• “Have At You, You Blind Harpers!”

    I read this traditional saying this evening in a book about the history of words.  Its “attack” is a lot more violent than I wanted for a title; but I wanted also something to stir up attention in potential readers, so that what I have to say, which I do believe is important to readers, […]

  • Elvis Orbison

    I have written before about what are called “Tribute” acts here in the UK.  Tribute acts are – usually music gigs – performed by persons or bands who place themselves in the stead of the “real” musicians associated with the programme of songs being performed. Thus you have tribute bands named in ways like “The […]

  • The Only Thing

    When you’re perplexed, and vexed confusions in your mind Go back to Jesus He is the schoolroom of deliverance From all complaint He holds the cordial words of elemental life The civilisation of the heart’s primordial strifes The Lord has laid down for us better ways to follow Along with His meet life to grant […]

  • The “Problem” of Recognising History

    The problem of recognising history is a non-problem. Let’s state its common formulation. “This is the 21st century. In our day we should not have statues and other memorials which honour past figures who are (deemed) odious.” The contention, as stated thus or like this, arises fairly regularly as a topic of concern in current […]

  • Shelter Comfort

    You and I have no right to be comfortable You and I should feel no comfort While one widow hungers Not one of us should fuss to seek for comfortable leisure Nor itch to get a raw distended pleasure Nor even touring fuzzily a speculative mind Rest contemplating “seems” * And though I sing The […]

  • Bubble Rap

    A bubble for the weight of the world describes Connects a light-chain intricate fit delicately Embossed elaborate goings in and out most complicated: An emblem, object, pattern, impress, and temerity * Of magic mystery, in the turning of the sphere Unanswerable conundrum at its pinning-perfect point Invisible, indivisible, at axis stasis-hung Thought wonderingly buffers, can’t […]

  • Things Come About

    Alas! hurrah! we know we know, at last Our peepshow weaving through a mazy lampblack glass No more shows darkly Hurrah! alas! these times are ours, the best Reason’s in season – Forever play’s a flight away, on hand Ah! are we not the people; are so erudite, so grand! Aren’t we * Beforetimes, long […]

  • Momentous Historic Occasions

    The argument is usually put forward as being: “what if…?” What if those men who fought at Troy, or Thermopylae, or Actium, or Hastings or Agincourt, had lost to the Trojans, The Persians, to Mark Antony, to Harold, to the French – how might things be now today had just one of these formative battles […]

  • God Will Sort It

    I do believe that God will sort it all I know I need have faith in what is written Of clouds and comings-in But maybe all that all this really means to say; merely: He’s coming: Christ will be global (as we like to say) Phenomenal we’d call it A promise spoken large in high […]

  • Dream and Waking

    The thesis is that our waking lives are not so different to our dream-lives; as these dream-lives occur during our sleeps. The difference being one of degree rather than of kind; and the degree being various for various persons, and also for different topics and beliefs in the same person’s estimation The thesis also says […]

  • Dud Debate

    The issue was concerning antibiotics and their degradation in useful value because of bacterial resistances and immunities.  BBC Radio 4 Saturday 1st June 2019. Such simple things like the presenter at first assuming that ‘everyone knows’ antibiotics treat only bacterial infections; and that there is an ‘issue’ with bacterial resistances growing toward them.  These views […]

  • Walking in Space

    Redemption by George Herbert Having been tenant long to a rich Lord, Not thriving, I resolved to be bold, And make a suit unto him, to afford A new small-rented lease, and cancell th’ old. In heaven at his manour I him sought: They told me there, that he was lately gone About some land, […]

  • Sold on Feelgood

    Draw-up the branded standards let them quiver ceremoniously Jousting, get-down amongst yourselves, compete, unseat, position, Use all your composition; honeysuckle hermeneutics, Softly to make desire to burn bright, to alight commercial movies * Good-guying-up befits you clearly, no whit, noway, seamy Transparency is your buy word, and you’re perhaps not here at all? Frankly a keener sight, mate, […]

  • Get Me Wisdom

    Given to me this day Friday 5th April 2019, by God, after having read: The Prodigal Son Returning Home to his Father”: A Sermon (1684) by John Dunton * I might be nothing just rough pompous paper stuffing Bumbaste they call it in the olden days of plays “All wind and water” goes the format known as nowadays * I might hike pride […]

  • Current Car Designs

    Our present cars in UK are animist in their design and anamorphic in so far as their designers attempt to appeal to buyers by trying for a sense of momentum living within in the very shapes of their cars. Almost all newly designed car models are designed pretty much after this fashion.  The standard approach […]

  • Good Friday: Caerphilly

    Walking tall prevailing like a sailing-ship full-sail  She treads the public road This blustery day of cloudless April sunshine leisure Like as a ship whose sails are white; so white they hurt the eyes With glamour proud she strides, and oh, how proudly rounds The public roads Hard-featured, goods-displaying, like a spendthrift shop-front Her body-wares […]

  • Hypocrisy

    Kind of quaint the way our painted storyboards Compel a kind of inquisition going all the day Over the airwaves, and in print, the papers, magazines, Remaking new society on select and favoured themes Oracular for two legs goods and four legs bads Raised in the fiery furnace of clear-sighted academe Offers pay as you […]

  • A Just Society

    Justice for Plato in his Republic consists more or less of everyone accepting their place in society; and for the individual, each part of her soul or psyche acting in harmony with the other parts. Platonic Justice then involves a balance of parts in action, although it is much more than just this. The plain […]

  • Doulos apo Christou

    Freely, do a wheelie, on a song bee, in the mind Predicate a room, for a new broom, an avocation in the will And grace of trust asks us sweet tasks a grateful life to fill; For your commission lives-in, with collision, a wideworld serpentine * Nor by decision in brusque derision make debate, delay, […]

  • Given to me this day Friday 5th April 2019, by God, after having read: The Prodigal Son Returning Home to his Father”: A Sermon (1684) by John Dunton Get Me Wisdom * I might be nothing just rough pompous paper stuffing Bumbaste they call it in the olden days of plays “All wind and water” […]

  • Entropy and Order

    The guy Professor Brian Cox whom I have, somewhat chagrined, criticised previous to this essay now, I want to bring up his name and words again, and I hope this time more charitably and more soberly take some of his thoughts, as retailed on his TV show, and work through them and suggesting what I […]

  • Feedback on Entropy and Order 2019-04-02

    I agree entirely with your sentiments expressed in this piece. Firstly, instrumental music. The first time I heard Chopin’s Nocturnes for piano, it reached into the core of my emotional self. I assume because some of the sadness and hesitancy in the phrases was a reflection of my life, even at the tender age of 15 […]

  • Music and Instinct

    When you have become a parent you will know that very soon and without noticing it you become very precisely attuned to the voice of your child, such that you would hear the child crying amongst a thousand distractions and other noises and be absolutely certain the child crying is your child. This has happened […]

  • Abject Endeavours

    Abject endeavours labour long days bringing bags and barrows Sending-up humankind whose claim is wisdom’s august laurels All’s flypaper these days, symbolic trowels and jingo badges; Rude withers starve to ask empathetic kindness As ads sequester disenfranchise; give a get-goods blindness * Mid ginkgos, geckoes, TV shows inform elicit nations Brows feed at home, undead […]

  • Travellers’ Tales

    Far-away fancied travellers-tales Told to us floating islands on an alien orient sea, Where little choppy waves delight in sunlight wallowing; The natives face-in-chest, one-eyed, or Heads of dogs And other lubber clutter to the factual brains Of tidy minds swept clean for seven devils to abide in * We are today well taught that […]

  • Abandoned takeaway

    Abandoned Takeaway Tossed from a roundabout onto a carriageway On Saturday’s ding-dong on nightlife’s roundelay Casting up fish and chips bespreading motorways * When learning counting numbers perhaps his mother taught him Sung in a solo to him – as to me – to you? We warriors muddle through Not much improved by wretchedness in […]

  • Love, Truth, Beauty

    Beauty’s bondservant to Truth And Truth performs observances to Love And Lord above all these bides Love unparalleled Together three; present themselves a root conspiracy Shoring all up * There is no other firmament Nor is there other ground For stars and planets circling To be going round and round But yet ride this hub […]

  • Time’s Ringmasters

    * Times go the way ringmasters say, who crack the whip, voila! According to the dosh of brains and social precepts Dished out by circumstance: in climbing gangly crops, Whose ruse rescinds headlocks, then reinvents submission, Seeded derision wildfire raging through new pages, rendering Old-School rules dead with much ado, upholstering adaptation * Masters of […]

  • Centres

    Gathering in, ingathering flocks of gorgeous meadow flowers Dewy pouring armfuls, cascades overflowed to excess Remember of this day which gave you, gave you, did not ration Oh for each day such an imprint – so distinct, so wholly! * There where you were was centre of this doubtful world – Caught up in all […]

  • Skin for Skin

    “Living is loving – giving it all away”   There’s an old philosophical position which argues that our world, for all its faults, is the best of all possible worlds. The author Aldous Huxley, of “Brave New World” fame wrote a poem, in which he refers to this philosophical position, and somewhat satirically;   “’Tis […]

  • Valour and Glory

      “Giving again to Him His own ideas – with joy and thankfulness”     Words by John Bunyan 1678   Who would true valour see Let him come hither One here will constant be Come wind, come weather There’s no discouragement Shall make him once relent His first avowed intent to be a pilgrim […]

  • Sending Men Up

    We can send-up to an International Space Station And boast to ourselves about it on the news Men, and women too of course; But eighteen hardly more than children stabbed In London Town to death since New Year Hah! What failures we are!   We’re all thinking ourselves somebodies, canny players Romancing insignificance with a […]

  • In a Monthly Devotional Magazine

    “Suffering is the great law of the spiritual world. God’s chosen ones escape it less than others; they pay the ransom for others, sometimes at a very high price. We will know only later the work accomplished by our suffering and our sacrifices. It all goes to the heart of God, and there, joined to […]

  • From An Old Man Behind the Times

    I have not moved enough, nor moved quickly enough, although The whacky world has moved and quickly slid away from me, Everyday normal casuist brassy blasphemies Go on unweeded, disregarded; – accustomed – rather twee   To be au fee insider now a person needs be snug Confirmed in non-conformist slavish same-ish ways Potatoes all; […]

  • Heart

    Tossed on the deluge Noah swung in heavy seas His muster of living things a crew to populate the world Sou’-westers blown in eyes hamper a misted visibility Weathering through by righteousness wroth God’s decree   A handsome figure Samson brought as blind and captive Exhibit before the people come to see him low The […]

  • Parthenos

    There’s a bone of contention between Jews and Christians and the same bone exists between Christians and Christians, when it comes to The Book of The Prophet Isaiah.  This book has been described by an eminent Jew of great authorityas being ‘all comfort’; which I interpret to mean that from start to finish The Book […]

  • Rock and Head

    I do a lot of desultory reading. I have a library of books, probably several thousand items, and I love dipping in, as and when, time allows and by reading finding out why I bought so many. Few do not repay their investment – in my own eyes. I saw today a comment by an […]

  • Three Poems

    To Whom are we to Go? Loftiness of high authority Loveliness of meek humility   An iron fortitude A gentle servitude   Objective, set, insistent Discursive, easy instrument   Acknowledged Lord of all Submissive lowly leal   Tough unto rigor Soft unto melting   Abused humiliated Approved authenticated   Love in each breath True even […]

  • Alexander’s Tears

    The violent have taken the streets They built their Babels up and have done worship there In praise of naked works of men; (whose usuries condemn)   By dreams have mapped out, taught canards, involved to death, Have taken away as hostage men’s elective reasoned breath,   And falsified the tide of polity Waylaid at […]


    And I have felt A presence that disturbs me with the joy Of elevated thoughts; a sense sublime Of something far more deeply interfused, Whose dwelling is the light of setting suns, And the round ocean and the living air, And the blue sky, and in the mind of man; A motion and a spirit, […]

  • Home Comfort

    Comfort at home where charity begins, begins here where Sleek sinners’ feet take ease, and comfortable, oblivious all the while Of human mess and carnage: sure this party swings – And then there’s roundabouts, Those thorns when sorry sadness pricks another place Undoes another face Away somewhere in other plays than this five act recliner […]

  • At Durham Cathedral

    In the Book of Remembrance here the men’s cold Corpses were laid out Stout fellows with no life-doubt, hewers of the Coal; born fathers of their footsteps tramping to the Coalface, heaving, they tramp them back again And take the hoist going groaning like a keening Locomotive; steaming iron aching against iron All the livelong […]

  • Forward-Thinking

    It’s Jesus more than anything keeps me looking Forwards, stands me lightsomeness of potent hopes No dope from politicians, rock musicians means A jot at all, nor does the common road Of acquisitions pep me, prop me, not a nanobit Along the way I know I have the common journey Yet to show and undergo […]

  • Time Warps

    Time: the First Mover’s fatal instrument Fleet to avoid all stasis, room in which to think, Wanders a world commanding, commandeering Mustering squadroned minutes spelt as numbers indolently   Then that full-brother, glad-hand-thief, devourer, Fate Struts like a reiver scouring on a plain, no ample way Approves his barbarous manner bringing consternations Wrought like a […]

  • Sent Out of The Garden

    The little girls next door are playing singing games in the garden Suspended in air war planes fling out bombs on refugees In the peace of the garden the little girls ring-a-round in singing games The numbers on the Stockmarket announce a radio:   In my garden is air both hot and still, with only […]

  • Postmodernist Poem

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Postmodernism Postmodernism is a broad movement that developed in the mid- to late-20th century across philosophy, the arts, architecture, and criticism and that marked a departure from modernism.[1][2][3] The term has also more generally been applied to the historical era following modernity and the tendencies of this era.[4]   While encompassing a wide variety of approaches, postmodernism is generally defined by an attitude of scepticism, irony, or […]

  • “Going to California In my Mind” or “Within You- Without You”

      “Now that I have made this catalogue of swindles and perversions, let me give another example of the kind of writing that they lead to. This time it must of its nature be an imaginary one. I am going to translate a passage of good English into modern English of the worst sort. Here […]

  • The Towneley Cycle

    I was reading a book of The Towneley Cycle of mediaeval dramas, and I was struck, as I have been in the past when reading middle English texts, how it is that certain words as used by the writers of those plays betray their connections with other words; connections which we in our times have […]

  • Returning to a Future

    “I been down so long, bottom looks like up”   Change, rearrange, sort out our minds Brew a fad; make it, manufacture chapter, verse, Then give it nurse Those averse at first, shall be won and sobered, brought around: An insistent supervision jams them custard-pies   (It’s a staple feed, a rudimentary dish A message […]

  • Who’s The Man?

    Who asked you to do this thing on our behalves? To add into the leaf and plant the animal flesh and bone Who set your sure permissions to such lordly privilege? And whoso runs the motor of your arduous heat-engine?   Answer: Your master calls (the tune); Financier Backer, Patron, call him what you will, […]

  • The Shire and Mordor

    Tolkien’s home of the Hobbits is The Shire – and even the name, The Shire, brings to any Briton’s recollection those ‘shires’ in England in particular, where Tolkien lived out a lot of his long life. Edward Thomas, a contemporary  of Tolkien’s and a poet wrote a famous short poem named ‘Adlestrop’ which celebrates so […]

  • Saved from Self

    Each of us talks as though from the centre of things As though, in our centres of things, is the place to be, I know, is the locus falsetto which everyone sings, How to get through, undo, such a wicked death pledge of a sting!   Mine adores disobedience, it’s luscious, as sweet as is […]

  • Triumphs of the Will

    There’s a saying: ‘Knowledge is Power’; and so I ask, does this saying, if true, mean then that the pursuit and accumulation of knowledge is just another ‘trip’ our egos take; one by which we become able to push others around and have them do our bidding?  Is this power, if there is any, arising […]

  • Honest Love

    Here – have a supplement! beef-up your prepossession, Additive whey; adjusts tres bon the palate, shapes the limb, Similarly, puts on bulk in scrawny unregarded places Most fulsomely   Here, in this bowl of tears, wept tokens of Passion Friday, Crush signifying roses, red and bruised, blood-clotted blots Dropped from the cross, Our Lord’s self-offering, […]

  • Going Nowhere; Saying Nothings

    Being their livings, Homer, Shakespeare, Joyce, Distrusted words, distressed them oftentimes, And played them down, their fecklessness villainies Congenial mineral, vegetable, animal, all Grand luxury of bluster   Deprecation taints their lustres, soaring spirits, As to outdo themselves, they preached hypocrisy Feted their works create word-waves atomic, They irradiate ages, store frissons yet to factor […]

  • Enjoyment (at reading through ‘Scots Minor Poets’)

    I am half tickled – pat me on the back a tittle, Joy makes raids on me, waits, bids me happy office Ruffs my feathers, Half puffed-out self-importance, a conceited clever me   These roisterers do square and temper here my fool’s abundance Neat feisty blithesome rhymers of the clachan Know how they rob this […]

  • Under the Hill

    They have all gone under the hill Little Anthony and Bobby Vee Who sang all the day long marvellous harmonies Their cymbal, and their brush, and ambling four-four beat Played out an art, extolled the part, of old romance Sad Lesley Gore, and Dion di Muci, of The Wanderer, All passions lively once; now sudden […]

  • Voice in a Wilderness

    Without likening myself to ‘a voice of one crying in the wilderness’ I feel I might ask with some relevance: “Why have not our authorities cottoned on, got a steer on, why so many of their failings in politics, government, public administration, are not ‘unfortunate’ or ‘accidental’ in a sense that they might not have […]

  • Time Lock

      Time: the First Mover’s fatal instrument Fleet to avoid all stasis, room in which to think Wanders a world commanding, commandeering Marshall of squadron minutes, troops accounted indolently   Then full-brother, glad-hand too, devourer-yahoo Fate Runs like a river turning on a plain; fit misanthrope Fate has the natural way and is not hardly […]

  • Parliament

    Self-satisfied, wealth-gratified lot Happy to bray and cheer on without fervour, thought, Milky words spilling piddling pools all over the place Public with honours, at home in comfort with disgrace   Sure you can riddle and pepper with bland and blasted shot Throw out rejoinders’ unguent insinuations Set up in statutes who might stand, secluding […]

  • The World: In a Grain of Sand

    In the 1940s Arthur Miller wrote his play of, ‘All My Sons’, and it was performed on Broadway and a movie was made of it; and his drama pointed up so very poignantly the cost to the ordinary guy and girl of being caught up in a war in which armaments manufacturers were doing huge […]

  • In What have I Offended?

    It is a time for sifting recollecting Remembering the account, the cost, of loss of friends On my fingers’ bare bones   Friends whose commands I have obeyed: obeyed sheepishly, Which is my nature Some things I do not question, some things; they are not for sale,   I follow, I do not lead; I […]

  • Mussorgsky: Futurist

        With the ironical forename Modest, Mussorgsky comes across in his times as being the most sudden and violent user of music in his compositions.   He seems to be the first to me, of the composers who bore names like Stravinsky, Prokofiev, Shostakovich; musicians whose music violently parades the turmoil of the 20th […]

  • Second Childhood

    Learning’s a regress of letting-goes Windows on which you painted so Your heart’s-loves scried by accidents you’d hung your coat on To harbour fast against the bays of time   Cloakrooms which in their normal way have vaguely tended To do to you some good, you threw down leisurely Your hat in, ordered beer, a […]

  • Sides

      With all the world intent on holding up its side Encouraging pendant citizenries hop-on, implement the ride Nor wonder can free remain to hear a natal child who cries:   “I am the future; foretold to me, my due estate Along with decisions, preconditions, custom shall create All for goodwill or ill; too soon […]

  • Lent: as Spiritual R&R

        Lent as a fixture in the Christian calendar appears to parallel and so suit with similar purposes to our Lord’s own period of forty days spent by him in the wilderness, at a time immediately following the event of his baptism in Jordan by John Baptist.   It is pretty well certain to […]

  • Just Here

        And everything flops in – sits just here   A vibration, or collation, or a dislocated resonance A surge disturbed distributed. Plus one and minus one, The plus always accentuated Nor the negative eliminated   Go tell us telltale basal force, give out your barroom banter, To the lissom scarlet pimpernel illuminati Say […]

  • Political Gaming Show

    Those bandy back shows of squatters studied picking in junk piles And the big bird overlord absurd presides inspects their finds As the dust flies upwards like the sparks of global trouble Coating all things with fine films, where else could these thrive?   Bluff watchers semiotics masters gauging word for word Evaluative, as well […]

  • The Disservice Economy and its Bad Goods; Fueling The Global Money Making Engine: 7

    (I know this is a bit of a rant on my part. I still think it’s valuable for its statements albeit baldly of the dreadful states of affairs we are in so deeply so widespread, and made by us, across our world/Peter)     “Added Value”   ‘Added Value’ is a phrase bandied around in […]

  • Proverbs Chapter 7 verse 2 in D’Oyly Mant edition of KJV

    “Keep my commandments and live; And my law as the apple of thine eye”   Footnote: ”rather as the pupil of thine eye” Dr Durell   I want to discuss this ‘apple’ and this ‘pupil’.  It offers a comparison which holds I believe some interesting ideas; one not the least being a consideration of what […]

  • Contradictions

    Contradictions let them stay Don’t think to reason them away They are our Meatloaf, heavy metal They are our carving irons and kettle   Salute their nightlight bright obscurities Adore their sagacious efficacious absurdities Amours, allures, propellers of sweet life Of a sharper blade than any Bowie knife   There on a ledge a pledge […]

  • The Russian Gas

    Let’s trace the ‘function’ of the National News Media. In my estimation the National News Media can be treated of, in regard to its function, in one generalised sweep. The question of function can be asked as the question: ‘What does it do?’ I want to make a case, and I think it a very […]

  • Today’s Tragedy

    Just heard a programme on TV speaking about Ancient Greece and interpreting the events, mostly of Athenian history of the 5th century BC through the lens of the, mostly Athenian, drama. The airing of such a programme presented for its narrator academics an absolutely Golden Opportunity to train that same lens on political and social […]

  • Sunday Religion

      I heard a woman speak and offer searching questions on The radio today: Why is it we exist; why are we here? My spirit leapt; at last! A voice is primal-seeking For substance-meaning, life-intentionality. Ah, me, This veritable she Was perorating gravely on her business goals. Thus it was Sunday listening; post-truth, and being […]

  • Something to Lose

    If you would use their services, have something of proof to lose, A star, a heap of money or a roarer reputation That’s the proper stuff, the collateral guff the sky-high flier guys Will prize, and let you open Astute transactions, on account – and just regaling say ‘Welcome, come in, and how are you?; […]

  • Somewhere between Completion

    Somewhere between completion of our rescue Performed by God Most High in humble frame And Josue warrior prophet smiting jealous genocide There rests The Psalms   Come a long way although not come to Comforter From Yahweh and his terrible swift sword Yet halfway up the staircase towards the greater loft Where Sanctity   In […]

  • We Shall be Known Hereafter

    We shall be known hereafter, dreadful breakers, mayhem makers, Overreaches, overtakers In the groove of stalking planet earth, like skulking leather predators Hoving around, moved to compound, its goodly sphere; abandon’s devastators Nothing revered, no, nothing, nothing holy   Everything lowly, commonplace, trips trifling en passant Whisks in that famous fifteen minutes glibly mildly away […]

  • “By their fruits; so shall ye know them”: OR: Our Designs are Whom we Are

    I wrote recently a few verses on automobiles and their shapes and about how these shapes reflect an outlook assumed to be conducive to selling cars by their manufacturers; and which shapes do seem to have become successful economically for these makers. The shape in particular which so many manufacturers have gone for is a […]

  • Post-Modern Theorists

    Twisted metal train crash wreckage; a measured intervention: Pretender Napoleons, conquerors in rococo tongues, Desirous of derivations rummage Karno’s army surplus Something confusedly   Here’s a specialist consultant, adjutant at steampunk fair Thrash-metal freak tomato thrower; with a mildly vaudeville stance A break-dancing migraine vendor playing ego-games for points   Flies in the eyes, tripe, […]

  • “Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.”

    What can a single spot in time, and so far down the line Assay, purvey, to add to multitude of witnesses What witlessness to try, to amplify, expend extensive Broad badge honour centuries have inundated   Hardly a ripple in the Cosmos sparks my arm, my thoughts Even in worldly terms a nondescript plain server […]

  • Can it be Consciousness?

    Can it be consciousness which irks, which works Within us by a two-edged blade? Hedge-hopping One will shout big glees in joy, forever venture; “For who would lose, though full of pain, this Intellectual being?”   What instantaneous gain above a brute creation Is a reasoning human being, all whole, sensible! One’s thinking within oneself, […]

  • Seeing The Land of God

    Seeing the land of God a graze away from touching sense Volunteers high a will, insistent, commandeering awe Taken in at one sweep by volte-face Romantic lays Bled on an otherness parboiled puling counterfactual sighs   Darks of a thick black gloom bedim the world, with inky stains Indelible thumbprints, palimpsests set snugly smudged: So […]

  • Flowers That Are Looked At

    The punctilious say that justice must not only be done; but must be seen to be done. This stands a little in opposition to Jesus’ recommendation to us that we ‘do our alms in private’; so that ‘the left hand knoweth not what the right hand doeth.’ Doing alms of course is not the same […]

  • Who Would a Brother?

    Who would withstand a brother taking heavy punishment Underneath twenty-pounder blows knees bowing, head hung stunned, Bleeding lip, raw red eye, a putty body pasted towards cold floor, The people loving it are shouting frenzies of delights   Sinking into a night a battered consciousness turns black End of the day for him; the times […]

  • “Zero is not Defined”

    I have been chugging along with pretty elementary maths with my son for some months now. Every now and then I get a reminder from the guy who writes the text book I am using that, as he puts it ‘Zero is not defined’. He means by this in part I believe that zero is […]

  • Never Mind; No Matter

    The Nobel Laureate and physicist Stephen Hawking for some years now, according to his own estimation, has been approaching to A Theory of Everything. This would be very satisfying one would think. Let me tell you a story. I went down to Currys PC World our local chain branch for expensive bits and pieces for […]

  • Conditions and Variations

    It’s as clear to me as it can be The parents pass their manner to the children   It’s a bright as day, as much to say, The children pass the manner to their children   Bewildering!   School cannot break into this prison yard School does not touch this rule of passing-on School’s no […]

  • News as Spoon-fed Scrapings

    By their fruits; so shall ye know them You reap what you sow Your sins will find you out Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh     Class-based News  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-kent-42924351    A Tale of Two Stories   There are two threads to this story. The first thread was the ‘news story’ […]

  • God and Mammon III

    Respecting the Christian virtues – ha ha-ha! Respecting? Huff! rejecting, that is we Who have aspired, desired, sublimely-highly mired Lusted, trusted, the new taboos and fancy lights Lamps a la mode no bushell might obscure, pursuits of taste No intemperate might abjure; our fables, spoons, devour our appetites – Shoring up fast-release no-pain and on- […]

  • Streams of Living Water

    What happens when the drinking water plasticises? Due to a wantonness of many years of practice And what might be this dumping mounting in the sea? Isn’t it sin?   I don’t mean in a figurative way I don’t mean an end product of Nor effectual manifestation of our sin – but, God, I mean […]

  • Logical-Positive

    A simple childish trust believes before its eyes Cares not to keep concern or leap beyond a trice Regards befuddled elegant arcane philosophers Close over-curious off-the-wall conceivers   Consonant treading leadenly in trafficking’s brown boots Director sales-wardens fetch-in, carry-out goods Presuming every other, another resident in their shoes Bestead, consort indifference, stepaside imponderables   Preferring […]

  • The Disservice Economy and its Bad Goods: Powering the Global Money Engine 7

    Taking Control – Infringing Personal Space/Responsibility/Scope of Action A broad topic; and a slight diversion from furthering our main themes about scams and their disservices Nonetheless, a very worthy topic; one which deserves a volume on its own; one which everyone has had some experiences with; let’s give an everyday example.   Contracts and Agreements […]

  • Why The News?

      What has it got to do with us? The ‘shutting down’ of America; …go bust! As far as any Enlishman might mourn The Turkish and the Kurds arming for conflict Might they withhold did we serve them an edict? And what are we to do with such rare knowledge? If it be knowledge worthy […]

  • Grounded in Love

    Direct me towards a grounded earth, where courteously laid Long time bestrewed, things beautiful, broadcasted round, Unanxious of men’s martial casts, slight curious jobbing things, Conceived in leisure   And glance askance; uncurtain fields where poppies shake out streams Of gold-red fire-flames, lives undocumented Along brute battle-throe fields’ whereat metal blows get empire; Erect and […]

  • God and Money

    Money; there’s no-one in the world would disregard it Funny; it’s all mirage A tangent in our heads turned to a beeline when a sum Of money is imparted In elevation, joy, or stone cold horror struck According as we gain or (ghastly, nasty!) lose Chemicals in the brain in train by stimulation Is money. […]

  • “Where do I go?….To whom should we go?”

    “It’s been too hard living, but I’m afraid to die ‘Cause I don’t know what’s up there, beyond the sky It’s been a long, a long time coming But I know a change gonna come” – Sam Cooke Euthanasia (from Greek: εὐθανασία; “good death”: εὖ, eu; “well” or “good” – θάνατος, thanatos; “death”) is the […]

  • Devotions

    Devotions are exercises of the mind and heart and spirit which are proper to, and at the same time attempt small repayment to, God for his bounty towards us, his gifts, and his general care of us. In the course of doing devotions a man or a woman consider themselves small and humble, modest and […]

  • “The Best Deal Possible”

    “The Best Deal Possible”   I want the best deal possible My government is working for the best deal possible We shall not be contented till we get the best deal possible We maintain negotiations for the best deal possible   The hand I have been dealt I hide behind my back And lay it […]

  • The Disservice Economy and its Bad Goods: Powering the Global Money Engine 6

    Family Insurances When one contracts for say Internet Services, or say, to a mobile phone network for services, one contracts to pay one’s bill month on month – and by direct debit usually.  This is to say that these services are provided before the fact of their payment by oneself; and conversely one pays for […]

  • Old Oaks in Winter

    Old oaks in winter, emblems Of a stiffening guise – we search, we find Expression of a stature wrung from-out-inside Prefiguring a figured grain exposed to moaning pains And mourning gyves   Arms twisted, elbows crook’d, extension all but blind Into an offering space remits its circumstance described Lost leaves below, time-trodden trash, spread carpets […]

  • Sound and Silence

    Regroup, pass, heart-outpourings come, Come, kingdom-come blue blethers, Blusters, endeavours, promenade around my blood; Fix ambuscades, take, overthrow, a something drab, A digit stale, And junk, so ease, these mawkish roars of mine; Jives on our lives’ imperious prized justifications:   I unload to you no gillyflowered saccharin I start up a carp about me, […]

  • Dark Side

    And I do deplore my dark-side conscienced consciousness Brings metals to me, to the fore; as it seems, all the more   Seeps deep into my soul, a hole, abyss, and shrunken without colour, Drenched in the bloods helpers have shed, wearing out sullen dolours   Too too aware; a sonar picks out bounds unsounded […]

  • The Disservice Economy and its Bad Goods: Powering the Global Money Engine 5

    Spare Parts and Consumer Choice How many of you people reading this are holding in their lofts or in their under stair cupboards, garden sheds, outdoor lockers; several crates-worth of accessories, fitments, plugs, sockets, adaptors, connectors, cards, chips, cables, and so on; all of which fit for the most part a single piece of hardware […]

  • The Lost Lands of Avalon and Lyonesse

    The people have lost the plot; that set of open ground Once home, estate in Paradise, from whence old Adam fell, And Eve beside him, sentient of idea, an inkling guide Working one’s hide in earnest, wraith light leading minds, A hum, and a constant head incline to driving aches, Preoccupied a palace rich of […]

  • Sleepers Awake!

    Truly random needs abandon’s liberty Outer space grace to spree whereso it list Like The Holy Ghost – Agree? Perhaps? Maybe? A pattern may reveal itself, admissive, free Of right delight to man’s dyed hands; fit symmetry Of beauty, movement, as a magic lantern moves May address us everywhere both youth and old So keep […]

  • The Disservice Economy and its Bad Goods: Powering the Global Money Engine 4

    Long-laugh Light bulbs Everyone in the world who uses such light bulbs will have had some experience of how wasteful and how contradictory to their sold purpose to us as gullible publics they in fact are. One is with great difficultly able to get any of the older type non-long-life bulbs. In the developed and […]

  • Random Abandon

    This way in which we are; it did not have to Be; as spell our present prophets on astute Philosophy; I contradict them here And say that, yes, the will is free, since where Might leg-room theoretic come to be Which routes life’s adaptations randomly By way of blind mutation vis-à-vis, In somewhat gamesome gait, […]