hood of blood From dawn to noon, from bud to bravery    Upholding a light to nature’s Spring courages Tucked in a niche crevice upright alone No panoply profuse nor gaudy entourages Just a nip of soil, around plenteous place of […]

  • The Messiah

    I have been unable to get out of my head “And who shall stand when he appeareth?” I have been unable to lay its song And symphony   Of chords and carols, it follows me around As Shostakovich was said to hear his native sounds And it has given a sympathy to me Has been […]

  • A World Unregenerate

    What’s trapped in us – that forces its way out Mangles a heart to shreds, affrays; and in its rage Licenses no remission, intimately steals Apace against a better furnished mind   Where ought fare seated rarer truer things, Hopes for the scopes that hope premeditates, Roads that affirm, confederate a peace…. Dishevel: Shaken indeed, […]

  • Schiller Beethoven and Joy

    BBC National Orchestra of Wales conducted by Xian Zhang with BBC National Chorus of Wales and the CBSO Chorus This evening 30th July 2017 performed at London’s Royal Albert Hall was Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. One of the most remarkable pieces of music from one of the most remarkable of composers. Since having first listened to […]

  • Post-postmodernism

    The pyre upplumes; ignited by hot hands’ exhilarations A ratio exactly furbished by fire-waving bonded bands Descendants of the village-swarm compound on evil doers Laughingly to burn   The hope’s to scare off shadow-casters, primates habit-shaped Nightshades whom pressed to say within, without, are housed, Defined as matter or as mind? Inhibiting, inhabiting, fear’s backwoods […]

  • The Other Side of The Bubble

    In the world like a bubble In the world you don’t see here’s the bubble You’re in, you’re curled No, not the social whirl, though the social whirl’s A bubble A container framing trouble among the merry muddle Hustling grandiose bustle There is with nature and the leaves of greening trees With the breeze and […]

  • In Captivity

    What is it we want? What lack we, to make our dreams? Dishonest desire is led astray by artificial need. Destructive vires grow day on day and speed with famished feed   That habit to consume, a mainline drug deal, liberal to Hang-up, hang-out to dry, us on the lie’s production line As we follow […]

  • On Balance

    All the days shimmering flurries stir belligerent people Seeking, and serving, not their brother’s better interest, neither Their sister’s, mother’s, father’s, cousin’s, favourite budgie’s, rather   Leathering, lathering, taking up, and to task, to town, acute brouhahas Circling a prey at night, eyes set, aglowing; rival tigers Follow a wrathful vengeance; equity behind closed doors […]

  • Hope

    I was searching for a hope at any price – except Integrity – not mine – but of that skein, reputed Of fine thread held up, held out; which latched onto That it should hold me firm   And take my wait, so break my fall, my fears Colliding head-on with uprushing floors, concrete, intact […]

  • “The Terrors of the Earth”

    “I will have such revenges on you both That all the world shall—I will do such things— What they are yet I know not, but they shall be The terrors of the earth. You think I’ll weep? No, I’ll not weep.” These are words spoken by Shakespeare’s character King Lear in the drama of his […]

  • Eliot: Early and Late

    Even so great a figure in the intellectual world of the mid 20th century as Sir Maurice Bowra was persuaded that T S Eliot’s later works represented a falling off of his poetic gifts; and that Eliot’s early works – I guess Prufrock, Portrait of a Lady, and The Waste Land being primes cases in […]

  • Fragments

    Coursing across down up roads crossing taking lefts Rights, centres, to the body; blows from city heats Preliminary knockout rounds selecting who might what Fill out our set shop-window: paucity today Of finer decencies   I made a list this day on a short shopping trip To buy Some stocks of groceries, and whilst sat […]

  • Love and Language

    Some schemes are proper to poetry; some pertain To prayer more nearly, yet are proper frames; Here then are two alike; two schemas; two regimes Apprising our sincerities   Suborned are words like kernels gated inside wooden shells Invention; attached intention; easiness of phrase; These are the haul demanded; hard-commanded; seldom To be come by […]

  • Poker

    A reasonably perspicacious person might have predicted that the card game of poker should have become greatly celebrated and its players raised to high esteem in a Post-Modern age such as ours is. Post Modernism for the most part having ‘left behind’ the virtues which had been tied to Christian belief, although I believe these […]

  • In Memoriam: Tony Bianchi

    Inquisitive athirst, rehearsed in eager earnest A guy no barrier to engagement might propound Reserve or distance to preserve a height Of fancied amplitudes Like he was local the sort of bloke who’ll Seem ordinary anywhere there special was Embedded here he shone whole and regardless Himself he spread as easy quicksilver Across a medley […]

  • “Thy Rebuke Has Broken His Heart”

    It is a shaken weakening ailing sort of thing Throws you over like a fall at combat A thwack and the nervous heart-strings take a tragic loop A fragile shiver   That scalpel of Bible language cuts at hanging strains Hits to the midriff like a boxer’s body blow effects Opening up rigor, the tough […]

  • ‘I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now’

    Doomed dust; thrust from a womb Out of dumb lusts begotten A birthing done forgotten; a wet thirst At once nursed; then days’ rehearsal bit-parts Not yet written; deeds no pattern Eyesight no labels and thought bides vegetable Unsighted to discern the eventual urn Framing all context; and normative reflex; Consideration uninformed, and set intention […]

  • One’s Lone Narcissism

    Locked in a limpid pool which reads your lily eyes Rocking so lightly over waters; gaze ablaze You face the pleasing promise; A moving pictures idol smoothly-groomed of gracious stance A gander being a swan   Chases unreason’s fancies, bringing hand-on-hearty sighs Conjuring invitations, unilluminating bright Purlieus of looking glasses carrying brittle hopes Raise passions […]

  • To Make Do and Mend

    It‘s too late once emerged to hatch ways out of here After the nursling corn Our fate speaks: make a headway quick and clear: Then are we born   Adrift, no rules no signals, in Creation’s arms The formulaic fails, engagement leans, betakes the helm   Our lackings schooled Are promptly tooled By consanguinity Against […]

  • Taking a Cut

    A surly flick, a twist -‘Item of mine – is this’ –   Possession holds men sway, as they consider And turning over toys search highchair money moves On what’s their best demeanour, The utmost sign inclined to reputation, So to; Beat up a thrum, be brazen brash – command   High feverish declamations state […]

  • Tchaikovsky’s Pathetique

    Racked, stretched out prone on its cross of hectic passion Large music plays you; welcomes through cruel iron Gates, wit-hung, levered open Comes Hector-like: Tchaikovsky battle-throes ring agonistes Horns rail out; brass supplies terse anabasis march Its deluge overwhelms, and mustering Hands caught-up in flail and flourish, beating eggs The unreasonable neuroses fester wrested clues; […]

  • Flower Power

    Is it a paranoia or psychoses That creditor, rings in rhymes with predator That drama chimes out nicely against trauma And evil turns live backwards? That history opens out to show His Story And evolution renders out in love? So prosecution measures up as persecution Omission photo-calls upon emission And desiccation synergises meet with desecration. […]