All-Consuming Marketplaces

October 15, 2017


Assorted games of apprehension they play and captivate us

The grammars of gladsome glamour are so well-known; are lightly thrown

Over one’s eyes

Suborning us by liquid tempting lyres of lily lies

Our fluttering hype pretensions cause us chase cheap butterflies

Among the designer quarries

And join in the singing chorus with the selfsame tune

Descrying amongst here packaged-up, and parcelled-out fortune

A ruined indiscretion

This juncture has been accurately hit; full verily well met

Neither perceived, believed, but all undone our airs

And sunk and punctured them fraudulent otherness

A primacy that pimps and panders in our outsized heads

Those hothouse penitentiaries, and select pretension-spires

In which are dreamed and eloquently, attendant luxuries,

Are license to that trove beyond unguarded reason;

Our treasure troughs

Jonglers and mountebanks mix alchemical their magicks

Stir virtual regimes disporting fairy factory sheens

They fascinate us;

Writhe with a wrought congenial dancing data

Preying a lean rapture

Ad artisans premeditate their psycho-mystery ways

Make hay amongst our heads, collateral ratings blend the mind,

Making out, faking it, tracing viral thought through harvest lanes

Feral they overmaster; conscionably cast twilight spells

Spinning skeins of gutter appetite

Holding up to us vapid othernesses to be bought and sold

Athough not actual, factual only in their hype and wires

Our fraught imaginations aggregate a great desire

Do lend them increase

These raptor captors scan their dandy merchandiser world,

Where we besotted natives shell out wampum, cowry beads

Interned a term, remanded where whom haunt for dollar bills

Contrive us where they want us, as they want us so to be;

Ardent utilities

In our futilities

Droves driven down the Chisholm Trail headed Chicago-way

Met at the railhead, counted, weighed, a lordly enterprise

How much? what yield? Full-fatted factors’ calves

And commodities of moguls

Drawn in and wholly led, by a vast, elective stomach-nose,

Supinely seeking a saliency, our perfect grasp hangs near

Goldfingers flinging straws, applause directions us like whores

Don’t miss their tricks

Where in the vires of space-time might consumption knuckle-in

A sphere wrought for entrepreneurs, with a price tag on each star?

The fineries of a heaven above apprise no material purchase

Do not compete; display no fruit, nor value can obtain

No action-packed and poly-themic fictive empathies

Nor gaudily robed arresting smart and lickerish trade-dresses

Get-ups proposing more than meets the ambitious buyer’s sky;

Do grovel amongst their themes

See in these heinous hideouts no wherefores, no wonderments,

Short lease cheap othernesses tie us only to trading posts

No franchises expansive with a deep reach in every way,

Life giving in abundance, come to set us free, defray

Our hidebound all-too-sterile glam-pic cherished slavery;

Love’s otherness is the actual coin from estimation’s mint,

True vine, new wine, no worthless table reisling,

His cellarfuls inestimables, of effulgence yet abiding