November 24, 2019

In a flight of rhetoric the bears ascend a moving stage

Bearers of used confusing views invade vague territory

Sally on leewards against prevailing winds' temerity

Blowing hot and cold

One steps-up, sets-up pitch and toss; plump plots

Of token gravy

A second repairs to mend affairs of broken chairs

And porrage

Sugars the history; strewing glories; salt and pepper pillows

A stone is intoning a sorry sonatina of surmise

'Locks' is the name; a drama queen; a gladsome girlie

A doctor of car collisions; ambulant among assorted


Swinging inverse things' ins and outs in therapeutic language

Ah, well-a-way: and what an education means!

Clobber with camaraderie, cobble a smoothing paean

Allude to crude prices, oatmeal; take a look at cancelled trains

Divers in all commotion, not in locomotion

Bluster and fluster and make a banana cake with pottage pease

Breathe deep, dive-in, the lard is loving, sleek,

Immerse and come out shining

Non-stick, so slick, slip slip, upbeat, disarming

Send out for waffles, maple syrup; make them piping

Break out the virtuous platitudes of carnal offers

Winters in warmer latitudes for aged buffers

Dollops of quality all-day-breakfast lie-ins

Stay ahead, in your bed, entrepreneurial lessons

Leftovers, let them work for you; a welcome cawse

Yammering grandstand in your tongues on opportunity

Diverse inclusion makes a killer enchilada

Extempore effusions mentor one on auto-cue

Trials of temper; ship of state; clap-clap at interview

Down by the Sally Army one cast poking broken shoe

Listens nor cares at all for ermine airtime frippery

The well-fed enjoy artisan bread and civil liberties

Sip a Mercedes camel through a banner bamboo straw

Give ear to a searing cheer of camouflage prognostication:

In another country, under another name