October 25, 2019

The broken word’s a sickness going round and round

A word without a witness is a word unsound

A word that cherry chases more potatoes to the pound  

There is a word unheard bestirrs: the marketplace itself

Observes, hears seldom, but to save a face

In social scenes where declarations rankle of disgrace  

But yea, it bears, sure undergirds all decent reclamation

Of packs and herds; the slops and curds of every situation;

Restores them; who applauding awe The Lord God of Salvation  

A word disbarred in many hearts by buried self-conceits

A word conferred, attributed, a mental winding sheet

These muddlehead Conquistadors might thole no Paraclete

  Aphasic axioms glisten giving booming business glam

Supposing scriptures atrophied; a leaden brick of doom

Disposing musing melancholies to choose another room  

These ‘cute attribute Holy Writ a despot grip coercive

A Bible-basher’s buttonings prolonged, run on assertive:

They do, however, subliminally a counter act subversive  

This Truth shall set you free, improve the latitude-ascerbic

Spats: God himself roots out the tooth, pulls much the hardest

The rottenness away from hothouse social-round impasses

  Then men put on baptismal clothes, and turn astute Canutes

Allowing tides come qualify. the daydream ranging squalls

Acknowledge they Another, bigger, badder, over all  

The awful word untethered fetters nether inner parts

The ego’s whitewashed pride concedes a nervous purge of heart

Stained, overstrained, it buckles, craves with curbed desire new start

  So looks again, the old self backwards sneering a derision

Threw animorphic appetites which pounced, were at once obeyed

Contending against Jesus trussed and woefully arrayed

  Conceding then, overcome amain, a plain sea-change convinces!

The dourest depths, unequal, beetle gratefully to sands

Astounded on the billows – absolute and sol fa found

  A word, a proper word; a dew within the sepal entered

Foreword and afterword, interstitial word and centered