Above the Ordinary

November 14, 2019

We must eat for nutrition first and not for flavour's sake Flavour before nutrition compromises nature's needs And makes mistake of delectation as like taking weed And other junk from habits, feeding on us and which lead

Away one's sympathies. En suite recruit conclusions Unfitted against the day's foot regiment of reason Which keeps us pukka, upright, honouring the glancing play Upon our hearts of instruments inhibiting dismay

Not mere responsive swearing-power, most powerful to allay Nor heuristic healing hours to stand and watch and pray Nor shore secure for us alone; the social tangle hung And delicately, endures enough, and rusts and knots undone

Strings straggling misalignments

Which batten, slacken loose an open hermeneutics' season Yea! pot the golden goose to grease the pudding bowl! Wherein a smattering of everything’s compacted Our jaws withdraw what succulents are anybody's guess

A bunch of Noddys' Lucky Dip Extraordinary mess And nowhere in the aggregate a morsel staple Or cook to speak to....

The pan before the pancake is the natural sequence Exemplary The Little Red Hen must have her piece The ordinance and bottom line to sunshine making hay

Invectives stir insurgents' fervour advocating As gourmands of the news set fuse to blow away The pan, the cooker, kitchen, the complete array They conflagrate to vindicate a smidgen

Invest in scorn, their porn, that culminates in billows As smoky drift hung over aftershocks of towns Consumes as thorns go tearing, stinging, emptive, callow Collude contusing harrow; motive, willing, working germ

A putsch unsmutched by noble human grounded sentence A kibe arisen from the sinks of pregnant morbid ease Whose touch and taste pursues a flaky fissile frisson: The roped posts of the world slew sidewise under seige

The cause our disconnection seeking after flavours Above nutrition peaked, perplexing tongues and tastes The course that holy consolation of our only Saviour Commodious and warm; has all things in their place