Alexander’s Tears

January 25, 2019

The violent have taken the streets

They built their Babels up and have done worship there

In praise of naked works of men; (whose usuries condemn)


By dreams have mapped out, taught canards, involved to death,

Have taken away as hostage men’s elective reasoned breath,


And falsified the tide of polity

Waylaid at freeway interchanges, bestirred all luxury

They are the kidnappers, whose victims seek to greet them,


Their mouths resign, consign, the rock of ages dearly

To seek out shallow, narrow, grievous, plastic theory

Valiantly up on jaguars they ride


Contending, thus denied:


Their carrion trains exacting prize delights on penal lines

Gorillas cleaving epic chunks with sweep of cordial scythe




That high sierra thunder stroke make hover, come outbreaking,

Bringing belated homespun dues and now overtaking;

A sure and shotgun dear encheason wakes, awaits for evening


The demons come again riding a knife blade

Here is no lair asylum

Here only cataclysm


The power of means unravels tumbling all to fragmentation

Systemic rafters buckle folding up to a devastation

The people’s hope returning on a broken nation


Grand idle ideals topple;

The engineers of sky-fall brawl and reckon tallies

On Zion hill call inklings; longing, caterwauling



Replete and catastrophic antinomian first stones

Come on, redacting expectation. The times recycle