Anti-globalism or A Spade?

February 07, 2017

Newsnight is glozing over what is happening?

Or are these shifts a matter of alignments

On other tracks than used to draw assignments

Of hopes in votes of principle? Or seemingly?

It was too shameful to admit to expediency.

Like sailing boats we turn, the breeze shall make us tack

Following the winds of rhetoricks and counter-fact

Cutting our anchors loose in squally seas

Hark there! the phoney trumps play what you please

Coccophanies of hectic perturbations

Peddled at once so no man’s ratiocinations

Are heard and tended to with common sense

Instead it’s raise a tariff build a fence

Thus mustered all our wishes make miscellany

No woman either might work harmony

From angry anxious wild uptight objections

For sovereignty, for jobs, and self-protections

In no good order of no formal shape

Just first beef past the post or through red tape



And senseless such political melee

Born of the passions, issues impropriety

Roses by other names, salutes to tribal schism

The foreign are unwanted by that very prism

The unashamed fall guys of the piece

Dare one to speak straight out – it’s about race?

Dare not to call a tariff self-interest

Dare not to call a wall-up inwardness

Which points to interest as number one

And what becomes of others? let them hum!


Is this resort to ‘me first’ what we are seeing

And are the newsnight people really lying

Putting their gloze on news to soothe the nation

And reinforce us in our abrogation

Of humankindness, outward-reaching favour

Instead to opt for barbarous behaviour?

Returning to a Dark Age of a feudal night

When each was held in thrall by war and fear of light

Are we descendents of Sennacherib

And scorning Whom the manger served as crib

Is this our heritage, and come to this,

Now Christendom a thing the serpent’s hiss

Drowns hearing of, the sacred scripture truths

The law of Love as paramount trod down on hooves

Of Baals and Beelzebubs and other fiends

Who will to do us ill and watse our means?

And choosing this ourselves our peace we shatter

Misprising all those things we think don’t matter

The truth is simple, does no spite at all

But there’s is no answer in a primal wail

Of agonised antagonisms bellowed out

A stomach wrung with choler and the crupper up

No good thing nor no lasting ever built on sands

Of hard self-serving narrowness, a contraband

Inversion of the German lady’s grace

Considered evil by who would deface

Her opened door to beggars, miring decent nations

Who seek to keep back succours from their rations

Of charitable leavings offered wretches

In border camps, and other useful fetches,

Seeking to keep these needy from their doors

Though giving all encouragement to their wars

That nation whose hard lesson we would yet it preach

A history of its universal wicked reach

Designs and fine solutions to quell otherness

Of foreign creeds and vagrant homelessness

By slaughter, persecution, massacre, starvations

That same nation the only holy exception

(One leper did return to thank the Saviour)

One woman now confronted an election

Threw open her heart and welcomed in the million

Whilst friends continue bridge and the cottilion

They dance, as Rome burns by incendiaries

Home manufactured in such leisured days as like these

All comforts, every product, every good

Around about displayed and broadly strewed

The shops’ overstocks pile high as Babel Tower

A graven image to consumer power

This has made us what we are; unkind, inhuman,

Ridiculers’ and scoffers’ catechumen

Having cast off a marvellous heritage

An old thing thought a sell-by-dated rag

As was that heritage first thought upon its making

The crowd Barabas above Jesus taking

As prize, and gave him liberty as crime’s

Reward, (the very symptoms we accord)

This blasphemy our crime that hinders help to souls

Before God makes us beggars for His sweet paroles

And nothing good comes to us of our spite

This notwithstanding that we think it might

The Lord and law of love spreads bounteousl forth

A natural order wherein by due course

His graces, gifts, and solemn amities

Abolish evil’s brave calamities

By secondary decree; the holy life is first

Thereafter follows all which of his purse

Can lavish on us to enough degree

Moreover thereby His loving breaks us free

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