Choosing Words

January 27, 2021

In a sliding slag-heap slumping jumped-up

coming down, a falling full of sump

landfill pretension

Blindfold and cold rained on a thumping Bedlam

drowned emetic sink of junk


The deluge spreads discharges listless dramaturgies

of no ownership and squandering

A tumbling rush emerging gush of silvered

slithered packet margarine of pasty


Showers of septic slurries offal dysenteries

run awash with outhouse purgings

Surfeits thrash ears with pig-unbuttoned smears

of smack and cackle

Crass mass effusive drunken petty polluted

gaseous fume

Crashed like a rage-smashed vase sent dashing flowers,

and laughed at gladly, to the ground

Wrenching and dislocating, sense gone wenching,

wrecker signifiers, cognates badly burning

Battered and lashed spent language blasted to

the burial ground

no bandage, scuppered cache of large melange

nor comfort