An End of January

January 28, 2017


A dazzling drop of dew throws down its glassy smile;

Hangs leafy-slung a shiver uttering trembling light

As if by nervous wavering shook about; a slight perturbance

And a living thing

The sheer, the very hereness of the natural state

High heavenly high above a blue sky sweeps

Wields spears, wears wisps

Crossed fancies sketched in thought’s redoubled mobile eye

This planetary presence spins thus linen scraps


A world-welcome has come, indeed, and scours to come away

Knocking to open, airing out, the linen cupboard land

Combing through matted threads among each stolen patent hair

Escaped from yesterdays

Enter a living presence, comes the present tense

A glory train of sunshine spreads; life’s leafing dust,

Writhing and woody characters put out supportive boughs

Bid buds of spray

A clock on the ears out calls from frosty throstle necks

Shock-woken, brings alerts involuntary;

Complete exegete organisms carol-singing self,

Plaintiff correspondents

It is sure on days this way God time has made

To walk and wander His awaiting Garden

Distributing notes freely like a winning billionaire


It is sure these days such windfalls cheer disciples

Sent seventy by seven; sense grasps but only faint;

Light of the skies down-plies torrentially; on eyes