A House Divided

December 02, 2016

Forfeits to fortune the wind-of-change guys clown around Flounders of flunked awareness Suited-up conjurers on affairs, fair-weather janglers-on about Intent, which way to go, as if it meant, They had a handle on a grateful door: Nowise at all, but widdershins Expansive seers serve full-surround discursive thinks, God’s laws attenuating, dispossessing missing links Their marts their pudding hearts Informed without hard-standing shorings underneath Their measly morsel truths Come bearing neither means nor half-relief Not even a paper promise as the Chinese wrappers leave: Love’s rooted gracious condescension ebbs inimically; A disallowed real presence

Thereto our governors raise on sand their house divided Reckoning on costs unconscionably unsighted Self-imaged replications and reflections sham good policy Beyond their strained meninges expectations might not reach Sore for the present potpourri bear a semblance of design Desperate worths get asset-stripped ahead in future time So, so, like limpets clinging on incumbent prolongations Possessed by high position captive to its blatant thrall Sold on its servile fantasies - Lord Jesus told them all –

Pursuit dissolute of entropenueral targets The fruits an astute attrition rapes from hanging futures’ markets We pander to facilitate, adopt, to put in place Of human godly aspiration The Mammon Big Two-Face Compete and yet cooperate, do help yourself through others, Sell at the dearest, play your neighbour: you bastard sold-out brothers Beelzebub’s finger is on you and in this your land which God Made over to you; and which you have let out To The Strong Man who has bound us; even he, approves us Who depredate ourselves at his delightful invitation Amain without inducement are his outright obedient skulls How farcical! How stupid! He laughs at his dominion sure, which yet Contests ourselves against ourselves and to his will inures Our humankindlinesses, and nothing loth ignores Our sanctitude

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