Blaming the Science/Swallowing Pap

May 08, 2020

Right since the very beginnings, when this present pandemonium began to take hold, the politicians in authority began by leaning on, and are continuing to lean hard upon, as their crutch, ‘the science’ as they use that term. Thus claiming it to be their basis for decisions and actions affecting us all; and also using it as their excuse for their failure to do what they said they intended to do, which has been like all other things to do with politics and science, all about controlling things and imposing one’s will on a situation or population.

This aim and desire is a false light, one by which, the scientists and the politicians have supposed, to able to enable them to act as though they can indeed impose their wills on situations. This silliness has become in this artifical crisis a factor in our lives which continues to cause so much wastage, error, false hope and thwarted expectation, a factor which ultimately divorces us from understanding and acceptance of the constraints of actuality.

This same presumption for control is a phenomenon spread throughout our society so as to have become a firm belief of the people; those who celebrate New Year with fireworks and cheers, and those who expect prima facie that when a new political party is elected-in, things will be different, better; these kind of people are some of the most obviously deluded ones. Just as are those people who have come to expect that they should be compensated, often out of the public purse, for any investment loss and other losses they have sustained; or for health treatment which did not restore them to the level of wellbeing they had desired; or who have had to wait two hours longer for their flight, or who are 30 minutes late on their train – the list extends – and our people are - very much so now - a people, a population, who will not, cannot, accept that things do go awry without any human fault and in many instances, and that loss and messes are more or less inevitable in the nature of a contigent world.

When one sows a batch of seeds one has no expectation that every seed will germinate and grow to a full fruit-bearing healthy profuse plant, which is able to supply its store to a household for as long as the household exists. No, most of the people know that there is, and accept there will be, wastage and loss; and many accept also that nature is profusely bountiful in its produce and its seed, in plants and in animals, and that nature appears as it were contented that out of this profusion only a fraction will become food or fruit, or be succesful plants from seed. You get my drift? The difference between our presumption and nature?

Few of us are happy or willing to accept any small loss honesty – on the chin – even when such loss could be seen as having been sacrificial - it is not often accepted in any kindly spirit as such a thing by any of us

Now you can get an idea of what I mean when I say that politicians, scientists, and generally the people, are aiming to hold control over situations, including many situations where control is not available and where control is not actually desirable.

Not desirable? Every payback come as one’s expected due compensation for a train, plane, insurance policy, investment loss, and such; comes ultimately out of the public purse. I do not mean from taxes government has levied on the people; I mean out of people’s collective wealth. Just as false insurance claims when there are enough of them raise premiums for all insurance users because the loss has to be sustained other than within the insurance companies; this is the paradigm for all compensation – the ordinary pool of consumers jointly pays for it all.

This is invariably the case – the consumer foots all end-bills always. And the value of money goes down; prices go up; as we see happening

Wastage and loss for a company or entity preclude that extra costs are to be borne and compensation claims being honoured, whether bogus, unwarranted, or real claims; these claims represent funds leaking from businesses etc without any corresponding return to them in goods and services etc.

This leakage then has to be allowed for and made up by some means; usually by adding a modicum onto the sale price of the labour cost and its goods and services; items which do earn money, and are not wastage. Hence the consumer pool jointly pays the wastage costs.

This phenomenon of ‘cry compensation’ then is an example of and an expression of our need for control gone scrubby and overblown; a desire for too much – too much certainty, too much security, too much status quo, too much self-regard, stability, income etc etc.

Control then is the enemy – especially when it is approaching to becoming an OCD situation. And right now in the name of control the government and scientists are proclaiming the same item as being its own oppostite; on the one hand, they appeal to it for their certainty and authority and authenticity; and on the other, it becomes their all-purpose get-out clause, their excuse, when things go not as they said they would - and this entity is: the science.

There is in society in general an acceptation that science represents certainty, solid, and assured – unlike fantasy or non-scietific beliefs, which are ‘air and angels’.

We as a people have come to crave that science, scientists - and politicians - can give us assurance, assure us protection, stave off all perils and discomforts, put in place barriers which are efficaceous, able to handle whatever is thrown at them – to bring soothing outcomes and for the sake of ‘the benefit of the common person’.

We have advertisements showing mould green WCs floating around a bathroom and dispensing smells and ‘lord knows what’ for which this air freshener will do the thing - and pop! - the mouldy green WCs disappear.

We have adverts showing bleeding gums and threatening tooth loss – so buy our toothpaste. We have antiseptic additives from disinfectant companies that are used to dose your washload each time you use your machine. We have ‘night nurse’ and ‘neurofen’ and worktop cleaning products which wipe away germs which are portrayed figuratively - ghastly.

We have a society which is said by the caring politicians to be now deregulated. The fact is that the labour once demanded from workers in their day-to-day employment in many jobs and walks of life which require regulatory safeguards; this burden has been shifted out, exported – to where, to whom? – back to the consumer of course! The consumer foots this bill now too.

You want to work as a fork lift truck driver – you won’t get trained on the job anymore - no – you must get the training from your own pocket before you can apply. You want a government office to award you an entitlement – you have to go through a dozen and a half hoops – passport, driving license, birth certificate, orignials not copies – overkill in spades – as if the levels of distrust and misconduct in our society were such that society no longer functions?

There’s a one size fits all solution for those government offices and in many larger private companies. The persons they employ checking out people have a shortlist of items to tick off – if one item is missing from an application – out that applicant goes. Maybe like me you don’t have a passport or a driving license? That’s disqualified you from most entitlements, on and offline as well as in most other ‘third degrees’ on your ‘social standing’. The ‘bother’ of sifting applications has been shifted down the line to the applicants. Streamlined and mind numbing sameness for the employees who are checking you out, and low strarveling wage packets; they no longer have to be trusted to make adequate decisions; they now make no decisions – a checklist does it for them. And the applicants? They have a ridiculous burden of requirement to provide as ‘evidence’ of ‘bona fide’ intent simply that they are indeed whom they say they are.

Pass it back to the consumer. (Government also believes this onerous onus deters seekers after entitlements – again a set of rulers who ostemsibly are there to serve their electorate, but whose aim is to make it hard for their electorate to try to help themselves! What a shower! What scum!)

Keeping control. They make the rules – in their own favour to our disadvantage. Likewise credit worthiness. You are pinioned. Like cookies you either accept them or leave the website. You are constrained either to not buy on credit anything, or to foster your credit score so as to be able to buy on credit. A straight either/or – nothing inbetween. Caught in a vice – how apt an expression!

These tricks by which we are moved about like economic pieces in a game of Grand Visier Monopoly are presented to us -sold to us – pups as they are – as boons to our advantage – and the advertising standards board sees no deceits in this. Bad for business to pipe up!

The credit score affair is a legal scam catching people by the short and curlies where they never had been beforehand. Forcing one’s hand. The message one gets ‘calls may be recorded for monitoring and training purposes’ - another imposition always without an option to say ‘no’ without one having to resign utterly one’s business with the call.

One also receives ‘no reply’ emails which carry a host of ‘instructions’ which tell you what you can and can’t do regarding the busines of the ‘no reply’ email. In fact I’m sick of having anyone who has a company of some size thinking that I and the consumer in general is there to be kept in their boxes as they please.

I suspect, and I have evidence too, that many larger companies daily use deceits and bad faith so as to push their consumer bases this way and that way – by force of arrogated and mistaken assumptions of their own righ to do so in many cases, or else by wiles and garden paths. All according to their own weather outlooks; never mind the consumer is caught at sea adrift.

One sees how politicians use the same sickly methods to ‘manage’ their audiences, their citizens. The bulletins on TV and Radio daily from ministers and chief scientists have politicians passing off responsibility and liability to scientsits; who pass off liability and responsiblity to the data, the science.

One sees politicians using flatteries of vainglorious compliment on their viewers and listeners. Britian has higher figueres than any other country in Europe because ‘Britain counts its figures fairly’ other don’t. Britain is getting the vaccine because British science is the best. Other nations are not as good as we British.

Then there’s the fear factor wheeled in. If we lift the shutters on the economy we shall have a ‘second wave;’ which would be ‘devastating’. ‘The lurgy could be with us for ever ‘. ‘There has never been a crisis like it, there are no precendents. We can’t be sure of anything. We have to take things as we go’ and stuff.

As you can see they contradict themselves so as to wheel out any form of persuasion willy nilly. For these clowns it’s all about 1. retention of authority - which means 2. retention of power - which means 3. retention of position – and then, if at all, come the people, and telling the people something useful and actual.

So much false sympathy. Politicians show daily who have not offered a single actual poicy in their half hour’s blab; but all words, as if words were Bahama breezes, to ease the ears and quell the passions and dull the mind. No policy whatever. What this government has offered as a whole in th elast three months could have been offered as well and as fuliy by a single office team of ten or twenty personnel. And our government has a whole Civil Service behind it - and COBRA and SAGE and Uncle Tom Cobbly – but they offer us pap and lukewarm at that.

It was the same regarding Brexit before this – talk talk talk – no policy – a one horse movie

Fasle sympathy. Banksy today is said to have left some item at Southampton – oozing with cloying sentimental claptrap – I believe most of this socilitation and concern across the nation is not anything more than a nation’s bad faith – how the NHS is suddenly turned-around by people from being a failure in its targets – as percentages - even though in real terms it was, and is, providing for ever greater numbers of patients – sudenly in our need we start lionising the staff and the organisation.

It’s not good form and it speaks of self-interest and exudes a suffocating mauve faure of polpular populist despotism. Banksy included.

Here is TS Eliot in the 1930s giving his precscient verdict on British society:

The Word of the Lord came unto me, saying:

О miserable cities of designing men,

O wretched generation of enlightened men,

Betrayed in the mazes of your ingenuities.

Sold by the proceeds of your proper inventions:

I have given you hands which you turn from worship,

I have given you speech, for endless palaver,

I have given you my Law, and you set up commissions,

I have given you lips, to express friendly sentiments,

I have given you hearts, for reciprocal distrust.

I have given you power of choice, and you only alternate

Between futile speculation and unconsidered action.

Many are engaged in writing books and printing them.

Many desire to see their names in print.

Many read nothing but the race reports.

Much is your reading, but not the Word of God,

Much is your building, but not the House of God.

Will you build me a house of plaster, with corrugated roofing,

To be filled with a litter of Sunday newspapers?