December 09, 2020

Muse The Lord Jesus, strolling challenger,

No place to lay His head; a legwork messenger,

Pacing on mission, the parabolic vision gig, His signet

Richly contoured, and powerful profligate of call

Writing only in dust one fingered contemplating;

Learned men in the law evaporate; sat waiting

He offers no tractates, on technical deliberations,

Nicely allotted, sanded, blotted, heavy chapters

But He can write, could write; no whit illiterate

Author of gorgeous wisdom, sharp Shepherd of thought,

Fasting and prayer the school, God’s love the dominie;

No chalk and slate issue, all virtue is His mind

His business no business; nor marshalling de rigueur

Dispersal of the holy seed pragmatically en route

Does, as and when, as you impromptu shapers like to say,

It can be here, now, weather; there, then, work and pay

Nor even a studied, light and easy, method

Merely a right response to make events unfolding

Required, so as to further vacillating souls; a lovely moulding

New lives for old, in His refiner’s fire

Oh, how of rigid formula, I do profusely tire!

Wire like a junction box connects, then’s check-boxed everywhere

Item to item, polarities to slots,

Museums of mausoleums catalogue their stuffs

Hardly elective unimpeded dash

Ruptures the raptured suffocating forms; panache

A word unheard of, very little understood -

A quack celebrity perfume, or a breakfast food?

Entire, our own aspired delusions wrap by straits,

A whole world classified, arranging sevenths alongside eighths

Our people demand a number, and such lumber as bears down

On all of us dust difference-engines, AI candidates

Ado pursues a ticket, place, or mere exemption

Virtual, in-carbon triplicate with hidebound rules, interrogation

Go through one door, a fractal fright galore reveals itself

Alice herself stands stultified; interminable hats!

Lordly you are official; dominatrix, if cashier

Strut, in off-putting goose-steps, inbetween closed Vulcan ears

Helping ‘The Force Be With You’, marking out imperiously

Delimitations; all castigations complimentary sent free

Admonitory pestilence prods sergeant health-concerns

Full jolly salutary in your felon face

A fraudulent pretence, high pretext tabulation waves

Its cuckoo book of rules, eggs freshly laid

Commiserator, governmental sympathisers

Lay mercenary sums down paid to build more barracks

Hen-coop new homes for heroes; set ‘em up, like playing cards

Even domestication takes on standard regimen

Having lost Jesus; tossed Him and His word onto new sidelines

Having lost instinct, murdered spontaneity,

Little the rope to be extracted, let down from His climb,

Into this quartered world where counselled fear patrols

Refresh, liberate, regale yourself, open that freshet stream

His book, not made by hands, overflows mysteriously,

In glades magnetic, spoken record, unheld like the sea,

Truth here matriculates, attains to all degrees

Closeness and carefulness concede postillion

Emplacements their politic and prudent parts,

Braced; but a faithless dagger plunges through the hapless heart;

Be, and abundantly; The Lord knows best how frailly.

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