Beware - Here Be Hypocrites

November 09, 2019

Let's just quickly in this item go through the 'logic' of British government policy.

I doubt whether Labour will be different to Conservative in the crucial respects I am going to point up; but only Conservatives have made a big fuss on air about the policies to be discussed hereunder.

The big slogans which continue to be bandied around in support of our leaving here in the UK The European Union, have for three and more years been:



These two slogans have been hugely instrumental in selling Leaving the EU to the British nation. They have been so dinned into us that they are regularly on the lips of ordinary people who support leaving. They have been iterated and reiterated countless times like as if Moses' Commandments, by governing politicians who are in support of The Leave Campaign.

Take note that these big slogans have been bandied about as they stand here; without embellishments; without conditionals; strong, whole and undiluted.

In the case of Immigration, which is the issue I want to examine here, the case at issue was not nor ever has been Immigration per se; it has been in fact uncontrolled immigration; although very often an outside observer would not have been able to have picked up this very important conditional from the words and activities of politicians and public who spoke about their wish to Leave.

In fact Immigration has become an issue and a pillar of The Leave political landscape for pro-leave Conservatives. Instead of anyone a citizen of an EU nation being free to come and dwell here in UK and/or anywhere else in the EU, our Conservative Leavers are proposing an Immigration Policy for Britain by which select aliens are eligible to seek work in the UK.

All part of our democracy and of our meritocracy.

Select aliens being doctors, surgeons, nurses, lawyers, teachers of all kinds, and the bringers-in of the holy grail of inward investment, the incoming harbingers of the new 'golden age' that has been pledged to be.

Nearly all of these 'aliens' if they come will come from nations poorer than is the UK; possibly many coming from nations considerably poorer. The Filipina nurse is already a pillar of NHS service-provision here. The Indian sub-content Doctor and Surgeon is another. Asian lawyers abound within that profession – some natives of UK and some new-settled persons. Academics from foreign shores abound.

But we need more to come in – we do not want I assume to train up enough ourselves for our needs, which would be a policy and a principle consistent with any renewed Sovereign Nation status and successful anti-Immigration carte-blanche campaign such as - it has been noted – that one having been waged. Such a self-sufficiency policy would sit well with UK being again master of its own destiny in the driving seat of control.

So, one can draw the logical conclusion. The objection to the EU was not about Immigration, nor about influx of aliens; nor even solely about their numbers to hit these shores in the past ten or more years. The objection has been that these aliens have not brought sufficient inward investment with them; neither in a form of a professional competence for a long career here in a discipline costly to train up people in and lasting many years of study; nor in a form of industrial, manufacturing, or service sector hard clout, such as money, jobs and plant and equipment.

The people who came here from other EU nations were in fact on the whole too low grade economically for our needs. They fixed our taps and pipes, picked our fruit and hops, greens and potatoes, cleaned our offices, did domestic service to our middle-class, and were found 'infiltrated' into our economy and doing all those jobs of work for which vacancies had not been filled by British applicants.

Many have set up shops here, and social centres, started families, begun to build a life; but they didn't bring enough with them to have been truly welcome it seems.

Instead we shall be taking-in those mercenaries who are trained up for many years at great cost in foreign parts and who desert the nation which provided these facilities for them and who are coming here to live a life of higher material comfort and affluence. They shall be honoured and respected and maybe gain reputation here; I doubt many of these more highly qualified will have the same desperate need to 'send money back home' that those hop-pickers and toilet cleaners from Bratislava and Gdansk and the like had?

But Britain is an economic unit not about generosity and charitable allowance; we are about serving ourselves it seems; and moreso than are the Germans and the Turks whom we assume to be lesser peoples and grosser civilizations than are we and by far.

By us having wrestled back control from the power grabbing Brussels bureaucrats, and come out of The EU, we shall have swapped, at worst, at best, depending on your views, one set of masters for another. The welfare of our professional services; health; legal; education will now become even more dependent on our being able to entice by means of lavish material benefits, people who have obtained high qualifications in (and for the sake of?) their own less rich nations, to come here and walk into prestigious and secure well paid job placements. British prosperity continuing depends quite heavily on Britain offering sufficient rings and baubles to incomers of this type for them to be allured in sufficient numbers.

Further, such Immigration will be conducted 'on a points system'. So we don't want just anyone professionally qualified from abroad; we want those whom we think are the best of the bunch. Thus thinking ourselves to be leaving 'the worse of the bunch' either to migrate elsewhere or to stay home and look after their own peoples' needs?

This is that same free competition hallowed by the Euro-zone Free Marketplace. The very place we so desperately want to be shot of. This is also a systematised and premeditated 'natural selection of the fittest' which has an obvious and patent to observe deleterious effect on those nations in need, and yet 'left behind' without a considerable number of the professionals whom they have trained up.

Such predatory policies as is this item of UK Immigration go quite a way towards explaining why those same nations as when I was a boy sixty years since; are many of them still 'third-world' 'underdeveloped' 'on the charity list' and 'receivers of foreign aid'. When a Leviathan sucks dry the Puffer fish of the world, and ranks its its actions amongst part of its hard won new freedoms, and labels them emblematic of its newly regained sovereignty; how can anyone believe in such high words and principles as 'equal opportunities' and 'going it alone' from clearly hard-nosed rabid hypocrites?

I heard a statistic the other day. I have no source proper for it, no background at all except it was on the BBC, so take this information as you wish to. It claimed that 6% of British GDP is 'sent home' to lands from where came Immigrants to 'make good' for their families back across the seas. This 6% is about six times our Foreign Aid budget I believe; a Foreign Aid budget and a level of funding which by these same Conservatives has been in jeopardy of being abolished, and the money given – yes given – to whom? - yes – to those inward investors coming-in in droves to build for us our new golden age.

This 6% GDP seems to me to be a natural phenomenon at work oozing out off of our shores to places in greater need of it. Firstly, we should remember it has been worked for and earned by its senders abroad. Secondly we should know that just as a material in a liquid state and unimpeded finds its own levels in nature; so too I believe does liquidity the same, or would do but for trade barriers and cartel like and monopolistic arrangements, set up specifically to keep liquidity within our shores (and this applies to every nation not just to UK). It is our own free trade open competition interventions then which keep us better off and which reciprocally keep poorer countries poorer. Just like the effects of this enticement of foreign professionals to our land to work for us, and not their own peoples who are in greater need.

The 6% statistic was offered by BBC as an exclamatory figure; as if it were too high; that our GDP was haemorrhaging away somewhat into 'foreign parts'. The tone of this exclamatory effusion sets a keynote as to how a) the British media is set up in such a way that it adjusts by default to any newly settled establishment position or 'take' on any topic it sees as being of public importance; and b) the inability of that same British media to intervene and so stand up for a good institution or a valid valuable cause in despite of the carefully managed decline going on all around us and especially in public life, into a 'free for all'' animist-style neo-Darwinian melee.

And that's our trouble in a nutshell – we don't care for and don't care enough for principle anymore – there's nothing available or remaining on which we are able to take our stands. No rock – only a hard place to be in, and from which 'repel boarders!' proceeds the cry, and the corollary 'take no prisoners!'

Thus our obnoxious and immoral proposed stepping-up of our Immigration policy to filch from nations which can hardly afford it their best qualified people; this poison can be aired openly on newsreels and media here, and remain impervious to, unchallenged by one single shout of 'cheat!' or 'shame on you!'

Why after all can such a 'great nation' as ours not afford, not have afforded, to train, to have trained, up and nurture its own professionals; or is our 'great nationhood' another political fictional fact sold to us who are eager to think so and blind enough to believe?

'Handsome is as handsome does'. Yes - greatness is in the doing of things, and most importantly in the means for the doing of things, the choice of weapons made for the contest. Against a guy with a bow and arrow we in UK take a field gun to obliterate his hopes. Bully for us!

My friend abroad, an alien then, said to me the other day; “The whole world hates you for your past and how you treated them' - “you” being the English Nation in particular. Well the Conservatives obviously say with jolly aspect: “Nothing there I don't like – carry on Quartermaster!”

(I should note that a considerable tranche from our 'patriotic' home grown professional people, trained up in the UK by our establishments, choose to fly the nest and go to nations and places they consider better to work in. And so the professionals coming-in are in part and one sense a replacement for such leakage and loss – backfill so to speak.

Like all the nations, and led by the practice of the wealthiest, we do our best to keep what we hold and to grow ourselves in wealth and secure comfort. It's the pecking order of the power-mongers of the world. We are ready to bend over backwards to bring in technocrats, moguls, oligarchs (plutocrats in fact) from any shore and regardless of their reputations and sometimes murky pasts, allow them residency in Park Lane and to shop in Knightsbridge – just so long as they bring with them floods of money and splash it around also.

The principle of principles which we do in fact worship is this 'create wealth at any price' ' turn a blind eye to any behaviours except those of being poor and of no consequence'. Money is king and Mammon is the world's god.

The obvious retort to my analyses is that I enjoy the benefits of this set-up of things; I am acquiescent in it; I am part of it; I am a collaborator. This is all true and correct. Why don't I go and live in a poor nation then? Because I will not get away from it by doing so. Instead it will only be writ more large there and the far harsher conditions there cause far harsher manifestations of humankind's struggle in this impasse into which we are all embroiled.

So what's the answer? Is there one? You have a vote. Vote not for personal interest knowing that many others have greater needs than do you yourself. Vote for the best set of policies which try to be humane and generous and least eager to sell you new golden ages sketched out in pomp and bluster on the back of an Arsenal programme.

Try to do something for somebody else. Start the ball rolling for radical change in these directions by examining your own considered actions. Foreigners, needy people also are no angels just as are we neither, so don't expect their thanks or you're likely to be deeply disappointed. Expect still to be reviled as being called 'one of the rich dudes of the world', or even being called 'selfish and uncaring'. We've all had and brought up children we all know the score on these things.

The payback for such an effort for you, if you feel you need to see one, in the first place is to see a positive improvement arise however humble in response to your choice of action; and secondly, even when no discernible good result is apparent, you can rest of an evening on your pillow and feel comforted that you, with the best intentions, did what you felt you were able to for the better. This might not sound like Nectar Points or Co-op Divi; but in your last days looking back on your life such comfort becomes very necessary and assuring to have a little of in stock. Peace of mind had from feeling your having at least tried for the better during the course of your life – it is not a passport or an entry ticket to anywhere mind you – but it sustains hope – and prayer.)