August 23, 2018

Always give me light always

For you are always light always

Enough for me always to see

Always that you are light always

Light always to shine on me always

To shine in me always reflecting always

Your light

You source of light, lighting aright; always to always

On everyone, burning alight, in all in all ways

Light me enough always to keep me in your ways always

Always to be a small assistant somewhere in your sight always

To be for others always, always in your work and praise

I pray and praise and light on light in your reflected rays

Your purity is your light; it is your right, always

Your loveliness within you is your shining bright always

No day without you, nor no night foregone, unshone

All which was made, was made by you, by light, anon

In the beginning you were the lightning light among

The Chaos; moving always so to lighten sweet Creation;

As now, as always have been ever shall you be,

O, come,

Lord Jesus - Lamp of Beauty.