Christ and Nietzsche

October 26, 2020

Nietzsche no competitor to Jesus, Lord,

Impolitic, I place his name before Him and His Word

To grab more readers

In this sad time that looks to suited men as leaders

In-bringing chosen women; some few social divas

And hip-hooray the mixture!

The fate of one was madness; of design the Other

Bodily destroyed by wilful men, He rose again,

And sought to save, all men, His brothers

One wise in pride inside, deprived of turbulent, wild, wisdom

One wise, waiting on others, our cries Pilate convicted

One so great violence has brought on mankind’s history,

The Other vilely thought against; firstly and lastly came

In Gospel Truth.

Destroyed these two; undone by disdain’s cankered contumely

And Nietzsche called The Christ his chief contender

The Lord Himself declared His claim no contest

His Way is one designed; the spoils not to the strongest

A sorry creature whipped maltreated in a public street

Had felled the reason of this seasoned dynamite

A self-hanged traitor’s hand had led a sorry cocksure Peter

Thrice to deny, and weep distraught in desolation

The company he’d kept, The Company of all Creation

Whose every step, word, doing; the full and final Revelation

The course of Christ a tender, thankless, lonely, mission

A harnessed horse distressed had broken down a mind to fission

Exploded; which had ventured above Christ to have arisen

The kingdom set against itself doomed to destruction

The Kingdom set upon a hill a holy glowing beacon

The Way of Christ the way of peace to harmony

An entering into goodness, truth, justice, and love with mercy

A glow aglow to show to others, is our Great Commission

Nietzsche a creature crumpled, crunched inside, by inner divisions


There are our commentators, honour-savers; syphilis

Proclaim they villain; Nietzsche’s overthrow

His agonies to super-stride a world in wisdom

The stimuli his health to try, and consummate infection

Daft fait accompli in one stroke to exonerate a hero

These commentators think to free themselves from interdiction also

But how? This subtlety adds only garnishes and spice

The set arrangement gaining merely more elaboration

A charioteer veers, cheers at corners his sheer exultation,

And overturns, his harness burns his skin, his indignation

Smoulders; or the boulder Sisyphus uphill

Rolled, to be told by gods his labour futile

Enough relentless, restless oppositions, for a fragile

Disordered brain, when faced with pains of a harnessed other,

To detonate in sympathy; derrange forever