Candied or Candid

November 29, 2016


Candidates for the ride come to conviction thus:

Everyone’s taking hidings travelling Babylon’s big bus,

Facing the tensions and extensions strained beyond to bust

Mistaking and forsaking scoring errors on account

Of easy-yokings, burdens light, in delinquent gaudy clouts

Wearing out penitentiary stripes that dazzle, discompose;

Consorting with Cupid conscience’s playground somersaults

And the heathen lies, our lies……

Conspire to tell it otherwise; fob-off on cobbled news

Not-paying freeload rides along a commons mews

Tending downhill and ever-winding to

Where comes in black

The evening terminus still temporising pat

Here see the Saviour loving us commend a word

Spend for our succour what conscience less prefers

Condemns with a specious wont, whilst laundering all our faults

Enough misspent withal

In smart soliloquising; gall’s sure self-pretension

Ever hero-protagonist, big ego’s lurid invention

Dominion’s common denominator, bland pretender seeking power

And will overspent seducing silly dust as paramour

See credentials of contention shame us all, their taking arts;

Even in all in Christ partakes the ancient wicked heart

Provisional salvations notwithstanding

Grace Providential’s proofs of understanding

Heedless clandestines try naughty sweetie raids

Hands in the jar and sorting specials above workadays

What might we do – to whom are we to go?

Under the judgment, it-is Jesus knows our woe