February 04, 2020

There is all

For me to be able to say

There's a phantom wall

Pride, money, power, fame,

Brings shutters down

Loading eyes

All given up

Opens up all

The Saviour lifts the shutters

The world beyond the world

Comes to the view

There is the quiz of nothing


There is the necessity of God

The veracity of God is there

And no place exempted

The flow, the sea, the friable earth

Are: is: The Lord's: doing

Everything hanging depends on him

Attached to his Name

Molecule by molecule; galaxy by galaxy

As far as an eye can see; and then further

The creature infused with breath

The respirations of unnumbered plants

No breath fortuitous

The air is there; is his

What is the air?

Luck is not in it

Winds move it:

How might movement have begun?

All processes trend – run not just-so

Their courses run a furrow

May not go elsewhere

The way the world wags

Is its due order

Why should there be there order?

That we to know here is a sure stability

To live and build and plan

To make a direction where to aim and reach

And endings give way room to new beginnings

Always and unforeseen

They are more inventive than are men

Concerted, of a piece

There is matter and extension there

Is it just happens?