A World Unregenerate

August 03, 2017

[What’s trapped in us - that forces its way out

Mangles a heart to shreds, affrays; and in its rage

Licenses no remission, intimately steals

Apace against a better furnished mind

Where ought fare seated rarer truer things,

Hopes for the scopes that hope premeditates,

Roads that affirm, confederate a peace….


Shaken indeed, indeed inclined to snap,

Hands wring them forth in constitutional angst

Finding nowhere, no rock hold that holds as good

Right sensibly with steady grip - slides sideways: here’s amaze

Gives heed to conflict’s fictions, feeds, improves, the appetite

Fierce incidental morsels torn from bitter breads

Incite high pique; and unrest fells, disorder shuffles

Undoing sentient life

Bullwhips lash judgments up; raise catastrophic contraries

Outpourings foster trauma under electric garish lights;

Each ambush confrontation, digs the well of common hate:

Experience such effronteries as party guest

Witness a mortal sickness to unwonted death

Transgressing sensibility outrunning rash concern

As a bilious pit-bull press interpolates torn bodies

Performs halt somersaults

Turning out scarlet stinging pictures straight to vivid pain

Like hyperbolic needles piercing guarded sides

Pipe dreams of reparations feral newsrooms platter

Wrest sensibilities, firedamp edging near a petalled flame,

Eschewing of equipoise upending all due process

Fly-tipping heartless dumper-trucks-full pitiless passim

Mendacious civic dignitaries assume the vocal cloak

Sob subtle smokes, grand viziers oozing greasy

Play act their rounds, twig local empathies,

Arm-wrestle forth ham-fisted suits of iron:

On hunting trips roadkill the opposition

Tall tales, endless sagacity, evaporate so many

Mystic oblations gratulate, as to suggest,

Egregious ways for enterprising on the moon

A freeway by-pass circumventing obstacles

Of predatory wrong

The pork-pie mouths wide open gape like yawning bombs

Unravelling reasons, spiking on sky-hooks

The people’s range of virulent anxiety;

Once hobbled railroaded to full containment

Axes rear raised, ground ready, glowing sharpness,

Mindsets askew

Curve an exposed rip through the truth, engage the merry quarrel,

Bonded by schadenfreude mischief-making japes

Extemporising gaily

Thus a commons thereby marshalled; angle-grinders raise a glass

In a toast to a good rebarbative performance,

Indulgent as leaky buckets ridicule the water source

And poisonous as lascivious carving intimately sharp,

They sup to bestial habits salivatory

Contented justify the ways of dust to men