Bubble Rap

July 09, 2019

A bubble for the weight of the world describes

Connects a light-chain intricate fit delicately

Embossed elaborate goings in and out most complicated:

An emblem, object, pattern, impress, and temerity

Of magic mystery, in the turning of the sphere

Unanswerable conundrum at its pinning-perfect point

Invisible, indivisible, at axis stasis-hung

Thought wonderingly buffers, can’t revolve

The mind’s wit-workings

That lives the physical gifted made existence

Made manifest on example

The ample, simple, incredulity of things

A grain, a shade, beneath a surface safe-place nonchalance

Unhidden there is no attempt to hide, besides unbidden

This quiz is apparent; and flicks the lamp on curdling sentience

Be aware there’s here to see

By whom the eye’s were planted’s generosity

Undoing loose moot eyes by gift of prophecy

Who seeing does not saraband inside, do honour?

Who seeing not, an inkling more to come tomorrow.

Things Come About

Alas! hurrah! we know we know, at last

Our peepshow weaving through a mazy lampblack glass

No more shows darkly

Hurrah! alas! these times are ours, the best

Reason’s in season –
Forever play’s a flight away, on hand

Ah! are we not the people; are so erudite, so grand!

Aren’t we

Beforetimes, long since yesteryear, dead men adored read collects …..

The diatribe has won through since and postulates its knowledge

In every wise our grand surmise has scuttled homage…..

We cheer between our ears

How then that pestilential penitential wrests,

Have come awake, our planet wrenched, shrieking in violation….

Effectual freewill petulance bodes ruin…. devastation…..

And we no more divine?

Surprise! - we guys make take home pay in existential wages

Returns on complementary rollercoasters

Per Mother Nature’s testy spats and protestations

Per john and jenny’s cost-effective old pecuniary:

The indomitable mix

Serrated ’gaters gather, bond to get beyond what’s lifted

Serenade on cobbling plans like monomaniac gods

We’ve studied, buddied-up with them; connived at sown hamartia

Thy snaking gait hath consummately stalked with cloven feet,

Go lubricate the palm with grease, and heaving shout: “Consume!”

Out loud, when on the phone,

Our streets accrue, echo, your cast exploring grime

Offhand encounters, clashes, brawls, for public limelight,

Your jaw pays more remark to your career of crime

On ships, on soaking sentimental drinking bouts

Who loves to grub to extirpate?

Apropos squawks consensus hearsay, titillation

Few ears without a flea to itch - Consider this, suppose

Our queued, dishearteningly huge dishonours,

Do not concede these days our compass gone amiss?

Charm-rings of chumsy crocodiles, twit-tweet together

Jib city-hopping swapping mercenary credentials

Late blooming a contemporary efflorescence,

A rich and common fragrance; doing favours, settling scores

The angelus fair-dealing broken, lacks all approbation

Trust’s firewall hacked wrecks every tribulation saintly-suffered -

Gone down accordingly

The gouger and the gouger stand contestant yet

A spade’s a spade’s a spade

Though timeserve temporisers hype them Patrons of the Town

Seed-funds their setups make a sacramental much

And much made marmalade

Of semblances self-evidently set to charm

Façades of unimpeachable humanity,

That moves through hoops proved pony rides, works calculating strands

Weaving up themes proposing General Custer’s win

From behind a barbed wire fence

God’s Love – a bore

Heart’s care – a chore

Then are the regulars, Red Indian Cherokees……

Ah! - pardon ma faux pas

Native Americans, please! .....

Berated, sweet-talked, flung a token-totem, dead respect

(All able doers sunken south receded past remission)

Demotic speakers lash the crowds, swing crass evangel stripes:

One vastly low deception

So overnight here stealthly grows an ugly toadstool knowledge

All’s fudge, all’s hedge, as deemed esteemed by politicians

Performance presentation slaps immoderate dishonour

On platforms of pretension weakening words uphold

This theme-park outing signifies a wandering world confounded

Where billionaires’ play Games of Thrones, always at coining;

Disdaining Crowns of Thorns: like frozen ammonites