Combative Manners

March 16, 2021

I’m fed up with people I don’t know

Intruding in my life

Proclaiming with such a fuss assertive knowledge

Untold exquisite small divisions on the virus

Time was one just queued up; got on and off the bus

A crowd of speculators now step up and each will preach

Their own discord

Laissez-faire watchword spendthrifts making much the most of qualms

Via dour recessive narratives; and soup it up as truth

Speak firmly, confidently; as a lawyer under oath

Nor any two of them might under selfsame roof

At peace at home mute their trombones - are even likely louder

Blown as t’were Jericho

The stronghold citadel of ‘what to do?’ resolved by trumpet

Air-time or else explode – just get me any pulpit

Proud sound advice explodes, a clubbing weapon bruited

Makes much of urgent presence in a ninety second slot,

Woes rattling the floor, whose ears unequal to the scare,

Pass vast advantage, messing with as kids

As if it’s soap or chocolates being sold, talk them down big

Like sheepish schoolchildren

Using plenty ‘I can’t stress enough’ egregious ‘without doubt’

Roll out your programme - even so your grammar’s nine yards out -

Treadle elaborate and delicious fearful themes

And, mauling Darwin’s art, have nature conscious,

Even hostile on occasion

Always to push that immanence that ratchet higher

Than did the guy before you

Issuing stout credentials, presidentially ‘expert’

A smart dress-suit or skirt enough to qualify

Maybe some high-flown job description, university

There’s airspace here, declare yourself a proper brain

Within a safe domain where worryings floated

Apostrophise as airs, ascendancies well-mounted

And wear ingrained approved deportment of great height

Take liberties with truth assuming listeners have poor light

To shed on understanding; which gives leeway to remit

A store-front getup for your Hector lecture branding

And well you know no flak shall throw out scars, nor cut yourself

Distance of involved theory is your safe-house allowing clout

To be as rogue disturbing, as extreme, as called for;

Bestir your fumarole fireworks, stoke the general bonfire