Bin Overthinking Things

April 07, 2020

A proper lesson conjures, separates-free embers

Warmth falls- and lux redux - recalls, remembering;

Forms heat and folding out, arrears clear; comes alive

A throe from Gordian siege

Elucidating, warning; – come to warn the cradled towers -

And exact interrogation of the garner-path to hold

The long embodied hours

Go wonder – through a vaulty recess - breasting, stacking up

An acumen of carousel deliberation

That intellectual fugue in casual doodles runs around the brains

Conceives residual seemly-plaited cares

A moment's stare: – an'-if?, an'-if? - what might have been,

Breaks, rakes its hair, declares on tired aspired beliefs

Moonlight desires

Rose climbers are but stalks in spacious wastes and stations

The fulcrum on the freight behind a passion's angles

The spoken part; their knowing 'I', a breathing gnomon-object

Hung-up, an interloper stacked beside this fire

A game of lots, hopes feeding slots, the cheat machines

Doling out drafts of incidentals; flexures of what seems:

The oddball clever junctures cluttering, coruscating, mind